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Flippin' AWESOME Metroid Quilt
12.31.2009 - Jesse D

So, it's Christmas morning and I am unwrapping gifts with my family and my girlfriend. A particularly large gift box had been sitting under the Christmas for three days, and it was of persistent interest to me not only because its size, nor due to the fact that my name was written on it, but also because of how excited my girlfriend was to see me open it. So excited, in fact, that she made sure that it would be the last thing I would unwrap.

The hype is unbearable, I've exhausted my list of guesses, and now that it's Christmas morning I still have to wait? I can attest now having seen it that it was worth the wait. I eagerly opened the box, and underneath the folds of the box was... a phone book. Hm. Guess it was there as a counterbalance to dissuade any preeminent probing or shaking I may have attempted beforehand. Sneaky. And under that?


My girlfriend had spent a total of fourteen months (off and on) designing, cutting and sewing this 5.5 x 6.5 ft (basically, queen-sized) quilt. These were fourteen months during which I had no frikkin' clue of what was going on under my nose and behind the scenes. To say I did a backflip upon unwrapping it would be an understatement.

I love my girlfriend.

-Jesse D_

Metroid Metal at MAGFest, Yuki at Anime Matsuri!
12.27.2009 - CapCom

If you are in the Alexandria, Virginia area this weekend, be sure to check out MAGFest from January 1-4 (and a New Year's Eve party on the 31st). Along with artists and performers such as Jake "Virt" Kaufman, Arm Cannon, and Select Start, Metroid Metal will be performing. Oh yeah, you can also pick up early Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded albums there too! With performers like these, MAGFest is THE place to be if you're into game music and metal. For Metroid fans in particular, this is another chance to see Metroid Metal live (along with song other performers doing Metroid) - as well as hear a brand new mystery song Metroid Metal will be debuting! They should be playing on Friday. If you didn't get a badge yet, don't fret - they will be available at the door for $45, and it's WELL worth it.

The second piece of Metroid-related news is Thaís Jussim, aka Yuki, the Samus cosplayer extraordinaire, will be performing as Samus at Anime Matsuri (April 2-4, 2010) in The Woodlands, Texas (about a half hour north of Houston). If you remember, we interviewed Yuki awhile back. Since then, she has won several cosplay contests - just take a quick glance at her homepage or her DeviantArt page, and you'll see why! She was invited to attend from Brazil, so if you are attending the conference, this is a unique chance to meet the internationally renowned cosplayer! In addition, she has recently done a series of suitless Samus cosplays from Super Metroid, so check those out as well! When you see her, make sure to let her know the Metroid Database sent ya!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Holiday Gifts

Boy, do we have a major load of gifts for you guys! We have been working hard around the clock to give you an incredible amount of goodies this year. The first big feature you should obviously notice is Episode 2 of our Wave Beam podcast. This time we were able to get the founder of the Metroid Database, TJ Rappel, to come out of the darkness and talk about his thoughts on the Classic Trilogy. It's an episode not to be missed!

The next awesome gift for you is Chapter 1 of the Samus and Joey Manga, which has been a great collaborative effort between our forum moderator, Sharonlover, Capcom, and myself. (Thanks for all your hard work, dude!) We will be releasing subsequent chapters on the official manga page, so stay tuned to that for future updates.

We also have 4 NEW FEATURES added that you won't be able to find anywhere else on the web. One of these features is an English translation of the Metroid FAQ that was featured on the official Japanese Metroid Zero Mission website.

We have also been able to translate scans given to us graciously by forum member VGMStudios that were taken from the Official Super Metroid Strategy Guide. There is an interview with the staff that created Super Metroid as well as a Fortune Teller who reads Samus's game-related nightmares.

Finally, Capcom has been able to write a great profile on the Director of the Metroid franchise, Yoshio Sakamoto. This profile is required reading for any Metroid fan, and should give you an incredible insight on the development history of this enigmatic genius. Do not miss it!

Don't forget there's ONE WEEK LEFT to get those Metroids into us for our Make-a-Metroid contest! We've been getting some creative entries lately, so be sure to bust out those craft making skills and get those metroids into us ASAP!

In closing, I would just like to say how much I appreciated Jesse and Cap's hard work and contributions throughout 2009 as well as all our kick ass forum members (you guys ROCK!). Together, we were able to make this year the absolute biggest, brightest, and most informative year in the Metroid Database's 13 year history. Happy Holidays, everyone! And here's to a totally mindblowingly awesome 2010!

--Infinity's End

Music Temporarily Down
12.21.2009 - CapCom

Guess what folks? Those geniuses at IGN decided it would be a lovely time to give us a great Christmas present for all the time we've spent at Classicgaming: they deleted all of the stuff we had on Fileplanet.

Without telling us ahead of time.

And so now all of the music is temporarily unavailable along with a few other Fileplanet files.

All the music is in a safe place, and some it was planned for an overhaul anyway, but this is a lovely bunch of coconuts to dig through Christmas week on top of the other updates we had planned. And the other things I would rather be doing. So please excuse the temporary delay, but there will be other nice gifts under the tree instead.

And bah, humbug to you, too, IGN.

Update: Fileplanet temporarily restored access to the files, so the links will be up and running for an unknown period of time (likely only a few days, maybe only 48 hours), so if you need something, better get it soon! The new links will be updated sometime over the next few weeks.

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Metroid Prime Trilogy - now only $20!

This just in ... BestBuy.com has an INCREDIBLE deal on Metroid Prime Trilogy. It's selling for only $20.00! We don't know how long this deal is going to last (or how long they're going to remain in stock) so if you ever had any doubts about picking up the game, NOW'S THE TIME. Get on it, folks!

--Infinity's End

New Contest Prizes!

Hey there -- Just a quick update. Stemage of Metroid Metal fame has generously donated three of his new Varia Suite album to give out as prizes in the contest, as well as some official Metroid Metal stickers! This album is incredibly badass, and adds the perfect compliment to our already awesome prizes of super Metroidy goodness.

The contest is still really REALLY open for anyone, so please don't hesitate -- START MAKING THOSE METROIDS TODAY!

