Which of gaming's enemies terrifies you the most?

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Which of gaming's enemies terrifies you the most?

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 09.17.16 6:21pm

What is the one video game enemy that no matter how many times you fight brings a shock through your spine and terrifies you to the most and why?

For me

it's the cyberdemon from the doom series.


The better question is WHY NOT!!!

He soaks up loads of damage, a direct hit WILL kill you or serverly hurt you, almost always wins against spider mastermind infighting on that one level in doom 2, pinned 4 barons of hell's bodies as trophies stomps around loudly. The first real fight a very open room just you and him both immensly power beings only one leaves alive and this is no easy task. Zero luck ALL SKILL and if you didn't save si much is lost.

So back to the question which 1 of gaming's enemy terrifies you most? Post below.

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Re: Which of gaming's enemies terrifies you the most?

Postby Luminoth Prime » 09.18.16 3:56am

Chozo Ghosts.

When I was 5 years old, I went to my uncle's house for someone's birthday party. I don't remember the circumstances about what led up to this, but (with my uncle's permission) I was playing Metroid Prime for the first time on his GameCube, in his room, upstairs, with the lights turned off. I was playing on his save, and just exploring, barely understanding what I was doing, when...

The room gets dark...


And Chozo Ghosts come out of nowhere and freak me the hell out.

I paused the game and sat there petrified and screaming for minutes on end until my dad and uncle finally heard me and came.

I started a new playthrough of Metroid Prime earlier this week (after I'd just beaten Corruption). I still hate those freaking things. I mean, even from a design standpoint, they're not well-done. The only thing that arbitrarily affects them is the Power Beam, which means you can't use any of the upgrades you've collected on them (a core component of Metroid) except the X-Ray visor which lets you see them when they turn invisible. You might as well not have collected any upgrades at all and be as you were when you landed on Tallon IV. They take way too long to kill, and they always show up in the same rooms, meaning they aren't as scary because you know they're coming each and every time. They're easily the worst-designed part of the game, next to those stupid sentry drones in the Space Pirate areas of Phendrana. You just end up trying to quickly avoid them and not fight them at all. As someone more prolific than me once said...

But still, every time I enter one of those rooms, 5-year-old me comes out a bit and is still afraid.
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