Flash (e-manga)

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Flash (e-manga)

Postby Jeremytroid » 01.14.11 5:46pm

http://kodansha.cplaza.ne.jp/e-manga/cl ... oid/vol01/

Small flash comic about Metroid. It's got a few sounds with it. I can't get it to load properly but it looks pretty good so far.

If a thread covering this exists, feel free to cover in ice z:P

The URL prefix is Kodansha, which publishes a lot of manga in Japan. So maybe it's just a "port" of a printed version.


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Re: Flash

Postby MaiAriSquee » 01.15.11 3:14am

Yep! This is the comic that started it all. The complete translation of the printed comic is hosted in the MDb's manga section, if you haven't checked it out already. :)
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Re: Flash (e-manga)

Postby Chris » 01.15.11 12:06pm

That's pretty awesome, would be cool for an English version to be made.


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Re: Flash (e-manga)

Postby sharonlover » 01.15.11 5:10pm

locked, we have a topic already.

do a search for mechadrake, he translated a copy of it without the animations.
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