Why do you come to the MDb boards?

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Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Awesome people, smaller crowd, great conversation.
To bitch about Other M.
No votes
Just because Metroid is my favorite game series EVER!
For help with the games.
No votes
I just came to trade MP3/MPT friend credits.
Just to post in the "How is your day today?" thread.
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MDb regular since '96, yo! MDB4LIFE
All of those great emoticons!
None of these! (specify below)
Total votes : 29

fox mulder

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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby fox mulder » 03.02.12 8:49pm

Came to receive friend credits, got friends instead.
Oops. :P
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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby Varia » 04.09.12 11:52am

I came into the MDb board mainly because of the first selection of the poll, 'Awesome people, smaller crowd, great conversation.' But as I'm continually posting/lurking on this board I'm finding out that's not the only reason why I'm staying here.

I'm drawn towards the wide-selection of Metroid emoticons, the vast sea of interesting topic/thread discussions and of course the role as a loyal fan has in this community.

When I'm not on here and I see something Metroid-related, I try to report it and share it with the MDb.
I have found that being active in this site through looking for information and contributing my knowledge, has made this place more interesting for me.

It also doesn't hurt that other members of this board are also contributing by creating projects for themselves.

I love to log in and see the overwhelming amount of artistic-crafts in the 'Fan Creations' forum. It makes me really happy to know some fans are creating there own Cosplays, music-remixes, fanfics and fanart. I feel happy when they've finished their project then takes the time to display it to the rest of us. It's a personal accomplishment for that individual and I find it rewarding even if I didn't take part. I feel like the MDb 'Bestiary' is like that too. Very rewarding to see what others have achieved through work and time. :s-logo:


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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby Thunderchin » 04.09.12 8:17pm

On the upside, you can spend hundreds of hours reading through the backlog here and find some very interesting discussions.
^^^Tru dat.^^^

The one I voted for was Metroid being my favorite game series ever (it's tied with Elder Scrolls), but if I may, an "unofficial vote" for "awesome people, smaller crowd, great conversations". I had to give it to the first one because the community has kinda dwindled down, but the people still here (or just joining) are a cool bunch. I'd gladly meet any given one of you.
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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby YamI » 05.09.12 7:13pm

I'm with tha Thunda.

Best game ever, in the world, with all the drama and good plots leads to an overall great game and series.


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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby KRAID » 05.10.12 6:33pm

I come here because i love metroid but also to chat and natter with others about anything game related.
great bunch you all are.


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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby Spaceman » 05.30.12 5:18am

Because it's a passionate yet nice and intelligent community that (generally) keeps it's cool even after the tough times of Other M's aftermath. Metroid discussions in large-scale gaming forums (like GameFAQs or NeoGAF) are... not constructive, to say the least.
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Lady Aran

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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby Lady Aran » 06.22.13 11:02pm

I feel like I've abandoned this webby. Last visit was sometime in 2010, good god jeebus! Such is likfe though. Back now, and got a lot to say! I come here for the awesome people and great conversation, but also because Metroid is my *cough* 2nd favorite game series ever.

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Dark Samus
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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby HYRUL3 » 06.23.13 7:56am

Welcome back. What is your first favorite series?

I come to discuss Metroid and other game series/movies/TV shows with other like minded individuals.

That and to cure boredom.
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Engage Ridley

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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby Engage Ridley » 06.23.13 8:53am

The reason I came was because it was the biggest and most active Metroid community I could find. So if there's any update on Metroid, big or small, I'd probably hear about it on this site.


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Re: Why do you come to the MDb boards?

Postby shakalakaDryDry » 06.23.13 4:27pm

I came to the boards just to talk to other fans n' stuff. As for Hyrul3's question, i've been playing Monster Hunter Tri and Metroid Prime Triology. That's it really... :/

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