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METROID EXTREME! The Samus and Joey saga continues!
04.24.2015 - CapCom

Howdy folks! I want to proudly present you the latest chapter in Idzuki Kouji's Samus & Joey saga, Metroid EX - the EX is for EXTREME!! And let me tell you, there's a lot of crazy stuff in these twelve chapters! As a recap from Chapter 17, Samus lost all her weapons and abilities to Greed, a dragon from the same race as Ridley. Each ability was given to one of Greed's henchmen, and now Samus must fight all six to get them back. First up are missiles, which were given to a big pig called Zameel who lives on a Brigandia, a wild west-themed planet. So go ahead and read it now!

If you're new to Samus & Joey, you might want to start all the way back at the beginning.

Metroid EX is actually a very rare manga published in Comic Bom Bom in Japan. Comic Bom Bom was published monthly for little kids who threw them in the recycling when they were done. Metroid EX ran from May 2003 to April 2004, so that's over a decade ago - and very few are left. As a result, it was really hard to find these on auction, and when they did show up, it was typically $15-$30 per issue. When you take shipping fees and currency conversion fees into account, each PAGE costs about $1 apiece! Anyway, that's where all your ad clicks went -- and now we're giving it all back to you!

I know we've been hyping this for quite awhile, but it took us awhile to get all these cleaned up and typeset. However, we are absolutely on schedule to upload these on a more regular basis - once every week or two! Until then, stay posted!

By the way... The manga's author, Idzuki Kouji, posted about the translation project on his blog! Note this was back in May 2013... Has it really taken us six years to complete the whole thing???

Here's a rough translation of the post, along with some cool pics! Japanese Message

This happened awhile ago, but an e-mail came to me from a foreigner who visited my blog and said he teaches at a university in Florida in the US. I am told he translates as a hobby, and is translating an old manga that I wrote called Metroid: Samus & Joey for his friends.

Here you go. The one firing the beam is Samus, and the child is Joey.

The letter was written with hardly any problems in Japanese, and of course part of it had a foreign accent, but it was still good. [Yup - I can do Japanese to English OK, but not English to Japanese!]

Samus & Joey is a work that I have many special memories attached to from when I was writing it. As a manga artist, I am honored that someone outside of Japan is so thrilled with this work.

Since all three volumes of Samus & Joey were collected into a tankobon, it is possible to get them, but there is a sequel called Metroid EX that is the next part of the story to Samus & Joey that was not converted into a tankobon. Nevertheless, this individual has somehow managed to collect EX from Comic Bom Boms he got from somewhere, although he still hasn't obtained three chapters. [I managed to get the last one in June last year.]

Unfortunately, outside of the original manuscripts, I don't have clippings of each chapter from the magazine, but if I did, I would send them to this person. Sorry!

Aaah... Why wasn't Metroid EX published as a tankobon...? Metroid seems to be very popular in America, so it would be fine to do an English version...

I am happy to know that EX is being clicked on at the republication website mentioned above, but a click-through count is a far cry from being published.

"Someone click on this please~!" (Pleading)

Metroid Extreme

Until next time...
Captain Commando

amiibo tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits & amiibo Page

Nintendo have recently released a new piece of freemium software on the Wii U eShop in Japan, amiibo tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits. This software allows players to scan in their amiibos to unlock significant scenes from 30 different NES and SNES games from Nintendo. Naturally, both Metroid and Super Metroid are featured in the spotlight. Players in North America and Europe will be able to take part in the fun next week.

amiibo tap

That said, I'm proud to officially unveil the newest part of Metroid Database's Features section; the amiibo page. This page chronicles all the different Metroid amiibos being manufactured as well as the games which they are compatible with. This is not just limited games with significant features Super Smash Bros., but every game which can recognize the amiibo. Like our other features, we will keep updating it as more amiibo compatibility is revealed.

--James Pierce

Samus & Joey: Chapter 17 Released!

Samus & Joey fans! We have released the last chapter of Volume 3: "Lost Powers and a Determined Voyage" for your reading fulfillment. Samus becomes victim to an extremely heinous plot to steal her powers from her. And who could be behind this dirty deed? Read on, and find out! You don't want to miss this extremely intense chapter!

