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Do you listen to music a lot?

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Re: General Music thread

Postby Khyron » 08.07.17 9:37pm

I've been listening to a grand total of 1 metal band this year. No solos, no whining, just precision progressive wonderfulness and one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard.


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Re: General Music thread

Postby Remnants » 08.30.17 8:31am

Starset released a new album. The thing that really sets them apart is their sci-fi/space theme. When I listen to the melody and the lyrics, I just can't help but think that it takes place in a sci-fi movie that I'd watch.

Look at the pre-chorus:

At night the Earth will rise,
and I'll think of you each time I watch from distant skies.
Whenever stars collide and galaxies ignite,
I'll think of you each time they wash me in their light.


I haven't come across this sort of thing before so it just blows my mind.


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Re: General Music thread

Postby Zynux » 11.01.17 4:51am

"Cut! There are no second chances for actors that fall to the abyss. Await your second casting in the darkness forever." - The Night of Wallachia

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