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Liz Lemon

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Postby Liz Lemon » 02.05.16 4:43am

I'm just curious if anyone hears any specific voices when reading the dialogue in the comics and manga. Specifically, I'm rereading the MZM manga, and I keep hearing Kreatz as the voice of Beast Boy from the old Teen Titans cartoon. I don't know. I just felt like it fits.

I'm still trying to figure out why when Ridley talks, I always read his dialogue in the voice of Gilbert Godfrey. :P

Any similar experiences?


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Re: Voices?

Postby janet.op » 02.05.16 7:51am

My sister and I once read the Japanese manga online. We intentionally gave everyone ridiculous voices and now they've stuck. Samus will perpetually sound like a 7 year old on a diet of helium and Old Bird will always sound like a drunken old man.

Will Keaton

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Re: Voices?

Postby Will Keaton » 02.05.16 3:17pm

The only person I have a specific voice in my head for is Ridley. Beast Wars came out about the same time as I got Super Metroid and I have always pictured Dinobot's voice coming out of Ridley's mouth. It's reptilian, very deep, comes complete with growls and snarls, has a penchant for violence, and is still used to quote Shakespeare, so the person using it sounds intelligent. It' everything you need in a Ridley voice.
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