Image Translation Request: Fusion Suit artwork

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Image Translation Request: Fusion Suit artwork

Postby Armantula513 » 03.22.09 12:34am

Hello, I am Armantula513 from the Metroid Wiki, (I am an administrator there; you may or may not know of me,) and I am searching for someone familiar with the Kanji style of Japanese writing. In the Metroid Prime art gallery, there are several Fusion Suit schematic images which contain Japanese text, and I am highly interested in obtaining translations for the text. These images are populated mainly of Kanji, apparently with small amounts of Hiragana throughout. (Forgive me, I am unfamiliar with differences between the writing styles.) Links to images are below.

To those of you here who are responsible for, or know those who were responsible for, the translation of the various Metroid mangas, (and have a knowledge of written Japanese language,) would you please consider helping to contribute to Wikitroid? I cannot offer payment, but I can guarantee that an individual who could help would be cited as a source in each Wikitroid article that could make use of the information. I have a bit of authority in the Wiki, so if you feel that there is a way in which I could aid you, (in ways related to Wikitroid, etc.) I would be more than happy to try at the least.

Thank you for your time.


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Re: Image Translation Request: Fusion Suit artwork

Postby sharonlover » 03.22.09 9:51am

At the moment there's probably only one or two people that may be able to assist, but I'm not sure what their level of kanji understanding is. Personally I just finished learning the hiragana and am just now getting into the katakana and no where near the kanji. I myself have been looking for a good translator to take on a few projects, so if you find a good one, pass them off to me when your done :P
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Re: Image Translation Request: Fusion Suit artwork

Postby CapCom » 03.22.09 10:11pm

Yeah, the Fusion Suit pics are hard. There's a LOT of technical kanji in there, and many of them are hard to read. What I was able to translate doesn't sound all that interesting, but it's certainly on a to-do list. Unfortunately, there are much more important things to me higher on that list, and I don't exactly have time right now to work on any of them...
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