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Re: Brawl Texture Haxx

Postby darksamus77 » 06.22.10 9:30am

Here's a good list of Samus textures I've seen...
Dark Samus
Phazon Suit
Master Chief
Fusion Suit (fixed)
Light Suit
Dark Blood (Black+Red)
White+Blue combo

Other Metroid ones...
Charizard as Ridley
Squirtle as Omega Metroid (No joke, this is a Squirtle texture...)
Ivysaur as Kraid

Look 'em up, I don't play Brawl much anymore, so I can't remember where I found all of them, but if you want a link to one, I suppose I can find it for you :P
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Re: Brawl Texture Haxx

Postby Infinity's End » 07.08.14 11:10am

This one's for you, HYRUL3.
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