Metroid Game Theories (YouTube Show)

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Metroid Game Theories (YouTube Show)

Postby TheAccursedHunter01 » 11.14.16 7:16pm

After typing in "Game Theory" into the search bar, there doesn't seem to be a forum post dedicated to the show, despite its popularity over the years. The focus of this thread (at least for now) will be on the Metroid Game Theories made by the channel, a whopping 2 of them... The first was disappointing in a sense. It was about the Morph Ball, as seen here: Instead of theorizing how the Morph Ball works, which is what most people wanted to know about, the whole video was pretty much about how the Morph Ball is a bad power up and that we should feel bad for liking it. Gnoggin did a much better job in this category: After that, Mat Pat ignored the series for 3 whole years until a few days ago. The newest Game Theory... is not that great either: It gives a nice promotion of sorts for AGDQ by talking about Super Metroid speedruns, but that's not the focus of the video. The basic summary of the Theory is that the Etecoons and Dachoras from the end of Fusion are actually X Parasite hosts, allowing the plague to spread, which is why you should vote for "Kill the Animals" in Super Metroid speedruns. However, the Adam A.I. explicitly states that the animals were not infected by the X Parasites, so the theory is debunked right there. MatPat did bring up that in Super Metroid the animals could have escaped Zebes via the Wrecked Ship that ins't too far away from Bomb Torizo's room, and was powered up because Samus killed Phantoon. I honestly never thought of that before, but it sounds plausible.

I could go into more detail on my thoughts of these videos, but this is more of an introduction than an essay. What did you all think of these theories? What would you all like for Mat Pat to cover if he is to revisit the series later, or would you rather he stay away from Metroid?

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Re: Metroid Game Theories (YouTube Show)

Postby Snowy Silva » 11.15.16 6:30pm

Yes, Mat Pat's track record with Metroid is not a very good one. Both of his theories regarding the series had more holes in them than a wiffle ball.

...That's all I have to say, really. You've pretty much said everything there is to say on "kill the animals", and gnoggin more than covered how the morph ball is great in his 2-part episode on it. So, in order to pad out my post, I think I'd like to propose my theory.
Metroid Prime is an X-parasite

I haven't put too much thought into this, but the more I do, the more sense it makes (to me anyway)

This explains:
A) Why Metroid Prime has a face
B) Why it's able to assimilate technology
C) How it continuously comes back as Dark Samus

Of course, Metroids were bread as the predators of X-parasites, but what if an X-parasite were to be enhanced by phazon? No, red phazon.
As we all know, phazon greatly enhances creatures strong enough to withstand being near it. Not only that, X-parasites have been shown to be far stronger than anything besides the Metroids, and they have also been shown to adapt quickly to combat threats (as shown in the fact that ice X formed on BSL, with no other exposure to extreme cold since SR-388 doesn't have any cold areas (even in AM2R)). Simply combine these two, and you have an even freakier freak of nature that could quite possibly infect a Metroid.

Not only this, but there are also numerous similarities between X-parasites and Metroid Prime/Dark Samus.
1) Metroid Prime turns into what looks like a core X in the end of, well, Metroid Prime
2) Metroid Prime has a human-like face which few other creatures have besides X who can mimic one
3) Dark Samus is seen numerous times as a glowing blue mass which vaguely resembles an X-parasite (to me anyway)
4) Dark Samus displays the almost compulsive feeding behavior X have in Fusion
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Re: Metroid Game Theories (YouTube Show)

Postby Zynux » 11.15.16 7:31pm

MatPat will often "conveniently" omit details, even story canon, to support his theories. They're generally not great even as far as non-canon theories are concerned.

A shame, Game Theory used to be kind of fun when he was trying to explain dumb game logic with science, but it quickly degraded when he started to take himself too seriously.

In regards to his Metroid theories, his X-parasite one is absolutely terrible. Again, ignores simple canon just so that his theory can fit. But it could be worse: it could be some of his Mario theories, which are probably the worse on his channel.
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Re: Metroid Game Theories (YouTube Show)

Postby Apothem » 11.15.16 11:03pm

I'ma be honest here, I can't stand that guys voice so I've never sat through an entire video of his. That said, him being full of bollocks isn't surprising.

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