Worst Moments of Game Rage

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Re: Worst Moments of Game Rage

Postby HYRUL3 » 07.13.15 2:39pm

On a 3D Zelda, have you ever scaled a tall room in a dungeon (Stone Tower, Forbidden Woods, ect.) and then accidentally took a wrong turn and jumped off so then you have to climb all the way back up? It's very painful.
Yes. Similarly-

In Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the Grunt Birthday Party skull is located in the final level, The Maw, during the escape from The Pillar of Autumn. You have to jump on to this pipe and run to the end. Anyway, I parked the Warthog, and got out of it- not realizing the door was right over a giant gap between the platform and the pipe. So I plummeted to my death, and the checkpoint is way at the beginning of the Warthog escape. Anger ensued.
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Re: Worst Moments of Game Rage

Postby Khyron » 07.15.15 11:04am

Dragon Quest (who knows what number) on the DS. After grinding through the game and coming to the final boss, which was a total rip of Cell from DBZ, I dumped well over an hour into the fight, only to lose after Cell clone evolved for about the 8th time. I didn't throw anything or curse (kids in the house) but I could actually feel my scalp turning red with fury. I could taste the rage in the back of my throat. Dangerously close to an aneurysm that day. It was the last time I played the game; it got sold on Amazon after sitting for years in a place of shame on my game shelf.

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Re: Worst Moments of Game Rage

Postby Meta Ridley » 07.15.15 5:59pm

Super Smash Bros 4 somehow has this effect on me when I play against the computer. The most BS stuff happens during Crazy Orders after I rack up like 17 wins. I'll be up against a giant enemy (What is up with Sakurai's macro fetish, seriously everything in challenge mode is giant too) and a Smash Ball will come out of nowhere and they'll get it in a single hit and they ALWAYS manage to hit me with the Final Smash and KO me.

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Re: Worst Moments of Game Rage

Postby Big Guy » 07.16.15 11:08pm

It's very painful.
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