FORUM RULES! Please read before posting!

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FORUM RULES! Please read before posting!

Postby Infinity's End » 06.27.07 3:25pm

MDb MB General Rules of Conduct are as follows:

:s-logo: NO FLAMEWARS.
We don't really have to tell you this, do we? Debate is fine, the occasional sound argument is acceptable, but once it degenerates into mudslinging and insults it becomes a flamewar and will not be tolerated. Troublemakers will usually be warned before being banned from the board, but depending on the offense, this practice may be suspended. Users who have been kicked off the board will NOT be allowed back in, and e-mail or other harassment of the MDb webmaster WILL be reported to the user's ISP or e-mail service.

If you have heard a rumor (that is, information unsubstantiated by evidence), it must be clearly stated that what you're posting is a RUMOR and please make use of the "R" topic icon (Image). If you are posting some news that you read on a website or in a magazine, please state specifically which magazine (issue and page number, ideally) or which website (preferably with a link to the article) you found it on. In this way, sometimes the absolute latest Metroid news can be found first on the Message Board, even before it's in MDb News.

:s-logo: DO NOT MAKE SPAM POSTS, STAY ON TOPIC. ("Spam" is detailed in the next post)
This should go without saying, but try to keep threads appropriate for each topic.
Please read through the forum or use the search feature thoroughly before you post. If you are about to post some new tidbit about Metroid that you read somewhere else, there is a good chance someone might be already talking about it in another thread. This keeps topics organized and causes less confusion among your fellow board members.

You may not post links to, upload or trade pirated material of ANY kind through this board. This includes (but is not limited to): bit torrents, game ROMs or ISOs, or any illegal software. Discussions of this nature will be heavily moderated and/or deleted on sight.
Uploading or linking to malicious software is an instant ban.

:s-logo: ZERO PORNOGRAPHY (Click for further explaination)
You post pornography or link to it, you're out. This is not a space brothel and it's gonna be kept that way.

Please show courtesy by alerting your fellow players to any spoilers your message may contain by utilizing the spoilers tags. Putting "SPOILERS" or using the "S" Topic Icon (Image) in the subject line also helps. Any story- or strategy-related info, or anything else which one may not know about if he/she has not played or read about the games yet is considered a spoiler. Needless to say, you should also not actually put any of those spoilers IN your subject line.

An alt account is more than one account being used by the same individual. Due to confusion with user identity, alt accounts are not allowed unless authorized by board administrators. This does not disallow creating accounts for friends or family members. Unauthorized alt accounts, when discovered, will be disabled. The MDb administration may create new accounts for board testing purposes.

However, this does NOT mean you are free to post or say whatever you want. Just use common sense, people!
All words are postable in the board, however we do ask that you keep your strong language to an absolute MINIMUM, if you must. Vulgarities, especially in the subject lines, reflect badly on the Metroid Database as a whole should some new visitor wander onto the board. We're all for free speech, but don't abuse it.

If you're a "sensitive" fan or too young to buy your own M-rated video games, be forewarned that although we do want the posters to watch their language and behave, there are no language filters on the board because we believe a little colorful language never hurt anybody.
Although we can remove any messages we wish, we can't monitor the board 24/7. So any moms that wanna email us and tell me their 8-year-old was on this filthy page and we're responsible for it should be monitoring what their kids are doing more closely and quit trying to place the blame on others for their crappy parenting.


Please note Signatures are disabled until you have written enough posts.

-255 characters long
-Contain images no larger than 200px tall and 1024px wide
-Can contain up to 5 links ([url=] tags must be used properly)
-Should not include more than 2 images, and only 1 of those may be animated.
-Should not be offensive or potentially annoying to other members.

If you post an offensive signature, you will be issued a warning. If you have fewer than 25 posts and violate this rule, you will be issued an additional warning.

A signature can be:
    - image(s) hosted by another site, and published via a URL with the [img] tags
    - typed text or a quote (no more than 2 quotes, please)
    - can feature smileys or other small icons
    - a mixture of any of these
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Postby Jesse D » 07.11.07 1:39pm

:s-logo: SPAM:

Please don't spam. It only clutters the board with useless filler, it distracts from the topic, detracts from the enjoyment of intelligent discussion, and in general is annoying.

  • replying only with emoticons (example: :awesome:)
  • lone exclamations/netspeak that doesn't really contribute anything useful (example: "lol")
  • drawn out conversations that are entirely unrelated to the subject matter (refer to the "Stay on topic" rule)
  • picture posts without writing anything else. (the ONLY exception being this thread)

Private conversations should be left to private messaging or other external communication service. This isn't a chat room, so please don't treat it as such. It isn't necessary to reply to every single thread just because you can.

Given the current size of this forum, if you post more than about 20 posts in one day, chances are that it's not all relevant to the overall discussion. Please, just say things the rest of us could converse about. This is NOT a chat room. It is NOT 4Chan. We have an IRC Channel available for you if you need to get your real-time conversing fix.

