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Nintendo Land Metroid Blast Soundtrack Nintendo Land is not a game specifically about Metroid, but rather about the entire universe of games Nintendo has created. However, Metroid Blast is one of the largest and most complex attractions in the game, and the score reflects this. Composer Ryo Nagamatsu (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart Wii) called it "epic, flamboyant sound, something that made you feel you were playing inside an enormous space." And the stages are pretty massive, too, as reflected by the high musical range. However, due to the fun nature of the attractions, rather than the seriousness of the games themselves, the tracks have a toylike quality.

Classic tracks return in the form of "Brinstar", "Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area", and "Vs. Ridley", three of the most iconic tracks in the series - along with the Famicom Disk System version of the Metroid "Title" theme (not the NES version). An interesting point about the Norfair mix is the choir is made entirely of Nagamatsu's voice, "without any processing" added, although the choir does sound a little goofy... Ridley's theme is definitely the most epic, proving fighting the dragon can be intense, even as a robot.

The new tracks were meant to create a "grand sort of Metroid impact" that would "help players lose themselves as they're thrown into battle inside this massive space." This works particularly well with the "Sea Tower", "Vs. Kraid", and "Training Zone" themes, which evoke a sense of massive vertical spaces and sprawling cities. However, "Ice Sector" is a bit out of place, more in line with a winter wonderland than a sci-fi battle. There's also a neat bonus track unlocked through the jukebox, but we currently don't know where it's used (the track says "Coin Battle," so perhaps it's a multiplayer mode?).

Note these recordings were done using the latest version of vgmstream, and there's also a neat variation with the level themes - whenever a player is shot, the music will briefly intensify, with emphasis on the snare drums, a subtle cue that will keep players on their toes. This version is included in the second loop.


No. Title Size Length
Download all 24 tracks in one zip as MP3 43MB 30:50
Download all 24 tracks in one zip as FLAC 215MB 30:50
01 Title Jingle 255k 0:07
02 Gateway - Mode Select (Metroid Title Theme) 3.2MB 3:31
03 Mode Select 1.8MB 1:11
04 Tutorial 2.2MB 1:25
05 First Contact 1.3MB 0:50
06 Space Port (Brinstar) 2.9MB 1:57
07 Training Zone 3.2MB 2:10
08 Volcanic Zone (Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area) 7.1MB 4:49
09 Kraid Appears 520k 0:17
10 Vs. Kraid 4.3MB 2:56
11 Kraid Explodes 432k 0:15
12 Level Clear Jingle 267k 0:07
13 Ice Sector 3.4MB 2:12
14 Sea Tower 3.5MB 2:21
15 Ridley Appears 413k 0:13
16 Vs. Ridley 4.7MB 3:04
17 Ridley Explodes 272k 0:07
18 Master Level Clear Jingle 265k 0:07
19 Coin Battle Intro 521k 0:18
20 Coin Battle 2.1MB 1:21
21 Ridley and Ice Ridley Appear 422k 0:13
22 Kraid and Ridley Appear 508k 0:17
23 Mission Fail Jingle 252k 0:06
X01 Coin Battle (Jukebox Version) 1.4MB 0:55