Welcome to nginx?

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Welcome to nginx?

Postby Naner » 05.09.12 5:35am

I just want to try to understand what happened. Yesterday morning, when I tried accessing the MDb, I found instead a white page saying 'Welcome to nginx!", which, from what I've read around the web, is usually a client-side problem (a virus? Not sure)... But it certainly wasn't client-side this time, since I tried accessing with different browsers, computers, devices and even on a different network (naturally, all other sites and Internet services worked). Later in the day, it got working again. Then, in the evening, nginx was here again (in fact, I was browsing the forums when it happened; I clicked a link and bam, white page). Now it's working again.

Did anyone else get this? Does anyone know what is this?
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Re: Welcome to nginx?

Postby VGMStudios » 05.09.12 8:06am

Yup I think we all got that.
I told cap about it and he said it was probably due to nginx updating their servers.

I thought the site got hacked again.
Looks like things are back to normal.

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Re: Welcome to nginx?

Postby Infinity's End » 05.18.12 9:58am

We're aware of the issue. Please use the appropriate thread next time it happens.
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