BaganSmashBros' Ridley mod released!

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BaganSmashBros' Ridley mod released!

Postby vampe13 » 02.08.15 6:04am

After so many years of negligence from Nintendo, a dedicated fan was able to create in several months what Sakurai had refused to do since teasing up with Melee's intro...

The anticipated Ridley mod for Project M is now available to the public! Link below: ... ber=207676

I honestly think this is a wondrous occasion, and I'd love it if the Metroid Database would make a news post on the front page about this amazing, faithful mod based on the Metroid series' most memorable villain.

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Re: BaganSmashBros' Ridley mod released!

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 06.08.15 1:23pm

It's neat to see BaganSmashBros' name mentioned here. The mod is interesting, but I don't care about the alternate colors.

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