What genre are you best and worst at

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What genre are you best and worst at

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 01.22.17 4:19pm

One genre per best and worst

meaning which genre do you suck at the most
which are you totally boss at

For me I suck at racing games ... all of them even mario kart I end up near last place half the time

My best would have to be action adventure games

So without further ado how about you?

you can be more specific than I was if you wish btw.


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Re: What genre are you best and worst at

Postby Zynux » 01.22.17 10:05pm

I've had a sneaking suspicious that I've been terrible at RPGs for a long while. It just seems like every time I look up a RPG I recently beat I play in the most un-optimal and least strategic way possible and never take advantage of the game fully.
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Re: What genre are you best and worst at

Postby Apothem » 01.23.17 12:32am

I haven't played many racing games in my day but I'm typically good at the ones I have. I'm an absolute beast in F-Zero, especially GX and GP Legend. Man I miss those games...

RPGs I find difficult to gauge. I typically grind and maliciously exploit mechanics wherever possible, but that's not exactly playing to a game's intended difficulty curve. Dunno if that makes me good at RPGs or just very patient. It's a major reason why I like them, but also why I typically burnout on them so quickly. I hit my stride, break the game to my whim if possible, and windup making things too easy. Most RPGs don't hold up well enough in the story department to justify slogging through their mechanics if there's not a satisfying challenge. I guess if anything that'd make me terrible at RPGs as I tend to inadvertently kill my own enjoyment and rarely finish them.

The genre I'd say I excel at most, though, would be action platformers. Metroidvania's especially. Metroid, post-SotN Castlevania, Mega Man, Mario, basically any game that takes direct inspiration from those or similar I'm likely good at. Also one of the rare few genres I'm willing to suffer through a punishing difficulty curve. S-ranking the Mega Man Zero series and Valdis Story: Abyssal City is proof enough of that.

Genres I'm bat at? 4x and turn-based strategy games: I can handle real-time strategy just fine - I love me some Command & Conquer and Warcraft - but anything else is either overwhelming, or boring, so I don't invest the time necessary to improve. Fighting games are a real kicker for me as well. There are several I'd love to be able to play but I'm just too terrible to find fun in most of them.


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Re: What genre are you best and worst at

Postby Slaran » 02.02.17 11:07pm

I would say I am probably best at Platform games.

I would say I am probably worst Shoot 'em up games.

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