In need of help for Smash Bros. Sections

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In need of help for Smash Bros. Sections

Postby Infinity's End » 06.26.12 12:04pm

Hey all,
We are looking for some help filling out our Smash Bros. sections further. We are looking for screenshots, scans, artwork and any other kind of information you can provide from Smash Bros. in regards to the Metroid series. Please post anything you find in here, or contact me via PM or email. We understand it might be more difficult to find stuff on the older games, but the Brawl section needs more as well.

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Re: In need of help for Smash Bros. Sections

Postby R7038 XX » 06.27.12 9:36am

Aye, i'll help when i can get a "rare" picture. :AH:

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