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New MP2 Light Suit Figure from First4Figures

Those that may follow us on Facebook should already know that First4Figures has revealed via their own Facebook page their next Metroid figure: Samus in her Light Suit. They are going to be taking preorders on the figure starting on July 29th. Several years ago F4F hinted on their site that they were going to be releasing both Light and Dark Suit figures, and now that time has come, seemingly just in time for the 10th anniversary of the game's release. No price has been set for the figure yet, but knowing with how they usually price things, it should range anywhere from $250-350. Better start depositing into that piggy bank!

F4F Light Suit Samus F4F Light Suit Samus

--Infinity's End

MHQthon 2014
MHQ logo

MHQthon 2014 is upon us! Starting today at 2PM CST, the 4th annual Metroid Headquarters Marathon will be underway. MHQ is playing through all the games for Child's Play Charity, filled with delightful commentary, special guests, prizes, and more. You don't want to miss it this year because I, Infinity's End will be in attendance and playing through a game. I will be showing up this upcoming weekend - starting this Friday. I hope to see you all there, it's going to be a blast... a METROID BLAST(har har)!

To view the stream, click the image below:


--Infinity's End

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes EXTRAVAGANZA!

Happy Monday folks! Today we bring you the next biggest addition to our ongoing Bestiary Feature on the MDb. The Metroid Prime 2: Echoes section is now available. To start it off, we have a whopping 12 new entries for your enjoyment! Even though they're all great, I have selected a few of my favorites below. We have been working behind the scenes all this time to deliver great artwork and great information for you, along with our newest artist who has joined the team, Cryophase! Cryophase is a HUGE MP2 fan, and was very excited to help contribute to this section. I hope you all enjoy and look forward to more Bestiary entries!

Grenchler U-Mos Dark Blogg Grapple Guardian Chykka Larva
Emperor Ing

In other news, the results of our previous poll are as follows:

Poll #1 Results

Looks like everyone liked Sanctuary Fortress the most, with Torvus Bog in second. Please feel free to vote in our newest poll!

MP2E Guide

Next up is the first of our Strategy Guides scan project. The Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Official Nintendo Power Strategy Guide can be downloaded by clicking the image to the left. The download is about 50MB in size. It is also highly recommend viewing these guides in an app like Adobe Reader or Acrobat, as there is a Two Page View Setting that allows you to view the guide more like it would really be viewed. There are plenty more to come, so please stay look forward to it!

And finally - sent to me just this morning by CapCom are pics of the Comic Bom Bom issue which contains the final chapter (Ch. 7) of the Metroid Prime 2: Episode of Aether manga! We have worked very hard to get a copy of this for scanlation purposes and we FINALLY got it, so get hype! That's it for today, folks. I hope you all have enjoyed the MP2 EXTRAVAGANZA!

Comicbombom Comicbombom

--Infinity's End

Kotaku Interview Discussing Metroid with Miyamoto and Takahashi


This interview essentially confirms that Nintendo does still care about the franchise, and are wondering what they should do with it next. They clearly realize there is a demand to keep broadening the series, but don't have any concrete plans just yet. When they asked Totilo about trying to determine which type of Metroid would like more, he basically said he couldn't choose, and that there's a place for both. We agree, and apparently so does Nintendo.

--Infinity's End

Metroid Zero Mission Releases on Japanese WiiU VC 6/19

Click the image below to be taken to the official page (Warning: site is 100% Japanese).

Download the official Japanese instruction manual for the original GBA game right here!

No word yet on the rest of the world, but we assume it will be shortly thereafter.

--Infinity's End

Nintendo @ E3 2014

Nintendo's press conference was today. The video can be seen below. If you're on the fence whether to watch it, it's definitely worth it, I assure you.

A few Metroid-related things of note:

1.) Official Boxart for the WiiU and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. have been revealed. Release date for Smash Bros. for 3DS is October 3rd.

Smash Bros. U Boxart Smash Bros. 3DS Boxart

2.) Nintendo announced data-driven figurines called "amiibo" which interact with the WiiU Gamepad. The figurines will not only relay data to the WiiU, but it will also receive data, allowing you do such things like increasing stats on your character. The amiibos will be first used in Smash Bros. Wii, and of course there is a Samus one.

Samus AmiiboSmash Amiibos

3.) Bayonetta 2 will also contain the original game. The original game will also give you the ability to dress up Bayonetta in 3 Nintendo-themed costumes: Peach, Link, and Samus. The clip is very brief so more details will be yet to come. (Sorry for the poor-quality screencaps!) In the video it happens around the 26:48 mark.

