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Some More Metroid Content for Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed a couple of new details relating to the Metroid series over Miiverse. First off as can be clearly seen, Zero Suit Samus has some new alternate costumes based off of the endings from Metroid: Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission.

Zero Mission Samus

In addition Sakurai also stealthily announced that Brinstar from Super Smash Bros. Melee will be a returning stage in the 3DS version of the game.

Brinstar 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will launch September 13, in Japan; followed by an international release on October 3. The Wii U version is scheduled to release this holiday season.

--James Pierce

Poll #3 Results

Here's the results of Poll #3. This one's pretty interesting. It received quite a few votes this time around, over 1500, which is likely due to me sharing it over on Reddit. If you just look at it 3D vs 2D, the answers are almost 50-50, so it just goes to show there are still a good majority of you fans that want a traditional type Metroid game, while there are still a good number of people that want a Prime-style game. My personal vote goes to a 2.5D game, preferably on the 3DS. I would also prefer it to have auto-aiming much like that which was brought about in Other M, and perhaps even level design with multiple depths that you could move in an out of at will. Ah the possibilities are endless! Thanks to everyone who voted! Please be sure to vote in our newest poll.

Poll 3

--Infinity's End

Metroid: Samus & Joey Chapter 13: Demon Planet
08.15.2014 - CapCom
Samus & Joey: Chapter 13

A few of our eagle-eyed readers on the forums noted we launched the latest chapter of Samus & Joey, "Chapter 13: Demon Planet - A Dash For Hope" a few weeks back. The reason this wasn't fully announced was since we had some bugs with the manga reader, but these have all been cleared up now. Ryan added some cool SFX to the manga this time around, so be sure to check it out! Remember you can also start back at the beginning and check out all the other comics and manga we have on the site.

We're still hard at work on the rest of the series, so expect more soon!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Four New Metroidvanias
08.05.2014 - CapCom

This has been a pretty active week for Metroidvania titles! We have two releases and two new WIPs to report.

First up is Rex Rocket by Robert Maher, a cross between Mega Man and Metroid:

The game was funded on Kickstarter last year and is currently available on Steam for $9.99. I'll try and get some reports on the play up, but I'm going to be pretty busy this week with Orlando Nerd Fest coming up.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 also has a Metroidvania, Mines of Mars:

I don't have an Android, so I can't tell you how it plays, but it seems to have a nice graphical style and plenty of things to unlock. It usually runs for $4.99 on the Android store, so that plus six other games for the minimum price (currently $4) ain't so bad - especially since one of them is Threes. Unfortunately, looks like you need an Android phone to run it. You can also check out other titles by Crescent Moon Games.

Temporus was successfully funded on Kickstarter:

This one uses NES-style graphics and has a time travel mechanic. The game barely met its Kickstarter goal of $20k, but has been successfully Greenlit on Steam, so should make a bit of a splash when it launches.

Finally, Jools Watsham, creator of Mutant Mudds, is coming out with a new Metroidvania, Xeodrifter.


The game is slated to release on the 3DS and will be making use of some layering to create impressive backdrops. It sounds like the game will be pretty small-scale, so can be completed in a few hours, but should have some extra secrets to find. No info yet on release, but hopefully it will also see a PC launch (it's being developed initially on the PC anyway). Should have plenty of Metroid feel, judging by the Geemer-style enemy on the right.

Until next time...
Captain Commando

RIP Classicgaming.com (1996-2014)
08.02.2014 - CapCom

Our old host, Classicgaming.com, has finally gone the way of the dodo. Classicgaming was a hotbed of news and articles on oldschool gaming starting back when the idea was brand new - like the Metroid Database, the site was established in 1996. You might remember in 2008 that IGN purchased Gamespy, which owned Classicgaming.com. They soon shut down all the hosted sites, forcing them to jump ship - the Metroid Database, Castlevania Dungeon, and Contra Headquarters were some of the sites that transferred over to Kontek.net. Technically, Classicgaming has been dead since about 2011 - no new major updates have been made since then. Now IGN decided it was time to pull the plug. Once again, history goes through the virtual shredder as IGN tries to meet the bottom line. Today, all that is left is the archive on the Wayback Machine. RIP Classicgaming.

