Smash 4 Samus Moveset Discussion

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Smash 4 Samus Moveset Discussion

Postby TheAccursedHunter01 » 06.11.13 7:26pm

Perhaps this is too soon to put something like this up, but the purpose of this topic is mostly self explanatory. Discussion and debate Samus' moveset in Smash 4 as we know now and as the game gets closer to release, especially since Samus had a redesign overhaul. Other M Samus was in some ways faster and technically more agile since the suit in MOM looked less heavy, streamlined, etc. As far as I can tell from the teaser and Developer Direct as shown here: Samus has the same moveset as before, but because she moves the same as in Brawl(for now mind you, the games still in development and who knows what Sakurai will add) and she seems to move slower than her appearance leads you to believe, unless the Power Suit is THAT heavy. Bowser seems alot different as shown in the Developer Direct. He's much faster and still packs a punch, his new appearance reflects it too. Considering the Samus in Smash 4 from Other M, how do you all think her moveset should be altered? For example, I think her grapple should either be something like the sensemove lethal strike, like a running grab, or a quick shot of the grapple beam instead of staying out in the open for three whole seconds, being VERY punishable.


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Re: Smash 4 Samus Moveset Discussion

Postby Xerkxes » 06.12.13 1:00am


if Other M really is having influence they should really quicken her from old SSB games, feels like she gets slower every time which is quite the betrayal to her portrayal in her games.
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