They could have done better with her in SSB

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Re: They could have done better with her in SSB

Postby HYRUL3 » 04.23.12 6:21pm

In the next one I want alternate costumes rather than or in addition to color swaps. And you could unlock more through gameplay. Then people would be happy playing as obscure variations of their favorite characters.
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Re: They could have done better with her in SSB

Postby DrevanZero » 04.23.12 7:39pm

I want light suit, dark suit, and Dark Samus. (I want Dark Samus as a separate character with variants of samus's attacks based on her echoes appearance/moveset, but if i cant have that, lets at least have an alt-costume samus with the move colors edited to phazon blue)
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Re: They could have done better with her in SSB

Postby Naner » 04.24.12 5:40am

Now if each character in the next SSB game could have something similar, and still have the game balanced (which might be one of the games' bigger problems at the moment) it would give the series with an already mind-numbing number of options even more freedom to choose.
I don't think every character would be able to have something like that. Unlike Soul Calibur, the attacks of most characters in Smash have to be coherent with where they come from. Link using a staff, for example, wouldn't make much sense. But like I said, Samus has a variety of beams to choose from, Pit has his new-found bows, blades, cannons, arms, palms, staffs, etc. (there's certainly going to be a lot of Kid Icarus in the next Smash), Link has a bunch of stuff, Kirby has his copy abilities and the Pokémon also have some unused attacks. I don't think it would work very well for characters like Ike or Cap Falcon, though. But I think it can still be balanced if only some characters have that option, considering different attacks have to be balanced in terms of speed, damage, knockback and effect. For example, something along these lines for Samus:

Wave beam: slow repetition, medium travel speed, medium damage, low knockback, short stun effect (longer if charged)
Ice beam: medium repetition, slow travel speed, medium damage, medium knockback, freezing effect when charged
Plasma beam: medium repetition, fast travel speed, high damage, medium knockback, burning effect
Power beam: fast repetition, fast travel speed, low damage, medium knockback, no effect

(not too different from how they work in Prime, right? :P )

Oh and guys, just imagine what Sakurai can do with 50GB of disc space. He's certainly going to stuff that thing with content beyond our imaginations.
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Doc Scratch

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Re: They could have done better with her in SSB

Postby Doc Scratch » 06.03.12 2:31pm

I like the bulkiness of the Super Metroid suit, although I wouldn't mind a switch to the Prime suit.

As for what they did wrong with Samus in SSB... Lots. She's slow, her projectiles are meh, she's missing the speed booster, her bombs are terrible for anything but recovery, she's missing her power bombs, she's missing any unique visors, and most annoyingly, she's somehow slower and worse than Zero Suit Samus
(Who looked at Super Smash Bros Melee and said, "Yeah, Zero Suit Samus is totally a great idea for a new character!").

And we need a new Metroid character. It can be Ridley, Mother Brain, Dark Samus, Kraid, Rundas, I don't care, just somebody other than naked Samus!

I personally hope next Smash will have Samus in her Other M look.
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Maybe as an alternate color, they can have the snot yellow suit or the purple glow gravity suit (Although I will probably commit murder if the original gravity suit is missing). I liked the alternate colors that portrayed alternate versions of the suit in Brawl, especially the Dark Suit recolor.

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