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Re: Timeline

Postby CapCom » 09.12.12 7:48am

Yup, timeline still needs updating. That'll happen sometime-ish.

The Trilogy art 'booklet' was more specific about when the games occur, which screws up a bunch of the dates. But they were always very specific about Prime happening between M1/MZM and M2.

An interesting note was Prime apparently was originally supposed to take place AFTER Super Metroid, with a chunk of Zebes containing Metroids flying off and crashing on another planet (sound familiar?). I also remember something about an orbital cannon around the time they were making MZM. Of course, these were early IGN rumors, and I'd be surprised if the articles are still on their website...
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Re: Timeline

Postby Emperor Ing » 09.12.12 12:09pm

I thought we already established that the Prime manual is wrong, especially since it contradicts in-game info. Also, Tourian was destroyed in Super Metroid, along with the rest of the planet. >_>
In what way? The lore on the Frigate says something to the effect that the installation on Zebes is destroyed, and importantly, not the planet itself (I think that would be a big difference).

The manual states that Samus came to Zebes, destroyed "the mainstays of the Space Pirate army, Ridley and Kraid," and destroyed Mother Brain and the metroids. Then the Space Pirates split into two teams, one working on resuscitating Mother Brain, and the other to find a new power source/base planets - which was Tallon IV.

It's kind of cool to think that Tallon IV and Zebes are apparently in the same star system. Just imagine what Mother Brain could have done with Phazon at her disposal!

In any event, I don't know what part of the manual doesn't jive with Prime, or the series-at-large.
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