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Re: General Gaming News

Postby Luminoth Prime » 09.15.17 5:55pm

So in case anyone missed the news, DOOM and Wolfenstein II were announced for Switch for late 2017 and early 2018, respectively. Combined with Skyrim, coming out in early November, Bethesda, a developer who has never put games on a Nintendo console before, now has better support for the Switch than Capcom, who's been making games on Nintendo consoles since the NES. Think about that.

There's a lot of possibilities here.
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Re: General Gaming News

Postby Apothem » 09.22.17 1:11pm

Here's something supremely interesting: Gizmodo reports that the EU suppressed a 300 page study that found piracy doesn't harm sales of (most) digital media. They paid the Dutch firm Ecory roughly €360,000 ($430,000 USD) to investigate the issue in 2014 and by May 2015 had their report finished. They found, as many have said over the years, that there's no conclusive statistical correlation between digital piracy and lost sales. In fact they claim to have observed the opposite, siting that piracy and streaming of digital media was shown to occasionally encourage sales instead. The sole exception seems to be film, as piracy there discourages potential consumers from legally watching the movie, at least in theaters. Apparently the EU wasn't happy with Ecory's findings as they buried the report immediately after receiving it. It was only dredged up recently by a member of Germany's political "Pirate Party" by way of the EU's Freedom of Information act.

Any one study or report does not concretely prove anything. This is an issue deserving of continued investigation. But it is nice all the same to have some smidgen validation for a long held belief. Of course the more important thing here is how the report was hidden away. A stark reminder of just what sort of people are pulling the strings in our global governments.


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Re: General Gaming News

Postby Zynux » 09.22.17 9:05pm

Nothing really to back this up, but my personal view is that the Piracy effects on most games are greatly exaggerated. But on the same token, I think it's also exaggerated how many people who do pirate do so to just "demo" the game and will support later, though many do.
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