video game technology in real life possibly

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video game technology in real life possibly

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 01.10.17 10:27pm

This is just a thread of sorts for video game technology in real life that might possibly have some basis in reality if someone brings up something from video games and it seems possible maybe discuss it or something it can really be anything so long as it's within reason for example the fatman from fallout can't happen but maybe a rocket launcher with manually guided missile like that one from timeshift could be made real.

I'll start the conversation.

Could something like the dethex launcher from singularity be real or would it not actually be possible

Could manually controlled rocket launcher rockets be real?

How about the fully functional, fully energized echo location system used by the blind luminoth in echoes? Could echo location technology evolve to such a state in the real world?


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