Chapter 14 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

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Chapter 14 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

Postby sharonlover » 12.24.08 6:11am

Alright chapter 14 is up and the discussion for this chapter is here:

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Re: Chapter 14 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

Postby Lazarius » 12.24.08 7:54am

Wow! Fast Release. Interesting chapter too. Say, does the Manga entail the events of the actual game?


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Re: Chapter 14 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

Postby Quadraxis » 12.24.08 8:39am

Haha, thank you for this "Christmas present".
This chapter was great. It didn't really fill in any holes in the storyline, but it was nice to read. It did kinda hint that Ridley will be responsible of Adam's death.(...Who could've seen that coming?)
And apparently the pirate mothership Samus blows up in Zero Mission is different than the one we saw infiltrating Zebes, since this chapter revealed that the first ship was destroyed by Adams fleet.

And Lazarius, there are two chapters left. They will take place during the actual game.
I guess the next chapter will be pretty fast to translate, since it has little dialog and lots of action?
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Re: Chapter 14 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

Postby Squeek » 12.24.08 1:23pm

Two words, Federation:

Orbital Bombardment.
Remembuh me?

Didn't think so.


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Re: Chapter 14 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

Postby AuroraUnitComplex » 12.24.08 8:29pm

"Orbital bombardment." :D That would've been the right idea, however, if they did that right away, we might've lost some valuable gameplay hours from certain future missions.

I think this chapter was great in giving us another glimpse of the relationship between Adam and Samus. It's also interesting comparing her character in this chapter, to her 'present' character in the very 1st chapter. In this chapter, Samus is very absolute about how she sees herself. Perhaps it was her way of downplaying some of the vulnerable moments in her past, and/or fully embracing her strong new role, but she had a bit of a cavalier attitude about her role as a warrior and a bounty hunter. Closed-minded, and with a somewhat immature strain in her, I think this is what Adam realized when he gave her his advice:

"It's should remember who you are when you are not a warrior, Samus. That's something lost in you lately"

Rewinding back to the beginning of the manga, we see that Samus has grown into a serious, focused, and 'no-nonsense' type of bounty hunter, but in the scene in her room where she reflects on her life, she seems to remember Adam's "wisdom" (quoting Fusion) and his words to her. In Chapter 1: "There are times when I want to spend my nights as a [ordinary] human. Not reasoning or planning, simply laying silently. It's time's like this...I wonder why?...that make me think of my past."

After her parents and the Chozo had disappeared, I think this allows us to see how Adam was the one human voice that helped to give Samus a little bit of clarity, and provide a profound imprint on her identity.

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