Chapter 13 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

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Re: Chapter 13 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

Postby AuroraUnitComplex » 12.22.08 4:49am

Hey, that's pretty cool Redwing for a quick memory sketch. I'm completely hopeless without reference art or a ridiculous amount of time. Of course I don't practice enough, so that's probably why. :oops:

CapCom wrote:Interesting. I just kinda glossed over that. I wonder if there's something thematic here, because there was a direct tie between Samus and Pyonchi. However, I'm not going to read too much into it because I'm not convinced this is anything more than a 'cash-in' to get people to buy MZM.
Yeah, that would be kind of interesting if there is some extra thematic purpose there, but you're probably right. Although, if it takes packed-in Pyonchi plushies to sell more copies of Metroid, or trick casual gamers...*cough* everyone into playing the game in the airport, enjoying it, and purchasing it later (ignoring any TSA obstacles), I'm all for it. It has to be better than what Nintendo has been doing lately to promote sales of the series.

My favorite little cat just died last week, :( so maybe it makes me a little more appreciative of the continuing inclusion of Pyonchi, and the ability to see Samus' connection with her pet. Given her history, and seeing how much environmental wildlife Samus disposes of, I think it gives her character some good realistic balance.

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