Samus & Joey Chapter 17

--Infinity's End

Poll #6: Favorite Samus Suit
Poll 6

Click on the image to view the comments.

Here are the results from our "Out of these choices, which Power Suit design is your favorite?" poll. As you can see, the Varia suit from Prime 2 & 3 is the closest to what most of you feel is "perfect." Prime's and Super's style were very close in the poll, too. I personally prefer SSB Brawl's suit, because I just feel that one reaches a very close perception to how she would look in Super in 3D form, and even though it doesn't make too much sense proportionally-speaking, I'm willing to set my disbelief aside and enjoy it for what it is.

Thanks to all who voted in our poll, we encourage you to vote in our newest one, regarding our Social Media posting frequency.

--Infinity's End

More Metroid Amiibo!
04.01.2015 - Apothem

No fooling this time folks! Fresh from Nintendo's Direct stream earlier today are three new Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS Amiibo waves including - finally! - the long awaited release of Zero Suit Samus!

Nothing else Metroid related was announced, unfortunately, but Nintendo had plenty else on show for their fans. The big reveals for the rest of the year are likely to hit by E3 in June, so for now we make due with this morsel of an appetizer. Until then keep your eyes keenly locked to your favored retailers for your chance to pre-order Zero Suit Samus, as like with most Amiibo we expect her to sell out mighty quick!


04.01.2015 - CapCom

This just in... Metroid is a guy!! We secretly suspected this all along, and this manga proves it!!

Because it's on the Metroid Database, your Number 1 source for Metroid news, it MUST be true!!

This weird little manga is called Famiken Ryu, and it came out in 1985-1987, during the height of the Famicom boom. It stars Ryu, a kenpo master who first protected his classmates from the bullies of a rival school, but then applied his martial arts skills to beat Famicom games. This combination of Famicom games and kenpo is called...Famiken! This gives him superpowers like rapid-fire and lightning reflexes. Eventually, Ryu gets sucked into the games. There's even a giant evil brain supercomputer called Cobra. If that sounds as campy as Captain N, you're right!

Cobra is behind a conspiracy to conquer the world by kidnapping the top Famicom players in Japan and using their skills to play his videogames - which are modifications of hit titles like Tower of Druaga, Gradius, Legend of Valkyrie, and Metroid. The games have been modified to hack into America's - I mean, "A Country's" - defense system. By playing the games, you hack into a military computer system! He's also created an army of mutants - some of them failed game masters.

Some games have been converted into "Psychic Illusions" by Cobra's henchman, Dr. Madoh. You enter one of these, and you're basically inside a videogame, with all the cool powers and abilities of the hero. Unfortunately, that means if you get killed in there, you're dead for good! The only way to escape is by beating the game!

The manga is ultra-rare, but there were dozens of manga like at the time, which you can read about on this collector's blog (in Japanese). It was originally published by our favorite Comic Bom Bom (the same guys who did Samus & Joey and Episode of Aether 20 years later), then collected in five volumes. Sadly, we only have the first four, but that's OK since Volume 4 was the only one with Metroid in it. If you want to see what happens next, go here. We've scanned and translated those two chapters for you. Enjoy!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Nintendo Celebrates Women's History Month
Woman's History Month Samus

Nintendo has recently put out an ad campaign that takes the "strong, capable woman" Rosie the Riveter (A propaganda character the U.S. Army created in order to get more women interested in helping the nation) idea and puts her "We can do it!" moniker to images of famous female Nintendo characters. Why did they decide to do this? Well of course it's to celebrate Woman's History Month (March).

Unfortunately, but somewhat completely expected, the sentiment backfired in a few circles. I'll let you search for them on your own time, but be aware: these people know very little when it comes to anything game-related anyway. One woman in particular even alluded to calling Samus a character "no one's ever heard of."