And for cryin' out loud people:
-> -> -> Image <- <- <-
The Edit button:
  • Located at the upper right corner of every post.
  • can be used as many times as you want within a 24 hour period
  • can be used on any post you make
  • should be used whenever necessary

This forum frowns heavily upon double-posting. There are times where it may be accidental or unintentional, but:
posting successively in the same thread within minutes of your last post is completely unnecessary and considered a form spamming.

Please make liberal use of the edit button whenever needed. It is there for your convenience. Thank you! :thumbsup:



Single spam posts can be dealt with by clicking on the "Report" button at the upper right corner of every post.

If you are witness to multiple spams occurring, please contact an admin or mod immediately via PM or email. Even better, you can PM the entire staff with one message. Just highlight the "Administrator" and "Moderators" Groups on the left side of the Compose Message page, and then click the "Add [To]" button.

If another member is flaming you: CLICK THE REPORT BUTTON.
If you are aware of a spambot that has come onto our forum: CLICK THE REPORT BUTTON.
If you have noticed any activity that is a clear breach of the rules: CLICK THE REPORT BUTTON.

It is THE ONLY WAY we can be made aware of the issue. Contrary to popular belief, we don't sit on the MDb board, day after day, sifting and reading through every post made on here. The Report Button appears in the upper-right corner of every post.

If you have an issue and you don't use Report, there is a very likely chance that it will go unnoticed, and the problem will not be made aware to the staff. Do your part, click report!

:adam: <(I authorize full use of the Report Button on the MDb Message Boards.)
:rmg: <(Remembuh to use da Report Button, yo!)
:gsamus: <(Although I had previous reservations on using the Report Button, Infinity's End's reminder gave me more confidence and I began to feel more comfortable in using it for issues that may arise. I later realized how much this helps the fellow members and staff.)


:s-logo: TITLE AND RANK:

See that graphic below your avatar or name? The one that is some form or other of a Metroid? Yeah, that is just a fun little gimmick built into phpBB that changes by the amount of posts you make to the board. It is not a rank. It does not gauge your popularity. Increasing it will not give you any more rights or privileges than any other user on the board. There is no prize waiting for you if you can maximize it. Most importantly of all:

It is NOT a race.

Continuous spamming to increase yourself to an "Omega Metroid" or whatever would sooner get you banned than will it increase your title. Seriously, nobody really cares what your title says... And anyway, don't you have better things in life to try to accomplish?

Those who actually do have a rank (Site Admin, Moderator, etc) were given that title because they're actually involved with the MDb, or were explicitly chosen by existing staff. It has nothing to do with their level of activity on this forum.

All other board participants will not be given a custom title upon request. As the site programmer I can selectively remove or lock the rank at zero for those who abuse it. I don't want to and I shouldn't need to, but I can if people want to keep racing.

If you have questions, please send a private message.
-Jesse DImage

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Sticky Rules

Postby Infinity's End » 02.26.11 8:14pm

<3 Sticky Rules: <3

1.) Thread is no less than 10 pages long.
2.) Special exceptions can be made with staff member approval.

If there is a thread that you would like to be stickied but does not yet meet the 10 page requirement, please PM a mod or Admin and we will decide whether it needs to be stickied or not. Sound good? :metroid:


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Re: FORUM RULES! Please read before posting!

Postby CapCom » 09.27.13 6:44pm

Since you knuckleheads seem to want to test what is pornographic or not so badly:

0. Linking to or embedding images from any pornographic site (i.e. any site that contains a great deal of pornographic material, whether it's hentai, real, or anything else) is strictly prohibited and will result in a warning or ban.

1. No bare female breasts. Manly Armstrong Houston breasts are still allowed, since they are still legal in all 50 states of the Union and most foreign countries.
2. No bare behinds. Even if it IS Armstrong Houston.
3. No bare naughty bits of the crotchal area. Period.
4. Tight clothing showing impressions of nipples are allowed in some instances (see (6)). Yes, that does include Armstrong Houston.
5. Tight crotch (i.e. camel toe and Armstrong Houston's package) is a gray area. See (6).
6. If the image contains (4) and/or (5) and is intended to be lewd, it can be considered pornographic by the whims of the admins who will know it when they see it, since they are Authorized to use the mystical powers of Foresight and Common Sense.
7. All of the above applies to humans and creatures with body parts identical to or resembling human naughty bits.
8. If the image shown is a work of art by somebody like Michaelangelo or Anonymous Classical Greek Sculptor, images should not be used in excess, and fig leaves or strategically placed shrubbery are preferable.
9. If you violate any of the above, you shall meet swift judgment from on high and your account may be sacrificed to a giant lizard. :kraid:
10. If you are unsure the content of a site is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) please tag it in your post as such.
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