--Infinity's End

Hip Tanaka Interview on Game Set Watch
12.14.2009 - CapCom

Last week, Baiyon, Kyoto-based DJ and game composer (PixelJunk Eden) interviewed Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, the composer of the original Metroid, for Game Set Watch. Hip Tanaka has been interviewed once before on Gamasutra ("Shooting from the Hip"), but this is the first major interview (and I think only the second?) he's had in awhile. In the interview, Hip Tanaka talks about his work composing for games back in the 80s and how game composition and electronic music has changed so much since then. One thing that really struck me was his discussion on seeing an electronic keyboard artist perform live: Instead of thinking, “Hey, I've been cheated,” my feeling was that I ought to rethink the meaning of live music. There's some great discussion on EarthBound here, too.

Left: Baiyon; Right: Hip Tanaka

Hip Tanaka also goes into more detail on the relationship between sound effects and game music, particularly its full expression in Metroid. To this day, Tanaka still thinks about how sound effects relate to a game's score, something many of us take for granted:

To be honest with you back then I had a lot of reservations about the use of music in games. I was sort of embarrassed by it. The background music would just keep on playing over and over. I thought it was annoying. My feeling was that the audio should be more in line with the sound effects that you had control over as the player, so that there was a more unified sound to the game. I was kind of in love with the idea of a game whose audio was totally composed of sound effects.

This concept was on my mind while making Metroid. The idea was for there not to be a strong melody line until the game was completed, and that gave you as the player a sense of accomplishment. You were playing this game with its dark-sounding music, battling for weeks on end. Hearing this melody at the end of the game would then feel so rewarding.

Baiyon is also a pretty cool guy - I met him at GDC 2009. Next time you're in Kyoto, you should look up his DJ performances. Be sure to check this one out!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

New Metroid Credits Discovered and Concept Art Translated!
11.29.2009 - CapCom

It's finally official! If you're a forum regular, you may remember that a few months back I discovered some hidden credits in Metroid from the Famicom Disk System version of the game. MobyGames has updated these credits information so now they're officially recognized!

In addition, Kejardon from Metroid2K2 also discovered some unused credits from Super Metroid while hacking a game save state. We're not sure exactly where they were intended to be used as the ordering of the credits is a bit unclear, or even why they were not used, so most of these have been added to the Special Thanks section. Great find, Kejardon!

Finally, I've uploaded translations I did of the Metroid Fusion concept art from Metroid Prime. The most interesting thing here was they were referring to the Fusion Suit at that time as the "Blue Suit". While there's nothing terribly earth-shattering or exciting here (unlike the Metroid Zero Mission concept art), they're still great to have. Remember, this is the only place on the web where you can find content like this! Also in case you hadn't noticed, there is a good deal of new MZM artwork as well from scans of the Japanese strategy guide, courtesy of VGM Studios!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

GameSpite.net and the Greatest Game of All Time

Jeremy Parish, an editor at 1up.com, hosts his own website focusing on "new games journalism," called Gamespite.net. Gamespite also comes in published, print form as well, as a Quarterly magazine. In issue #2, Jeremy and a few other editors whittle down what they consider to be the "Greatest Games of All Time" through some very deep "reviews" that more or less read less like reviews and more like stories on the experience. Don't be fooled, though -- this is definitely not one of your standard "Best of All Time" lists that you'll find on many a game website.

Lo and behold, and most unsurprisingly, Super Metroid takes the #1 spot on the list. Parish's voyage begins by exploring his first trials and tribulations through the first NES title (the 2nd NES game he ever owned). Later, a college-bound Parish, who had developed game ennui by that time, is brought back to his senses and into the world of gaming by the good graces of Super. Definitely check it out if you have some time.

On the contest front, you still have a full month to get those entries in to us. Let me assure you that your odds are looking VERY good right now, and there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from entering this contest. So get those creative juices flowing and start Makin' that Metroid!

One last note -- please stay tuned as we may have a final gift for you guys before year's end. Now what could THAT be?

--Infinity's End

Kensuke Tanabe: New Metroid Prime Not Out of the Question
11.17.2009 - CapCom

In a recent upcoming interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, the UK's equivalent to Nintendo Power, Metroid Prime Coproducer Kensuke Tanabe states in an interview:

We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series. Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realising it on DS or DSi.

This comes with Metroid: Other M scheduled for sometime in the near future. The greatest likelihood would be a Metroid Prime 3 sequel so we can finally see whose ship that was in the bonus ending. However, I don't think it's going to be Metroid Dread (which Yoshio Sakamoto stated was something he had been toying with) and I don't think it's in development, or going to be 'realised' any time soon, given the 'possibility' of the game getting worked on. It's really just a reaffirmation that Nintendo isn't going to drop first person Metroid just because Retro Studios is finished with it. However, if the chances are that it is Metroid Prime Hunters 2 (which seems the best bet), I'll likely be forced to sit that one out... Let's hope they at least do something interesting with the twin cameras.

The 50th issue of Official Nintendo Magazine is scheduled for release this Friday, Nov 20. Maybe one of our UK fans can provide us some scans!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

New Metroid Metal and Big Music Update
11.13.2009 - CapCom

Big Metroid music news today! First on the agenda is Stemage's release of his latest Metroid Metal mix, the Ending to Super Metroid! This track is pretty awesome, with a nice coverage of the last few moments of Zebes exploding and some Item Room goodness. In addition, I've uploaded all the Metroid Metal music to the Metroid Database so you can log in to FilePlanet and download one big zip file containing everything! What the file DOESN'T include is the tracks from the Varia Suite album, but you can get those through Silent Uproar or Bandcamp. In case this wasn't enough, if you live in North Carolina, Metroid Metal will be performing live this Friday the 20th in Asheville. Maybe one of our intrepid fans can share images from the event!

Next on the list is some music from the Metroid Prime. I've added the Wii Loader and Menu Theme from the Trilogy in addition to the Wii loaders for the Japanese versions of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2.

Also a big note is that Metroid Reorchestrated is back in action again after going dark. The site is back up, this time under new guidance, and the team is under way with a complete remixing of the entire Metroid series soundtrack. They have a pretty fun remix of the main theme from Metroid 2.

