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Re: MZM Art

Postby MaiAriSquee » 02.25.10 7:28pm

Antiquity wrote:Link doesn't get this kind of attention being called a sex symbol, and yet there are more than a few female gamers who think he's attractive.

Well, it's not like there are loving details of his butt in official artwork, either. Nor lovely spandex costumes showing off his fit, manly form. pardon me while I go play RE4 and ogle Leon. :phazon:
What does she think Metroid is? A porno? Does she know it's Alien with Crayola crayons?


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Re: MZM Art

Postby CRtheMighty » 02.25.10 8:17pm

Nonsense, just play Twilight Princess and take your own sweet time with the Goron sumo. Not that I would do such a thing. ;)
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