Now that you're done facepalming, I've got a few things left to say: No matter what your ideologies about how the modern gaming industry portrays women are, and even if you are doing your best to tell everyone on the internet how you feel, the battle is a lost cause. Because you cannot fight arts and entertainment. You can certainly try, but you will not succeed. It is beyond your control, and will always be one step ahead of you. If there's anything all of this craziness has taught me it's that no matter what side you take, or how vehemently opposed you are to any particular thing, it's your passion and how you interact with others that defines you as a person, and if that passion includes playing some goddamn video games, then don't let anyone stop you from enjoying that.

--Infinity's End

Nintendo Mobile
03.17.2015 - Apothem

Nintendo announced earlier today via video stream and on their corporate website an unprecedented partnership with prominent Japanese mobile developer DeNA to launch a "service" by fall this year wherein they will offer unique mobile-focused experiences based off Nintendo's stable of popular intellectual properties. The intention behind this new initiative is to offer mobile users an example of what they can expect from Nintendo's dedicated gaming hardware and hopefully encourage further adoption of their primary platforms. Apparently, all of Nintendo's properties are open to potential development at DeNA's discretion. There are presently no plans to port existing Nintendo games to mobile at this time, which most likely include potential ports of classic titles as well. The entirety of this new initiative was explicitly described as complimentary to Nintendo's existing Wii U and 3DS game development.

Preempting potential concerns regarding the company's new mobile focus, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also reconfirmed that the company has a new system in works, presently codenamed "NX." As with their mobile initiative, details concerning this new system are all but nonexistent, however Mr.Iwata promises it to be an entirely new "concept" for the company. Anything further regarding the system is purely speculation at this point, but with the Entertainment Electronics Expo just around the corner we should expect to hear a good deal more about both projects through Nintendo's now signature Direct video series.

As with all things Nintendo related, both the new mobile initiative and hardware offer the potential for the revival of our favorite Nintendo franchise. Should anything Metroid related crop up in discussion of either of Nintendo's bold new plans moving forward, you can count on the Metroid Database to keep you up to date!


Samus Wired Fight Pad from PDP Mini Review

Today I went to the SXSW Gaming Expo. I had a pretty good time, despite Nintendo being surprisingly absent compared to the last two years, and I got to meet and have a good chat with Dan Adelman of Axiom Verge fame. While that exposition will be coming very soon, I also noticed PDP had a booth. I saw you could buy one of their OFFICIALLY LICENSED Wired Fight Pads in all their different character themes from Smash. Seeing the Samus one, it took less than a minute's hesitation to decide that I was going to buy it right then and there - also for a slightly discounted price than at retail - only $20.00! NO TAX.

The controller OBLITERATED my expectations. The Samus pad - the first and only Samus-themed controller on the market as of this writing - is painted in a beautiful metallic yellow and orange, very reminiscent of the Samus Figma. While the top half of the controller is more of a "matte metallic" the lower half is a glossy metallic, making the colors very distinct from each other, and offsetting the controller's two halves in the best way possible. The D-pad is a metallic green color reminiscent of her arm cannon, and the -, HOME, and + buttons are a lime green color reminiscent of Samus's visor.

There is little doubt that the person designing this took much care in highlighting why we love Samus so much - including the emblazoned S-Logo symbol in the top middle of the pad. I honestly cannot give this controller a higher recommendation and you need to do whatever you can to pick them up - it is something any Metroid fan would be extremely proud to own.

And now, without further ado: pictures.

PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad
PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad
PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad PDP Samus Wired Fight Pad

The Samus Wired Fight Pad by PDP will be released on March 20th for a MSRP of $24.99. Here's the listing on Amazon.

--Infinity's End

Metroid Prime 2 Bestiary Update
03.12.2015 - Apothem

Fresh off the digital presses are two new rockin' additions to the already excellent Metroid Prime 2 section of our increasingly comprehensive franchise Bestiary:

Helping round out the roster of evil alter egos are the ever annoying Dark Wasps by Sabakusuna and the once Prime Metroid herself, the indomitable Dark Samus by Robert Powell. Both are expertly crafted additions to the project and we here at the MDb are proud to exhibit such talented work.

Take this opportunity, dear readers, to peruse our bestiary in earnest, let us know what you think of the project or specific works in our forums, or simply click "enter" to pay respects to the skilled artists that we tirelessly wrangle for your enjoyment.



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