Hunters Doujin

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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby MaiAriSquee » 07.31.10 2:54pm

Infinity's End wrote:The first version of the Hunters doujin was a little difficult to understand, so we have retranslated/rewritten some parts. It is now updated, so feel free to read it again if you're interested. -_-;

I read it! Reads much nicer. ;) ... :awesome:
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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby Steamlord » 07.31.10 3:00pm

I've done some translating-type stuff before (read: proofreading horribly written Italian Flash games that almost seem like they're in a foreign language even though it's actually just really broken English), and in my experience, when you're doing it it's hard to concentrate on what sounds the best in English. It's only later when you look back at the finished product that you see places where you could have done better. Unfortunately for me, I had to send off my revisions immediately so there are a few things I could have done a lot better that are now irreversible.

Anyway, this revision is definitely a lot easier to understand. Nice job.
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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby DJ Trancetronica » 11.10.10 11:18pm

I bet in the Japanese translation, Weavel probably calls Samus, "Nee-san" (older sister...i think) or "Nee-Nee" (childish for 'older sister').

And OMG a shower scene in Metroid?! O_O what you see boys?
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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby Emperor Ing » 11.11.10 2:28am

No. Give me a shirtless Armstrong Houston uppercutting a parasite queen in the reproductive orifice with Oh Say Can You See playing in the background, and then I'll like what I see.

Or to quote Robocop,
must be some sorta side effect of the hatchling or maybe she should stop going down on Miyamoto.


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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby kronoridley » 11.21.10 7:01am what you see boys?
Actually, no. This is Metroid, not DOA.

In fact, that scene was completely unnecessary! x_x

Speaking of which, other than the bad content (And the lack of Armstrong Houston :evil: ), I really liked it.
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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby metroid13 » 01.10.11 9:25pm

so that waz a pony tail :P


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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby samusfan » 01.19.12 6:21pm

So any doujin is not official?at least Pirates doujin not?
I am think it was official -_-;
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Re: Hunters Doujin

Postby R7038 XX » 03.04.13 8:42pm

i've always thought of sylux, spire, and samus teaming up to destroy, trace, weavel, noxus, kanden, and gorea.

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