Finally, a BIG nostalgic blast from the past, the entire Super Metroid Sound in Action CD in FLAC! That's right, this ultra-rare CD is now available in full lossless glory for the very first time thanks to VGM Studios, our top resident Metroid collector! Thanks a bunch! Listening to these tracks again reminds me SO much of the 1990s. Download either the first five remixes only or the entire album (Warning: File is over 250MB).

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Make-a-Metroid Contest!

Well, this is it, folks! For the first time in its 13 years of being online, the Metroid Database is holding a contest. And what a contest it is! The Make-a-Metroid Contest will be held for 2 months, until the end of the year. That's plenty of time to get as creative as you can and make the most awesome possible Metroid ever, right? Check out the official contest page for all the details as well as a full run down on all our great prizes!

Good luck, and we can't wait to see all your entries! Special thanks to Ivan "transfuse" Flores for his contributions to the contest!

--Infinity's End

More Metroid Pumpkin Awesomeness

The folks at Halolz.com have once again had their annual game-themed Pumpkin Carving contest, and this year's winner is just as awesome. You may remember last year's winner, Ian Wagner, who made that awesome Samus head pumpkin. Well this year, the Ian does it yet again with his elite carving skills. As you can see, this Mother Brain pumpkin oozes out insane amounts of kickassery. He even made a little baby Metroid pumpkin, too! Awwww.

Keep up the awesome work, dude! We look forward to your next great carving!

--Infinity's End

Awesome Metroid Pumpkin
10.31.2009 - CapCom

Rajahten (Sean Bernier) sent us this awesome pumpkin. He first drew the outline, then carved out the claws and body, using a vacuum cleaner to help smooth out the pulp after cutting and carving. The pumpkin was thinned out in particular areas to emphasize the lighting effects. The whole thing took 3 1/2 hours!

"Happy Halloween! METROID FOREVER!"

Not as awesome, but still cool, is this S-logo pumpkin as well as this ultra-cool Tetris pumpkin. Great job everyone!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Halloween Goodies

Happy Halloween everybody!
Here's a few treats for you guys. I have recently updated the artwork for the Zero Mission and Hunters sections, courtesy of fellow forum-goer VGMStudios. The new MZM artwork comes from scans out of the Japanese guide, so there are some concept images that you may have never seen before. Thanks, VGMStudios!

There is more artwork and updates on the way, so please keep checking back. We have some very exciting translations cooking in the oven...stay tuned.

One last thing: there is going to be some MAJOR BIG NEWS that we are announcing on Monday, so definitely be sure to check back next week to find out. See ya then!

--Infinity's End

MDb 13th Anniversary
10.16.2009 - CapCom

Well folks! What can I say after 13 years that Jesse D and Infinity's End haven't added already? Metroid: Other M is looking mighty incredible, and it's great to see Metroid's head, Yoshio Sakamoto, designing a true 2.5D Metroid!

Just a couple new updates for today: I added an artwork section to the Metroid Zero Mission part of the site containing concept art from the Japanese MZM Art Gallery translated exclusively for the MDb! They're finally readable to Western eyes after five years! Also, I've added one more excellent piece of fanart, Twigs' fantastic "The Mother Brain's Chamber"!

Thanks again to Jesse D and Infinity's End for their hard work on the site! The MDb wouldn't be as awesome as it is today without their hard work. Also thanks to Sharonlover for his mod work on the message board. And of course thanks to you for visiting and supporting the site for all these years! Stay tuned for more great updates through Year 14!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

MDb 13<sup>th</sup> Anniversary

WOO! It makes me very proud to say that 2009 has been, without a doubt, the biggest and most exciting year the Metroid Database has ever had in its history of being online. We have done tons of major improvements over the course of the year, and doing so has allowed us to update the site extremely easily. There has been more news and content in the world of Metroid than ever before. It's a GREAT time to be/become a Metroid fan!

Not only did we see the release of Metroid Prime Trilogy, but the announcement of Other M at this year's E3 made it one of the most memorable. To top it all off, we've added some exclusive content that you won't be able to find ANYWHERE else on the web, like our Interview with Samus, and our complete English translations of the 1986 Metroid Manga and Super Metroid Shonen Oh! comic strips. This year also brought about the addition of our Official DeviantArt Gallery, which has over 460 images by some really fantastic artists! There's also our new domain, our new logo, our new podcast, Wave Beam, the release of Shadow Complex for XBLA, the First for Figures Samus models, and just a LOT of stuff.

I'd like to thank JesseD, Capcom, our forum mod Sharonlover, and everyone in the Metroid fan community for their help, and being some of the most awesome, dedicated, and passionate gamers out there. Happy Birthday, MDb; here's to 2010 and beyond!

--Infinity's End

MDb's 13<sup>th</sup> Anniversary
10.16.2009 - Jesse D

Holy smokes, this one crept up on me!

So... yeah. Here we are, another year older, another year wiser. And what a year it's been! If our shift to our own domain hasn't been enough, we've seen the announcement of a new Metroid game, the release of gaming's Citizen Kane (apparently), a truly awesome homage to Super Metroid and Castlevania, and an explosion of new attention for the series thanks to Metroid Metal's masterful Varia Suite album. Not to mention, we (the MDb staff) were privileged to interview Metroid Metal's frontman Stemage in our very first podcast!

So what about the next 365 days?

Before you read my news post about how amazed I am that the site has turned 14, we'll hope to have seen substantial new developments in Metroid: Other M, more Wave Beam podcasts, and more site content to come. And who knows what else?

Here's a cheers to CapCom and Infinity's End, cheers to the MDb Message Board community, and cheers to YOU, our readers!

-Jesse D_

MPT: Gaming's Citizen Kane?

Recently, ABC News had a short editorial about Metroid Prime Trilogy. In it, Michael Thomsen, an IGN.com Editor, compares the Trilogy as being the equivalent of what Citizen Kane did for movies. A hefty proclaimation, to be sure, but his reasoning is unfortunately a bit weak.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (or at least the original Prime) may be one of Nintendo's and gaming's finest masterpieces, and helped pioneer the First Person Adventure genre, but in no way did it completely revolutionize the industry in the way that Orson Welles' breakthrough achievement did to modern-day cinema. In fact, a claim like this will probably never be justified, as gaming will just continue to slowly evolve and base its way off of other games and genres as it has in the past.

