Favorite Star Wars game?

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Favorite Star Wars game?

Postby Slaran » 02.03.17 12:05am

What are your favorite Star Wars games that you played? What are your favorite ships you have been able to fly?

For me my favorite Star Wars game I played was the following

It also had my favorite ship to fly the Tie Defender.

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Re: Favorite Star Wars game?

Postby Apothem » 02.03.17 1:03am

Hoo boy, that's a tough one. So many good Star Wars games. Lucas Arts used to be so good. Poor one out for our fallen brethren...

+1 to Tie Fighter. Also X-Wing and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. The Rogue Squadron series as well, though I was never big on 3. I have fond, but vague, memories of Rebel Assault as well. Honorable mention to Jedi Star Fighter on Xbox, which was fun but forgettable. Most Star Wars dog fighters are pretty good.

Shadows of the Empire hasn't aged well, like most of the N64 library, but it was good fun back in the day. So was Pod Racer. Like many others I don't care much for Phantom Menace but I always liked pod racing.

The Dark Forces / Jedi Knight series is probably my favorite over all. Haven't played a Star Wars game since that I felt was as well rounded as Jedi Knight 2. JK3 had its moments but felt more like an expansion of 2 rather than a proper sequel. Was greatly disappointed in Force Unleashed and the sequel did nothing to help matters any.

Knights of the old Republic 1 & 2 remain the only western RPGs I've ever completed. I loved them way back when on the OG Xbox but simply haven't been able to get back into them since. For me, personally, they haven't aged well. Don't even get me started on the MMO...

I really like Rebellion despite barely understanding how to play it. Though many bag on the games I also like the Galactic Battlegrounds series, even if they're just glorified Age of Empires mods. I played around with Empires at War a bit but it never clicked with me.

The old Battlefront games did nothing for me but I loved Republic Commando. I know Disney doesn't want to touch anything prequel related with a 12 parsec pole, but a fresh take on RC's excellent style and mechanics would be wonderful.

Lastly, while I've long since grown out of them, the Star Wars collection was the first LEGO game I payed and what I believe to still be one of the best. Difficult to beat LEGO Lord of the Rings, though. It's basically LEGO Skyrim.

Only now do I realize just how many Star Wars games I've played over the decades, and that's only what I remember off the top of my head.


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Re: Favorite Star Wars game?

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 03.13.17 6:19pm

Not a huge starwars fan but If I had to pick one I'd say force unleashed and unleashed 2 were entertaining to play. but I did like force unleashed 1 better. ... "totally no bias" and "totally didn't only play and beat those 2 S.W games"


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Re: Favorite Star Wars game?

Postby Khyron » 03.15.17 8:20pm

@Slaran, Oh the memories your post brought back! :thumbsup: All of those games sort of blend together in my memory, but I remember spending quite a bit of time playing the X-Wing game when I should have been doing school work.

As a kid I can remember being in awe of the original Star Wars arcade game. There was one at the arcade on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. When I'd run out of quarters I'd just watch other kids play until it was time to leave. I liked it so much that I "made" my own version at home out of construction paper and paste glue. For sheer nostalgia purposes I'll have to say that that one's my favorite.

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