Metroid Prime: Return of Samus

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Metroid Prime: Return of Samus

Postby TobiMikami » 12.29.16 11:42pm

Metroid Prime: Return of Samus

Project Overview:
Metroid Prime: Return of Samus is a fan game developed by TobiMikami using Game Maker 8.1 Pro. The game is effectively a prologue to the Metroid Prime series. Level design has been kept to a minimum, in order to re-release the engine with an expanded array of items, functions, and bug fixes. Currently, these items are fully functional:
Power, Wave, Ice, Plasma, Charge beams.
Super Missile beam combo
Thermal Visor (With darkness function)
Phazon Suit
Morph Ball
Power Bombs
Wall Jumping function

These items are currently in development, need minor tweaks, graphics, or are generally close to working condition:
Shinespark/Speed Booster
Screw Attack
Space Jump
Ice Spreader beam combo
X-Ray Visor

The following is currently on the list of upcoming works:
Meta Ridley (85% sprited)
Wavebuster Beam Combo
Gravity Suit (sprited, working on importing)

Plot Synopsis:
After the fall of Zebes, Space Pirate forces withdraw their remaining assets and flee, scattering across the galaxy in three Frigates, Orpheon, Siriacus, and Vol Paragom. The Frigate Orpheon's crew discovers quickly that Metroids do in fact exist on other planets, however, they're genetically weaker than the SR388 variety. When Phazon is discovered, the pirates begin biological research. While the Orpheon focuses on inhabitants of Tallon IV and specimens taken from Zebes, Frigate Siriacus becomes the stronghold for experiments involving Tallon Metroids and Phazon. Rather than cloning Metroids, as beta radiation does, the gamma radiation emitted from Phazon causes the Tallon Metroids to evolve, and begin producing Phazon themselves. The so called "Prime Metroid" project goes underway, and the Pirates begin using the outlying, yet desolate moon Tallon II as a breeding ground to study their mutations in nature. Due to their power, the Prime Metroids are confined to Frigate SIriacus, but the Metroids begin to overpower the pirates. Frigate Dock and Corridor 7-94 is sent plummeting into the atmosphere of Tallon II after a breakout, but after a subject in the Research Core evolves unexpectedly, much of the crew is overthrown. The surviving elite escape to the planet below, and a distress signal is sent, intending to signal backup from the Orpheon. Mistaking the Frigate for a GFS ship in distress, Samus Aran boards the frigate on its remaining dock 8-94 research bridge. The Orpheon, alerted to her presence, and the danger on the ship, decides to sacrifice the vessel in an attempt to destroy Samus, and the failed Prime Metroid project. Unaware the reactor core had already been released with the 7-94 unit, the ship does not implode on contact with the planet, instead, acting as a leviathan seed, the Frigate unleashes Prime Metroid DNA and a Phazon producing entity on the planet Tallon II. Tracking the Metroid menace, Samus Aran begins a new mission on an unlikely place, and a great new adventure awaits.

Most important, the fruits of the efforts:

From Version 1.0 Build:
From the Current Build:
The Newest from the Thermal Visor HUD/Function and Darkness Engine

Enjoy. More developments will be available very soon, expect a playable demo for the Windows Operating System within about 6 months or less.

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