Dead download music links?

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Dead download music links?

Postby Daya » 06.29.12 5:56am

It happened just today: I wanted to download a track from Prime 3 from MdB, but the link led to a 404 IGN page.
I tried with other tracks of the same game, but they all seem to be dead.

I don't know if it's the same with the other games, but maybe it is time to rehost the files?

Infinity's End

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Re: Dead download music links?

Postby Infinity's End » 06.29.12 11:33am

It's just for the sections that currently use fileplanet. It is a long procedure to put those all on self-hosting, but we already know about it. Many of the other music pages (all of them except MP3 and MPH) work fine and you can directly download all the songs.

We are working on it.
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