Until next time...
Captain Commando

New MP2 Light Suit Figure from First4Figures

Those that may follow us on Facebook should already know that First4Figures has revealed via their own Facebook page their next Metroid figure: Samus in her Light Suit. They are going to be taking preorders on the figure starting on July 29th. Several years ago F4F hinted on their site that they were going to be releasing both Light and Dark Suit figures, and now that time has come, seemingly just in time for the 10th anniversary of the game's release. No price has been set for the figure yet, but knowing with how they usually price things, it should range anywhere from $250-350. Better start depositing into that piggy bank!

F4F Light Suit Samus F4F Light Suit Samus

UPDATE 7/29:

First4Figures has now opened up preorders for the Light Suit. They are offering both a lit and non-lit version. The figure pages can be seen in the links below. They contain many more photos and details of the figures.

Lit Version:

  • PRICE: $364.99 (with initial preorder of $20)
  • SCALE: 1/4 (20")
  • AMOUNT MFD.: 750
  • RELEASE: Q1 2015

Non-Lit Version:

  • PRICE: $339.99 (with initial preorder of $20)
  • SCALE: 1/4 (20")
  • AMOUNT MFD.: 2500
  • RELEASE: Q1 2015

--Infinity's End

MHQthon 2014
MHQ logo

MHQthon 2014 is upon us! Starting today at 2PM CST, the 4th annual Metroid Headquarters Marathon will be underway. MHQ is playing through all the games for Child's Play Charity, filled with delightful commentary, special guests, prizes, and more. You don't want to miss it this year because I, Infinity's End will be in attendance and playing through a game. I will be showing up this upcoming weekend - starting this Friday. I hope to see you all there, it's going to be a blast... a METROID BLAST(har har)!

To view the stream, click the image below:


--Infinity's End

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes EXTRAVAGANZA!

Happy Monday folks! Today we bring you the next biggest addition to our ongoing Bestiary Feature on the MDb. The Metroid Prime 2: Echoes section is now available. To start it off, we have a whopping 12 new entries for your enjoyment! Even though they're all great, I have selected a few of my favorites below. We have been working behind the scenes all this time to deliver great artwork and great information for you, along with our newest artist who has joined the team, Cryophase! Cryophase is a HUGE MP2 fan, and was very excited to help contribute to this section. I hope you all enjoy and look forward to more Bestiary entries!

Grenchler U-Mos Dark Blogg Grapple Guardian Chykka Larva
Emperor Ing

In other news, the results of our previous poll are as follows:

Poll #1 Results

Looks like everyone liked Sanctuary Fortress the most, with Torvus Bog in second. Please feel free to vote in our newest poll!

MP2E Guide

Next up is the first of our Strategy Guides scan project. The Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Official Nintendo Power Strategy Guide can be downloaded by clicking the image to the left. The download is about 50MB in size. It is also highly recommend viewing these guides in an app like Adobe Reader or Acrobat, as there is a Two Page View Setting that allows you to view the guide more like it would really be viewed. There are plenty more to come, so please stay look forward to it!

And finally - sent to me just this morning by CapCom are pics of the Comic Bom Bom issue which contains the final chapter (Ch. 7) of the Metroid Prime 2: Episode of Aether manga! We have worked very hard to get a copy of this for scanlation purposes and we FINALLY got it, so get hype! That's it for today, folks. I hope you all have enjoyed the MP2 EXTRAVAGANZA!

Comicbombom Comicbombom

--Infinity's End

Kotaku Interview Discussing Metroid with Miyamoto and Takahashi


This interview essentially confirms that Nintendo does still care about the franchise, and are wondering what they should do with it next. They clearly realize there is a demand to keep broadening the series, but don't have any concrete plans just yet. When they asked Totilo about trying to determine which type of Metroid would like more, he basically said he couldn't choose, and that there's a place for both. We agree, and apparently so does Nintendo.

--Infinity's End

Metroid Zero Mission Releases on Japanese WiiU VC 6/19

Click the image below to be taken to the official page (Warning: site is 100% Japanese).

Download the official Japanese instruction manual for the original GBA game right here!

No word yet on the rest of the world, but we assume it will be shortly thereafter.

--Infinity's End


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