Final Fantasy 4 vs 3/6 vs 7 vs 10

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Final Fantasy 4 vs 3/6 vs 7 vs 10

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 01.08.17 3:04pm

I hear that these are the best games in the series and wish to start collecting them I'm not concerned with order of collection by release date so I was curious if any of you could rate these titles from best to worst (that's the order I'll collect them in), states the pros and cons of the games, if you'd recommend any of these in the first place and if they exist the best version (my notebook functions but it's not for gaming) (meaning 7 ps1 or 7 psp something like that for example).


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Re: Final Fantasy 4 vs 3/6 vs 7 vs 10

Postby Khyron » 01.09.17 9:23pm

Well, I can speak for roughly 3 1/2 of these games as I'm currently about half way through my first ever play through of 3/6. That being said, most every fan of the FF series is going to tell you that 3/6 is far and away the best game. For me, however, for nearly 20 years I have considered VII to be the absolute peak of the franchise. is not faultless like Chrono Trigger, but as a game of its time it was an extraordinary, utterly unique, and remarkably profound experience. I purchased this game new when I was 20 years old, and all other RPGs have been judged against it ever since. I suspect that people who experience VII for the first time in 2017 will not have the same earth-shattering gaming experience that I and millions of others had in 1998, but that doesn't mean that it's not a fantastic game and the first one of those four that I would have to have.

3/6 is likely to come in second; followed by 2/4. I did not care for 10 at all. It was a pretty thing, but I just didn't care about the cast or the story. If it were my list, I'd replace 10 with 9. If you haven't played it, think of 9 as a love letter to the first 6 games in the series. Well worth your time and nice copies can still be had cheap.

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