Bayonetta as Samus Bayonetta as Samus

4.)Miis are also confirmed as fighters in the new Smash Bros., and come in 3 different varieties: Brawler, Sword Fighter, and Gunner (aka, close, mid-range, and distance fighting styles) The arm cannon-clad fighter's style will likely resemble that of Samus.

Mii Fighter Mii Fighter Mii Fighter Mii Fighter

E3 is just beginning so let's hope Nintendo hasn't pulled out all its surprises. Other than those above, non-Metroid related news is as follows:

  • An "Open World" Zelda game is confirmed as being the next major game in the franchise. It is described by Aonuma as being fairly big change from the original Zelda formula as they wanted to focus on making the player feel like they are in a large world to explore, without boundaries. Many people are jumping to the conclusion that this game will be on-par with that of Skyrim in terms of size, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. Scheduled release: 2015.
  • Palutena from Kid Icarus Uprising is now confirmed as a Smash fighter.
  • A new Star Fox is confirmed as in-development for WiiU
  • Nintendo created a new IP called Splatoon. It is a 3rd person, 8-player, squad-based multiplayer game in which you must paint the base you're fighting on with the respective color of "ink" in order to win.
  • Mario Maker takes its interface inspiration from old school SNES game Mario Paint in which you can design your own old-school Mario levels. You can also play your levels in the style of 2.5D New Super Mario Bros.
  • --Infinity's End

Like Metroid manga? Want to help us with it?
05.17.2014 - CapCom

After several years of collecting rare manga from Japan, the Metroid Database is happy to announce that we have finally acquired every last chapter of Samus & Joey. All pages of the manga have been scanned in and are ready for processing, and the entirety of it has also been translated. That's a total of about 500 pages left (including close to 200 pages from Samus & Joey Volume 3 and 360 pages of Metroid: Extreme, the spinoff series). If you didn't know we had this and other manga on the site, you can check them all out here.

However, cleaning and typesetting the manga takes up a lot of time. Multiply that by 500 pages and well...honestly, the MDb staff doesn't have the free time anymore to work on these. So although the text has been translated in English, there's no easy way of sharing all these pages with you in a form that's pleasing to read.

For that reason, we are asking for volunteers to help clean and typeset the manga. If you're interested, check out our official thread on the forum (membership not required).

We hope you will consider helping out so we can share this rare treasure trove with Metroid fans everywhere! Let's get the word out to make this a reality!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Bestiary: Omega Metroid
Omega Metroid

Creature artist Rob Powell has graced our Bestiary with his incredible artistic talents once again. This time he brings us a fantastic, meticulously-rendered version of the Omega Metroid from Fusion. I urge all of you to check out this menacing but beautiful entry to the Bestiary.

I also will mention there are a few more surprises coming in the near future to the Bestiary...dark surprises. :3

--Infinity's End

Child of Light released; new Ghost Song gameplay video
04.29.2014 - CapCom

Today marks the release of Child of Light by Ubisoft. It's an action/RPG with some Metroidvania elements. Visually it is quite impressive and has been getting fairly decent (although not stellar) reviews. However, there is a demo you can download and see for yourself. It is $14.99 on PS3, PC, Xbox, and PS4.

There is also a new trailer out for Ghost Song. It's a gritty take on Metroid-style play with plenty of dialogue sequences and excellently moody visuals. The game is still in development, and you can vote for it on Greenlight. I put my support behind the Kickstarter, and the game is still available for preorder.

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Strategy Guide Donations

The MDb needs your help! The internet has a distinct lack of scans of all the Metroid strategy guides. If you own one or several and are interested in donating it to us for the purposes of archiving them on the Metroid Database, please contact infinitysend0[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject "Guide Donation." Be aware of the term "donate" as the guides will be completely taken apart and not sent back to their original owner. Donors will be credited, though! We can also compensate shipping costs within the US. Thank you!

We are interested in the following guides:

  • Metroid Fusion Official Nintendo Player's Guide
  • Metroid Prime Official Nintendo Player's Guide
  • Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: Prima Officially Licensed Game Guide
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy: Prima Officially Licensed Game Guide
  • Metroid Other M: Prima Officially Licensed Game Guide
Update: One guide left! Thanks to those who have offered to donate.

--Infinity's End


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