An idea for the next Metroid series

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An idea for the next Metroid series

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 10.19.16 4:32pm

With the timelines getting ever so smaller, there isn't much wiggle room left for another Metroid game involving Samus to fill the gaps. After Metroid: Zero Mission, there is a three year period between that and Metroid Prime. From Metroid Prime to Metroid Prime: Federation Force, those timelines are taken up. However, Samus could be introduced maybe once more within that timeline, since she appears in MP:FF. The only difference is we'd get to play as Samus and observe the events unfold through her eyes. Aside from that, it might be possible to fill in a timeline between MP:FF and Metroid II: Return of Samus, since RoS through Metroid Fusion is already filled. This means no matter what Yoshio Sakamoto or someone willing to pitch the next Metroid title, we're eventually going to end up with a Metroid V.

Before I was aware of Ridley's metamorphoses, I thought there might be a similarity between him and the Chozo. Originally, I was writing a story on about the origin of the Chozo and Ridley. I was focused on the idea that there was more than one Ridley at one point in time. I decided to use the Japanese word for the name "Ridley" because I felt that was the only name I could give to the species at the time. We know that Ridley is a native of Zebes, so there must have been a point in time where there was more than one Ridley, whose binomial nomenclature I am not certain of. I thought perhaps I could come up with something with zoku. Perhaps I could use clipping, kind of like how memo is clipped for memorandum or exam is clipped for examination. Maybe something like danin-zoku, or Danzo. I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll try to get back to this some more to expand on it, but that's all for now I suppose. I've run short of time.

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