On the other hand, maybe it's just comforting to know that our gal is getting some good press for a change, and on national television to boot.

--Infinity's End

Metroid Meets Video Games Live Featuring Yuki!

At the recent Video Games Live in Rio De Janeiro, the Metroid medley was played. Even though the score is exactly the same as the Theme of Samus Aran featured on the Japan-only Orchestral Game Concert IV a whopping 15 years ago(whew!), the score still rings true with a lot of fans today. This performance was extra special though, since at the end it features the one and only Yuki le Fay, with whom, of course, you remember we interviewed at the beginning of the year. Yuki and her fabulous Samus Aran cosplay returns at the end of the performance. There is also a montage of Metroid game footage playing in the background, featuring all the games in the series.

Watch the full performance right here!

We're proud of you, Yuki! Way to keep Metroid fandom rockin' in Brazil!

--Infinity's End

Kotaku Retro Interview

There was an "interview" posted up yesterday at Kotaku with lead members of Retro Studios and Kensuke Tanabe, the Prime series' NOJ Producer.

I was going to reserve my judgment of this article at first, but after reading it I really can't help myself now. The "interview" (which was nothing more than an email with questions that certain people wrote responses to) is severely botched and I don't even recommend reading it. It's also full of loaded, ridiculous questions like: "How did Retro Studios manage to make — with the creation of 2002's Metroid Prime — arguably the first first-person video game with decent platform-jumping?"

To paraphrase (so you don't have to painfully decipher the poorly-written text):

  • When asked about multiplayer, Tanabe responds with, "We'll think about it."
  • When asked about why Prime's jumping is so good, Wikan responds with, "We worked really hard on it until we got it right, and then based the game on it."
  • When asked why the Speed Booster isn't in the games, they said, "Yeah, we tried it, but it just didn't work out in the end. We spent our time on more important things."
  • They also mention that there was some consideration to make Samus's gunship a more important element of Prime 3. But in the end decided it would have taken too much focus away from the game's story.
  • Overall they are very proud of their accomplishments with the Primes and felt that they really succeeded on contributing a much-needed amount of depth to the Metroid series as a whole -- both in story and gameplay.
  • I don't know if it's my brain not being able to piece together the words properly this morning but looking at a sentence that is as grammatically screwed up as: "That can of response will make a Metroid fan do a double-take." makes me really doubt the journalism credibility of a sophomoric site like Kotaku. Read at your own risk.

    --Infinity's End

    Retro Employees' Artwork

    Many of you should already be familiar with the work of Matt Manchester, an environment artist at Retro Studios. He posted up quite a few images of his work on his blog as well as a thread on ConceptArt.org(same images) a while back. Well, the folks over at Wikitroid have done a great job at finding a few other Retro artist's websites.

    Ben Sprout has posted up some wireframes and renders of his fantastic environments and character modeling work used in Metroid Prime 3.

    Ilya Nazarov, a former artist at the studio (who now works at Snowblind), has a few works as well featured on his own website, which includes environments and characters. He also created the entirety of the GUI for Metroid Prime 3 and modeled the Kanden that was used in the marketing materials and cutscenes in Hunters.

    Lastly I leave you with this image from Prime concept artist Andrew Jones' personal site, featuring a strange, fairly ominous brain image. Hmmm... is that a tiny Samus in the corner???

    --Infinity's End

    Trilogy Things

    We finally have scans of all the Metroid Prime Trilogy swag that is currently available to us. There is also a MPT Strategy Guide available, but BE WARNED: some purchasers of this guide have said that it is basically a combination of the two Nintendo Power Prime guides mixed with the Prima-published third one. Literally, a copy-paste of all three guides, merged into one, complete with all the same mistakes, errors, and bad jokes and puns.

    In other news, the following YouTube video points out a few of the minor particle effects that were unfortunately removed from the Trilogy version of the original Prime.
    To summarize, the following things have been removed:

    • The water ripple effect when rolling around in shallow water with the Morph Ball
    • The beams of light eminating with a fully charged Power Beam
    • The icicles that form over the cannon with a fully charged Ice Beam (but it still plays the sound)
    • The sparks of electricity with a fully charged Wave Beam
    • The embers floating up with a fully charged Plasma Beam
    • The heat rising up from the tip of the gun when you fire many shots in succession

    Apparently, the Trilogy isn't as "Visually Upgraded" as we had hoped... but a minor thing like this will definitely not detract from the overall experience of these three great games.

    --Infinity's End

    Wave Beam Podcast 1: Metroid Metal Interview and MUCH more!
    08.31.2009 - CapCom

    Hello everyone, and welcome to our very first podcast! Dubbed 'Wave Beam', we'll be running more podcasts in the future. For our first podcast, we've interviewed Grant Henry, aka Stemage, the fingers that wield the ax behind Metroid Metal. It's pretty in-depth, and the entire cast runs a bit over an hour at 100MB, with plenty of rockin' musical interludes. Wonder what's in store for Metroid Metal or how Grant gets his inspiration? Then what are you waiting for? Check it out (or click above). After you're done, stop by Grant's page to preorder the album!

    In other news, here's a follow-up to the Metroid Prime Trilogy impressions. First off, yes, I did find out about the alternative control scheme, and yes, it's 100% better than free-aim, making the games a total blast. If you don't know, simply go to your options menu and change the control scheme from the default Free Aim to Lock On. I also haven't had time to sit down and play the game 24/7, but I can say that user comments from the forums have pulled up a nice little list of changes. One of the most notable changes is the retconning of the log entries from the US version of Prime to match those of the PAL version, namely that Metroid Prime no longer escaped the Cradle and ran amok in the Pirate labs. Which begs the question of why they didn't fix those in the Player's Choice version... Other notable changes include new cutscenes for item pickups, the full version of Flaahgra's Theme along with some other audio remastering, new attacks for Ridley, and Admiral Dane is no longer a potty-mouth (isn't it great to see Nintendo's wholesomeness of the 1980s return in a T-rated game in 2009? :P).

