Thanks, guys!

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Thanks, guys!

Postby ChozoBoy » 06.03.09 11:53am

My friends and I loved the Shonen Oh Super Metroid Game Comics and just wanted to thank Capcom and Infinity's End for the awesome work, as well as sharonlover for the scans. I hope the earlier Wanpakku manga are just as funny, because those seem pretty long.

By the way, did anyone notice a panel that mirrors a scene in the most recent game?


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Re: Thanks, guys!

Postby Samethard » 06.03.09 1:53pm

*Shows ball to Samus*
"See how round it is?"
*Tosses ball*
"Fetch girl, fetch!"

Ah yes, this did get overshadowed by the recent events. This is pretty enjoyable, like the Sunday newspaper funnies but with a Metroid theme. Samus's fascination with curvature did strike me as awkward though, is she a lesbian? XD @ those silly scientist. They should be more careful what they say around Samus!


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Re: Thanks, guys!

Postby AuroraUnitComplex » 06.03.09 11:09pm

The Shounen Oh comic really made my day. I enjoyed all of them. Thanks so much you guys for getting it translated and scanned for us!

ChozoBoy wrote:By the way, did anyone notice a panel that mirrors a scene in the most recent game?
Yep, that was the first thing I thought too.

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