The Smash Brothers Documentary Series by East Point Pictures

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The Smash Brothers Documentary Series by East Point Pictures

Postby Zynux » 10.20.13 8:55pm

The Smash Brothers Documentary Series

A Nine part documentary on the Melee Tournament scene, following on the 7 greatest players of Melee. I wasn't even in the tournament scene, and yet I find this documentary fantastic, with surprising production quality for youtube audiences. Any fans of Melee should take a look at it ASAP, as it is very interesting, especially to an outsider like me. Also, Wife is the best commentator ever.
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Re: The Smash Brothers Documentary Series by East Point Pict

Postby Doc Scratch » 09.22.14 5:03am

It's a very good documentary. Even if the subject may not seem interesting, the videos do a good job of briefly explaining it and then putting the history in a more dramatic context.

The makers of the documentary kickstartered an Armada-focused documentary and managed to get it funded, so expect more good stuff.

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