    Additionally, the credits now pay homage to the late Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, who designed the control scheme in all the Prime games, including the masterpiece we find in Corruption. I know this is old news by now, but Haigh-Hutchinson's book, Real-Time Cameras is in print, and there is an excerpt from the book on Gamasutra. If you're interested in doing any kind of camera design in a 3D game, this is the book to get. Mark, we all here are proud of ya.

    One more thing that passed completely under the radar here was the preorder bonus of Metroid Prime Trilogy hats through Game Crazy. These hats are also available for a limited time through the Nintendo World Store in New York City. When will we get some Nintendo love for the millions of other people who DON'T live in the Big Apple? This just adds to the frustration many had about the snafu regarding the unreliability of preorder bonuses at Gamestop. We also continue to be dismayed by Nintendo's lack of advertising for the Trilogy, considering how much effort Retro Studios gave to create such a masterpiece. Seriously, we haven't seen a single TV commercial or flash ad, and Metroid.com was even down for a good part of the month! And Nintendo wonders why Metroid isn't a million-seller...

    In some interesting news, Shadow Complex is reported to have moved over 200,000 units in the first week, which breaks all XBLA sales records. Check out this awesome making-of interview with Donald Mustard, the game's lead designer, on Gamasutra where a good portion of the discussion is dedicated to Super Metroid.

    We'd also like to give a nod to Metroid creator Gumpei Yokoi's little gray brick that could, the Game Boy, which turned 20 back in August. 1Up has a nice overview of the system. If you're looking for some more Metroid-related gaming, it's worth going back and checking out the Wario Land games, which were developed by many of the same people who worked on Metroid.

    Finally, the old Classicgaming page is down for good as of midnight, August 31. Thanks again to Kontek for supporting us and all the other Classicgaming refugees!

    That's all I have for you today for this massive news blowout. Stay tuned for more news in the future!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Impressions
    08.25.2009 - CapCom

    Metroid Day is finally back! I got a chance to sit down and play some of the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and I must say it feels like a new experience, even though I still remember how each game plays out. Not having played Corruption in about two years, the controls are kind of rusty for me, and they might be for you too. For new fans, you'll finally get to see what you were missing, and for older ones, it's great to give the originals a second look after so many years.

    Using the Wiimote instead of the Gamecube controller changes some habits you might have learned from the Gamecube versions. For one, you can't auto-lock onto targets, which means the days of lazily blasting your way through a room are gone. Unfortunately, this means it's much harder to hit some enemies, such as those pesky War Wasps, making the War Wasp miniboss battles much harder (it wasn't easy to lock onto those guys to begin with!). I find the lock-on function to be almost useless on small targets, but that little bit of homing on the missiles is becoming a godsend. The more I play, the more it seems that Prime and Echoes were designed specifically for the Gamecube controller and so the games do not translate as well to the Wiimote interface. This may change though the better I get with aiming, but there is simply no way of getting around the extremely small size of the targets.

    The other major change is the art upgrades. The first thing you'll notice is that the menus from all the games have been removed and replaced with the generic Trilogy menu. Which is sad actually because especially Prime had such a great menu. Inside the games, Prime has much better textures now, creating a lot more detail in the walls and models, helping the washed-out look of the original age better. However, the textures are not on par with Echoes, which still has a shinier Samus and better-looking environments. Fonts for most cutscenes have been enlarged, making them much easier to read, especially on lower-resolution televisions. The visor interface has changed as well, having a much slicker appearance, but it still takes a little bit of time to get used to. Doors open much quicker too, making transitioning between rooms much easier. The music has also been remastered and the game menu theme is also impressive (higher resolution recordings on the way; also check out Prime Blue's rip of the Disc Channel jingle). Note that the voiceovers for the European and Japanese versions of Prime's intro video are not present.

    However, even though all three games are on one disc, they have not been standardized in terms of the scan system. Prime still utilizes the small box scanning versus the large color coded scans of the later games (which are much easier to see). Additionally, you have to scan different objects to fill your log book in both games: scanning a save point or energy ball will net you an entry in Prime, but not in Echoes. This was probably done for technical reasons, but if you were expecting a smooth transition between the games, you will be disappointed here.

    Prime and Echoes also utilize the credits system from Corruption. Credits are color-coded differently for each game, so in order to unlock Echoes goodies, you have to play some of Echoes. One cool feature is that you can turn off the 'credit unlocked' notifications, either globally or for each individual game, making it much better than the XBLA system it kind of resembles, which doesn't give you a choice. The credits system also appears to be slightly better documented, but I will continue to rely on our FAQs, which we will be updating in good time.

    Lastly, in terms of the game's presentation, the tin box is very nicely designed and the art 'booklet' has a nice sheen to it (unfortunately, this makes it a bit difficult to read the text). The booklet clarifies a few things about the story, but contains a rough spoiler-filled narrative outline for each game. Expect scans shortly.

    Having all three games together in one pack for $50 makes this a great collection, and it's great to be able to play through all the games back-to-back, George Lucas style. Just remember that this isn't game preservation but rather re-presentation, so the original versions still have some merits on their own (such as the Gamecube control scheme). I'm curious to see how the Wiimote controls will feel after giving Prime and Echoes a good play-through, but I am a bit concerned as to how well they will work in the long run, considering the original games were designed to rely heavily on the lock-on system.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Maps

    Happy Metroid Prime Trilogy day, everybody! Nintendo has updated their official site, to promote this newly released title. In a small celebration, we have added maps from all three Primes, courtesy of fellow affiliate Metroid site, Metroid Recon! Webmaster Falcon Zero has put forth a lot of effort creating these maps, so be sure to thank him if you end up using them.

    If you're in a reading mood, Nintendo World Report has a 3-page retrospective on Retro Studios and the Metroid Prime games. Nothing most of us hardcore fans shouldn't already know by now, but it's a good read nevertheless.

    If you can peel yourself away from Shadow Complex, enjoy the Trilogy, everyone!

