old replays

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old replays

Postby Shade Nightclaw » 05.11.16 11:27pm

I know the game literally RE PLAYS what you did how it happend instead of a recording, im wondering whatd happen if you forced the console to play an old no longer "useable" replay from a previous update...i imagine massive glitching, you guys have any idea?

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Re: old replays

Postby Luminoth Prime » 05.12.16 12:13am

The way replays work--in Smash, in Halo, in anything like this--is that the game recreates everything that happened automatically. It recreates every player movement and detail and emulates that match as best as it can. That's why recordings become unusable in Smash after a patch, because character stats change, so the replay function would no longer represent the gameplay accurately. Other games don't have this issue, though, so it's strange that only Smash has this problem. So yeah, you're pretty much right in your assumptions.
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