Metroid: Rogue Dawn

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Metroid: Rogue Dawn

Postby HobotiX » 01.18.17 8:48pm

Hey, I haven't seen anyone post this in these forums yet, so I thought I would go a head and do it. full disclosure, I have a friend who created the music for this hack, but I would be posting this here even if I didn't have that connection. Anyway, Metroid: Rogue Dawn came out a few days and it looks like a pretty fun rom hack with a completely new sprite set, maps, and bosses. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but am looking forward to getting started this weekend. There is some speculation that Nintendo might be taking it down after what happened to the Metroid 2 remake, so get it ASAP. The screenshots look very lovely too. Very impressive given the hardware limitations.
Image Image Image Image Image
You can download the rom hack here (via
You will also be needing this patching tool, Lunar IPS.exe, found here (also via

And finally, here is a gameplay video for Metroid: Rogue Dawn. Let me know how you like it! <3


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Re: Metroid: Rogue Dawn

Postby Zynux » 01.19.17 7:56pm

We actually had a thread 2 years ago but it didn't get much attention: ... wn#p202940

I have yet to even play AM2R yet but since this released I may download it. I don't think it's in danger of getting shut down unless it draws a ton of attention to itself.
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