    --Infinity's End

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Released In US!
    08.24.2009 - Jesse D

    Today marks the US release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii!

    For those who haven't been following, Nintendo has been slowly re-releasing classic GameCube titles for the Wii as part of the New Play Control! series with minor enhancements and modified control schemes to take advantage of the Wii's unique controller. Metroid Prime 1 and 2 have been included in this series of remakes, having already been available in Japan for a number of months.

    The rest of the world will be able to enjoy the whole trilogy of Metroid Prime in one package, on one disc, with the oh-so-smooth Prime 3 style Wiimote control scheme.

    Europe and Australia will see their releases on September 4th and October 15th, respectively. Good fortune to those who might receive both preorder bonuses, but don't hold your breath as EBGames has mysteriously removed any mention of the poster from their website. T-shirts still seem to be in good supply, however.

    Be sure to check out our Message Board for impressions and Friend Voucher exchange!

    -Jesse D_

    IGN Begins Metroid Prime Trilogy Retrospective
    08.21.2009 - CapCom

    IGN's Matt Casamassina visited Retro Studios to talk about the history of the development behind the Metroid Prime series. It's an interesting article and worth checking out, though it focuses primarily on the development of Metroid rather than the other games Retro worked on. The most interesting bit for me was how Michael Kelbaugh ordered the last copy of Raven Blade burnt because it was so awful (so no, it's not coming back). The articles will continue later this week. If you want a taste of more Retro Studios news, here is an old article from N-Sider about the history of Retro Studios up until the release of Metroid Prime 2 that goes into more detail on Retro's canned projects.

    In other news, about three or four hours into Shadow Complex, you'll pick up some really awesome speed boots. They work JUST like the ones in Super Metroid (only without the Shine Spark), and are incredibly satisfying to use. The visual and audio effects are astounding, and you can do all kinds of crazy stuff like run on walls and water and send people flying. We've all talked about how you could do these sorts of things with the Speed Boost, but to actually see it in action with these visual effects is amazing and the first time I opened my mouth to say 'WOW!' The game literally went from fun to incredibly kickass in a span of five seconds. If you've got a 360, go out and get it now!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Shadow Complex - IE's Impressions

    I'll try to keep this relatively short, coming off of Cap's recent impressions.

    Shadow Complex is the game you need to go buy RIGHT NOW. It is exactly what we wanted and expected in a 2.5D Metroid-esque game. Any fan of Metroid or post-SotN Castlevania will feel right at home.

    While I was playing the short Xbox Live demo, I kept seeing things that I saw to be homages to Super Metroid. For example, when you walk into the compound for the first time, a security camera shines a red beam of light on you, to show that you've been spotted -- much like the way that eyeball shines light on you as soon as you get the Morph Ball in Super Metroid.

    The map system seems to have taken a very big inspiration from Super's map. Not only is it located in the upper-right corner, it is made of squares displayed on a grid, connected by thicker lines on the edges that represent doors. The map also auto-fills in when your character passes by a map seen on the wall or a computer terminal in the environment, and draws a line showing you where you should go (but actually figuring how to get there isn't always easy). And saving -- when you go into certain rooms (marked with stars on the map) it auto-saves your progress. A very nice feature, indeed.

    I actually enjoy the game's controls. Using the right stick to aim your weapon (which activates a laser sight to help you aim) is a brilliant, user-friendly experience. And it gives you true 360 degree aiming. I had always imagined a 2.5D Metroid game should play out the same way.

    I think this is a very worthwhile game and you should DEFINITELY purchase it. For $15 it is a STEAL. While playing, I am constantly dreaming, wishing, thinking about how amazing it would have been if Nintendo ever made a 2.5D Metroid that looks and plays as well as this does. Here's hoping Other M will pay out in spades.

    Chair Entertainment: you have just acquired a fan for life.

    --Infinity's End

    Shadow Complex - Cap's Impressions
    08.19.2009 - CapCom

    Shadow Complex, XBLA's new 'Controid' came out today and I got a chance to play through the first bits of it, enough to get a good feel for the game. Overall, the game is kind of what you would expect from combining Metroid with a run-n-gun: guns 'n exploration, which makes for a pretty interesting combination. In Shadow Complex, you take the roll of some guy who gives you no reason to remember his name (Jason Flemming) as he gets sucked into a vast conspiracy by a shadow army that plans to take over the United States. You begin armed only with a flashlight and sneak your way through the base to find more weapons and gear.

    The game uses a dual analog control scheme with the left for movement and the right for aiming, so it feels a bit like another Metroid-esque game called Abuse (a nifty 2D Doom-type created by Bungie in the mid-90s). You effectively get 360 degree aiming, but with hitboxes for enemies (I wonder if this will be implemented in Other M). Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to shoot enemies in the background because it tries to aim on the 2D plane most of the time. There is a LOT of shooting and use of cover and the environment to defeat enemies, but also spaces free of enemies, making for good pacing. You can take them out by brute force or you can lob grenades or find exploding robots and barrels, which is a sign of good level design. The enemies seem a little bit smarter than the fare from Contra and Metal Slug, but they seem to be a little stupid at realizing there is someone else in the room (and enemy line of sight isn't as clear as it is in Metal Gear Solid). It's rounded off with some sneaking elements like Metal Gear.

    Shadow Complex does use an upgrade system that allows players to access new areas after they've received a new powerup, and there are tons of hidden passages. You have a flashlight with rechargeable batteries that can illuminate objects in different colors (yellow, green, red, blue), and the different special weapons you collect will be used to unlock these. Your main weapon (a pistol) also gradually gets upgrades in firepower and accuracy. There is also an experience system, but it's kind of hard to figure out why I keep getting level ups and how to do that.

    Unfortunately, the game is very linear so far, though I hear there are plenty of opportunities to sequence break. Kind of like Metroid Fusion, each section of the game has an objective, and it's your job to navigate the path to the target. There don't seem to be any obvious branches so far, but I have seen plenty of places I can't access, so it's likely you get to do a little backtracking after you collect all the powerups. I'm hoping the sequence breaking will become obvious by the time I beat the game, as this could give plenty of opportunity for replay.

