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Postby Shade Nightclaw » 07.03.15 5:39am

Apparently you can get amiibos before theyre out in america from japan via , i just ordered a zero suit samus one to test it and they said theyre getting it ready to ship out....i got a wario one from japan and it was definatly a japanese one due to the japanese writing on the box.. it worked fine, i didnt have to calibrate maybe instead of dealing with the hassal of waiting for them to come out and rushing to the stores im just going to do that sure costs a lot more being an import but....anyone else do this?

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Re: amiibos

Postby Meta Ridley » 07.03.15 10:03am


There is already a thread talking about Amiibos.


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Re: amiibos

Postby Apothem » 07.03.15 3:02pm


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