Biggest VG Achievement Thread

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Biggest VG Achievement Thread

Postby Jeff Aran » 04.28.12 12:02pm

Okay. I wanna know everyone's greatest achievement they accomplished in the sacred realm of videogames. The hardest trophy, unlocking an impossible item, that european extreme diffuculty setting cleared, etc. We have a Worst Game Rage Thread, now let's post whats after the rage.

I bought the MGS HD Collection last month and been replaying MGS2 (originally came out in 2002). And this morning just beat every diffuculty setting required to get all dogtags and unlockable items. This may just be a 'victory high' talking but I really think we just have a thread to post these.

Btw : I really think that the 100% Game Completion on GTA San Andreas was probably my hardest achivement. Yeah that was probably the worst >_<X

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Re: Biggest VG Achievement Thread

Postby Azure Dragonius » 04.28.12 3:42pm

Finishing Persona 4 when underleveled. I fought the final True Ending boss without many healing items and I was about ten levels lower than what I was supposed to be at. I eventually did it.


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Re: Biggest VG Achievement Thread

Postby mypalkevin » 04.29.12 11:35am

i beat yoshi's island at 4 years old while playing with the snes controller upside down(so up is down, down is up, left is right and right is left) unfortunately i can't play it that way anymore
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