    The game also doesn't feel terribly memorable, and part of this has to do with an overall lack of variation in the background design - it's all in a cave, and so your locations seem limited to caverns, base, mineshaft, and forest, with little that really stands out for me in any of these locations (the tank battle and the helicopter fight in the lake being two exceptions). With a more fantastic game like Metroid or Castlevania, you can have all kinds of strange worlds underground, but you have to use different techniques with a game based on Earth. The variety of enemies also seems to be a bit lacking as well, more in line with an FPS than an adventure game. I would say another factor to this is the lack of background music - most of the audio is atmospheric with the exceptions of battles. This can be ok, but thinking back to Super Metroid, the two things that made this game very memorable were strong level concepts and excellent background music.

    Overall, Shadow Complex is an interesting game, but its muted tone and lack of memorable level design and a somewhat linear layout makes me wonder how well it will stand up. I am compelled to continue playing (and the game's six hours is turning out to be pretty beefy), and don't regret the purchase, but despite all the gunfire, Shadow Complex just doesn't seem very explosive in its execution. If anything, it's a great title to play while you wait for the Metroid Prime Trilogy, so I suggest you at least check out the demo.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    MPT Preview

    The folks over at Go Nintendo have posted up a 20 minute video of the first several minutes of gameplay of the games in the Metroid Prime Trilogy. In it, you can see the menu system, the "improved" gameplay, and other tweaks here and there. It's just about what you'd expect. So if you can't wait until next week, feel free to go here and check it out. (Oh, and beware the commentary; you might want to push mute and just watch the footage.)

    --Infinity's End

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Swag Now In
    08.18.2009 - CapCom

    Some Gamestops are now handing out Metroid Prime Trilogy swag, even though general company policy seems to be wait until the game is released. Call your local Gamestop and see if they are handing them out. Also, most stores will likely have a limited supply - my local Gamestop said they only received three (and I'm sure more than three people preordered), so make sure you get them sooner rather than later, even if you have to fight someone's big brother to get it!

    The poster is really cool and is actually double-sided, with the MPT box art on the back. The original art appears to be painted or Photoshopped based on game renders, giving it a bit of an impressionistic style. It looks really nice and is definitely worth framing. The t-shirt isn't much to write home about - they could have at least made the silhouette larger and added some paint splotches to give it an 'artsy' or 'street' look. If you're going to give away a t-shirt, at least give away a good one. Some shirts come poly-bagged (there's no sticker on the bag unlike the Prime 2 t-shirts).

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Developer's Voice, Save Compatibility, and Shadow Complex
    08.17.2009 - CapCom

    Today on the Wii Nintendo Channel, there is a developer interview with Retro Studios where we get to hear from Michael Kelbaugh, Brian Walker, Mike Wikan, Kensuke Tanabe, and Risa Tabata. It's a really good talk about the design and concepts behind the game, giving us a new look at the Prime series' development process. The most interesting bit by far was Shigeru Miyamoto's question to the development team of, "What would it be like if Samus had a bug's head?" which lead to the development of the different visors. We also learn that Metroid Prime Trilogy will have some new, higher resolution textures (probably mostly in Prime 1, as 2 had some major improvements), faster loading times on the doors and 'altered boss encounters' which probably means better balance on guys like the Boost Ball Guardian.

    What will also be really exciting to regular visitors of the Metroid Database and other Metroid sites is the overwhelming gratitude the development team has for Metroid's fans. It's great to hear developers who listen! Thank you, Mike and Tanabe-san! And if you're still listening, I for one actually do NOT want to see Dark Samus and Phazon again! They were good fun for three games, but it's time for you guys to think of some new cool villains for us to fight :)

    Oh yeah, there's also a lot of cool swag in the main interview office, including EGM's Game of the Year Award robot statue and a sexy cool Samus statue that some of you may remember from E3 2001 (Glad to see it went to a good home!):

    So check out the Nintendo Channel on your Wii or see the YouTube video.

    In other news that will doubtlessly be disappointing to the hopeful (but doesn't surprise me in the least), Metroid Prime Trilogy save files will NOT be compatible with Metroid Prime: Corruption. That means you'll have to unlock everything all over again and you will ONLY be able to exchange friends vouchers with other MPT owners. But quit whining: it's not like Corruption sucked - it's definitely worth another spin! We'll be updating our Friend Vouchers FAQ as soon as we hear more. Let's hope you guys gave us a little bit more documentation this time, ok?

    Lastly, here's just another reminder that Shadow Complex is coming out this Wednesday for Xbox Live Arcade. What does an XBLA title have to do with Metroid? Oh, just about everything, considering the fact that the game's developers went straight to Super Metroid for their inspiration, playing it constantly for a week and then setting it aside. Shadow Complex is looking to be a combination of GI Joes and Super Metroid, which is a really cool combination (we've heard some people calling it 'Controid'). The July 2009 issue of Play (which is one gaming magazine that actually doesn't suck) has an awesome in-depth interview with the developers about the game where they talk about how they wanted to create a new sidescrolling adventure game in 3D following Metroid's style because none have been made. The game's designer, Donald Mustard, also mentions how they seek to improve on the Metroid formula by allowing players to alter the environment, use cover to fight smart enemies, implement narrative (written by Orson Scott Card!) with gameplay, and purposefully build in sequence breaking for faster clear times. Shadow Complex will set you back 1200 points (or about $15) and is a MUST-OWN title for any Metroid fan with a 360. Hopefully there will be a PC version released for the non-360 owners out there...

