Samus' first time wearing the Chozo armor

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Samus' first time wearing the Chozo armor

Postby Samusfanboy » 11.09.13 10:31am

I always wondered did they ever do comic about Samus putting on her Chozo Armor for the first time? Like I mean like the first time she like ever wore full head to toe armor. Like man when she first saw herself in full armor covered, like what do you think she would've felt like closterphobic, freak out at what she became after putting on the intimidating thing.

I know she's a fictional character but I'm asking this more as a interest fan fiction type of question.

Like would she have gotten stuck in it after the first time she put the thing and freaked out she couldn't take it off like normal clothes she was used to wearing up to that point, cause it ain't no bikini top, no way. It's an advanced very complex, humanoid weapon that once you're in're in it. I also read somewhere she was a teenage the first time she ever put it on? Like wouldn't a girl at that age like freak out over doing something like that even one raised by Bird Aliens for most of her life?

Like dam other kids her age drove cars for the first time, her she's forced into getting inside a big bulky human sized action figure made of metal with tightly closed space to breathe inside then forced to jump through hoops of fire in the bulky thing to pass a test her Bird daddies' many child harming tests.

Like wouldn't she be like super freaked about it even for a fictional character?

Yet again this is just a fun interest question to ask and I'm just interested in hearing your opinions on it. If you don't like this question you don't have to answer but if you do just know this is merely for fun and not to be taken seriously as Samus Aran isn't real.

If she was I wouldn't mind seeing her do a Maxim Magazine photoshoot in blue lingerie lol :)

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