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MPFF Amiibo Support

Another announcement Nintendo made was how MPFF interacts with Amiibo. The Samus and Zero Suit Samus Amiibos will give your Federation soldiers an appropriately-themed skin in the game as well as upgrades your character. If you use any other Amiibo, it will give the Blast Ball mechs a custom paint job.

Japanese commercial:

Official Nintendo Tweet: Samus and ZSS Amiibo
Official Nintendo Tweet: Other Amiibos

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MPFF Launches Japanese Website, Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo of Japan released a whole slew of new marketing content for Metroid Prime Federation Force. Their official website is far more complete and detailed than anything we've seen on the game thus far. Check out the trailer below (warning: Japanese dialogue and text):

We may be able to provide you with a brief translated summary of what goes on in the trailer at some point in the near future, but we do not have plans to subtitle the entire video.

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Archie Comics pitched Metroid comic to Nintendo

In 2009, Archie Comics (gamers should know them for publishing the Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman comics) tried pitching a Metroid comic to Nintendo. All we know about the pitch was from the brief description:

Archie Comics about around 2009 tried to pitch an idea to Nintendo to have the rights to publish comics based on the Story from the Metroid games. Unfortunately, Nintendo turned it down. I for one wished they didn't. I think a Metroid comic would be great.

This pencil sketches were been released by Tracy Yardley, who drew some panel and concept sketches for the pitch. We don't know much more about it beyond the obvious outcome, which was Nintendo turning down the pitch. Check out the artwork, which has been somewhat light-corrected in Photoshop for better visibility.

Archie Comics sketch Archie Comics sketch Archie Comics sketch Archie Comics sketch


I for one would welcome a new Metroid comic series. If done properly, of course, it could be a very awesome thing. Without proper budget, a passionate, competent team, or time, however, we're left with stuff seen in the Nintendo Power comics. As far as I can tell, fans of the Sonic and Megaman comics have been very satisfied overall with the way they have turned out so I truly believe they would have been capable of handling the IP properly.

Thanks to Assad for the tip on Facebook!

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Zero Suit Samus Figma - preorders available

Preface: Sorry for the late news on our main site - if you follow us on our social media outlets, we are much more active there.

On Tuesday, 6/14, preorders for the upcoming Zero Suit Samus figurine went live. You can preorder the figure, which is due out in December of this year, at somewhat varying prices on the following websites:


ZSS Figma ZSS Figma ZSS Figma ZSS Figma ZSS Figma ZSS Figma ZSS Figma ZSS Figma

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Incredibly Awesome Metroid Fan-Animation

Just watch it.

Thanks to LordDirk from the forums for the link!

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Poll #11 Results, Poll Archive Page added!
Poll 11

Poll #11 has now been closed. I have also just added a poll archive page so you can easily see all the past poll results. The link will live directly below the poll section.

As always, thanks for participating in our newest poll and we hope you continue to do so!

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Metroid Prime Hunters released on Wii U Virtual Console

NST's hand cramp inducing, wannabe Prime game is now out on Wii U. Multiplayer is of course, absent from this version due to Nintendo not wanting to re-develop the game to run on custom servers. Who can blame them? If you want a fun shooter multiplayer experience on Wii U, go play Splatoon.

Hunters was released on June 2nd and goes for $9.99. Better late than never, eh? (It came out on Japanese Wii U's last September.)

Official MPH Nintendo DS page
Official MPH Wii U VC page

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MDb Limited Edition Buttons are HERE!

Howdy folks! The Metroid Database is proud to announce that for a limited time, we are offering pinback buttons for our fans. They come in two sizes: 1.25" and 1.5" and feature art from the MDb Bestiary. Click the banner below to get started.

Buttons Banner

The proceeds made from these buttons directly helps the MDb with site costs. We appreciate you all for visiting us all these years and hope that you appreciate these buttons in return!

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Zero Suit Samus Figma - fully painted revealed!

A few months ago at WonderFest in Japan, a prototype image of the Zero Suit Samus figma was unveiled. Now we have finally been graced with a fully painted image of this figma in all her glory:

ZSS Figma

No word yet on when preorders will be available, but rest assured it will be here on this site when we find out!

Source: Sakai_max on Twitter

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First4Figures releases new Varia Suit Samus - PREORDERS OPEN!
Samus Varia Suit F4F



Exclusive cost = $429.99 USD
Regular cost = $384.99 USD

Exclusive - VARIAEX30 = $30 Off
Regular - VARIAREG20 = $20 Off

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