The Last of us

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The Last of us

Postby Cryptid10 » 03.18.15 4:12pm

I made a post on the "what are you playing" post about this game, and I decided to share my opinion on it. I tried looking it up in the search, but the words were to common. Because of that, i decided to make this post so we can talk about it. Anyway, on to the game. (If you can even call it that.)

TLou has changed the way I act, who I talk to, and many other things. I'm not over exaggerating either. This game does so many things right
:mb_power: Graphics, shading, models, and others like them are epic and perfectly convey the mood of the game
:mb_varia: Soundtrack and sounds are chilling and beautiful
:mb_gravity: Characters and story are life changing and are some of the most flushed out I've ever seen
:mb_phazon: Gameplay and combat is fun and riveting
I really don't want to get too deep into this, cause i wouldn't quit talking. :D
Overall, this game has lingered with me for quite a while. Getting to the point where you can play the opening to most of the songs, and I will pretty much crumble. This Game/experience has changed me, and I feel as if it's one of the most impactful things in my life so far. So with that said, i leave you with your comment, this song , and a cookie. :cookie:
Samau5 - "For Lack of a Federation Platoon"
Featuring tracks such as: "Phazon n' Stuff", "Metroid Problems", "BSL", and more!

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