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid Metal - Varia Suite Preorders
    08.17.2009 - CapCom
    Grant Henry (Stemage) from Metroid Metal is now taking preorders for his band's new album, Varia Suite! The album will be released officially at Metroid Metal Live's concert at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) on September 8th. Grant was kind enough to give us a preview copy, so we've got a review up on the site. It sounds absolutely fantastic! You can preorder the album for $8 or get a bundle with the T-shirt and sticker for $20. Order soon - they are expected to sell most of the initial print run at PAX! Check out the preview track below!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Lots of New Swag, Fanart, and More!
    08.08.2009 - CapCom

    Uploaded a WHOLE bunch of new swag to the sections of Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Prime, Prime 2, and Prime 3 (WHEW!). Some of this is from Yahoo Japan's Metroid Auctions which we've been monitoring on the forums, but some of it has come from dedicated collectors like Gumpei, like the cool pics of the Super Metroid standee and Metroid 1 guides! If you have access to some of the swag (particularly these two Japanese strategy guides for Metroid 1 as well as the Super Metroid Japanese guides) and a scanner, please contact us! We're REALLY interested in getting the never-before-seen artwork from these books for the site to share with the world!

    The guys on the forum also located some cool new models from Nintendo Papercraft! Print out the free models (scroll down this page for some Metroid models) and fold them into fantastic figures! There's even a Gumpei Yokoi papercraft! We suggest you start with the simpler ones and work your way up!

    Also, we are now up to 18 pages of fanart! (That's over 340 images!) This is in addition to the stuff in our DeviantArt favorites! The fanart by Misery's Crown is some really cool concept art from a 2D remake of Metroid Prime. Looks good, guys! It's up there with Andrew Jones' original work!

    Oh yeah, some journalists got their hands on an early release of Metroid Prime Trilogy and have taken images of the case and all its goodies. They work for a website you might have heard of... Anyway, looks like the art booklet will contain a detailed timeline of the entire Prime trilogy. Steamlord from our forums was kind and diligent enough to transcribe the text on one page of the art booklet (scroll to the bottom post). It firmly places the date of Metroid Prime three years after the events of Metroid 1. Thanks, Steamlord!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    MPT Homepage, Metroid Wanpakku Guide, and MORE
    08.07.2009 - CapCom

    Well, I know we're a bit behind on this update, but Jesse D is going to be giving us a better news updater than 'type the text and html in manually' which means it will become much more convenient to do updates!

    First off, the Metroid Prime Trilogy website is live, and has been for about a week now. You can view screenshots of the games, preorder through Amazon or Gamestop, but that's about it! Seriously, the site is really barebones for a launch that Nintendo should be pimping. The only really interesting thing is that the close window buttons turn from crosses to x's, just like in the Metroid: Other M trailer! Also, you can now fill out your 'intent to buy' form for Metroid Prime Trilogy on Club Nintendo, so be sure not to forget! When they ask you where you got your information about the game, be sure to tell 'em The Metroid Database!

    Also, in case you missed it, check out the trailer. There is some new audio and a clip building the Metroid Prime logo that looks suspiciously like the gun barrel to Samus's arm cannon as shown in the Metroid: Other M trailer. Nintendo.co.uk has an alternate trailer.

    It's also been a bit longer than expected to get the Metroid manga guide by Wanpakku up and complete, but here it is! I went back and fixed up the earlier pages as well, so the text is more consistent and the images are cleaner. Also, the final pages have been translated and there are some nifty footnotes talking a little bit more about the guide. The artist, Minazuki Yuu, did a fine job of bringing the world of Metroid to life, 8-bit style. Check it out!

    Another update to our story about Retro Gamer Issue 65, you can check your local Barnes & Noble for it or see if they'll order it for you or order direct from the magazine's website. The mag is produced in the UK so it's pretty expensive to get shipped overseas (our European fans will find it slightly more affordable). While you're at it, check out their e-magazine collections, which contain 25 issues for about $50.

    Lastly, the Metroid Database was mentioned in a podcast on Super Metroid from Retro Force Go! Thanks, guys! It's pretty interesting, so be sure to check it out!

    That's it for now. We'll get some more updates going over the next few days. There's a lot of new swag we've located as well as some other interesting Metroid-related information. Stay tuned for more transmissions!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Retro Gamer Issue 65

    While passing through the magazine rack of my local Barnes & Noble bookstore today, I noticed the latest issue of Retro Gamer. In what could potentially be the best coverage of Metroid ever in print, UK-based Retro Gamer Magazine #65 has hit newsstands featuring the box art of Super Metroid prominently on its red metallic, shiny cover. The magazine features 8 glorious pages of the Metroid history, and an exclusive 4-page interview at Nintendo of Japan with Mr. Metroid himself, Yoshio Sakamoto. The issue is an absolute must-have for any Metroid collector, and should already be a part of your collection by now. Grab this one before it's too late, fans. You will NOT be disappointed!

    More scans to come soon, probably when it is no longer available for purchase.

    --Infinity's End

    Incredible Fan-Made Metroid Figures

    Hey all! I think I can safely say that it can get a little frustrating by the apparent lack of official Metroid merchandise. As far as official Samus figures go, only two have been released in the states: the sub-par Joyride figure that sells for hundreds on eBay due to its rarity, and the overly-expensive First4Figures models that you have to wait months and months for before you get them.

    Since this is the case, fans of Metroid have taken it upon themselves to create their own figures. For those that don't browse our forums, many of our members have uncovered some very incredible pieces of Samus art created by some very dedicated people. These figures are absolutely impeccable and tend to be much more ornate and detailed than even First4Figure's offerings.

    We are all familiar with Red3183's custom Samus figure, in which two are owned by a couple of our forum members, Samethard and Ketsueki. Recently, Red3183 has created a bronze statue version of this figure:

    Red is planning on putting this statue up on eBay this Sunday, 8/09/09 @ 7:00 pm PST going through 8/16/09. You can see more at Red3183's Deviant Art site.

    Ketsueki is one our forum's biggest collectors of all things Metroid. He purchased this resin model kit, by resin kit manufacturer GarageKit.jp:

    More images can be seen at the official website.

    Members VGMStudios and Ketsueki have also uncovered an absolutely gorgeous PVC figure of Zero Suit Samus, with realistic female proportions:

    You can see more images here.

    There is also a color, fully-poseable resin kit created by garage kit maker Dimension Diver:

    More pics can be seen at Tokyo Hunter.

    Lastly, forum member n128, fed up with the lack of Metroid and Samus merchandise, commissioned a sculptor to create a Zero Suit Samus for him:

    More pics of this can be seen on our forum thread.

    Hope you enjoyed this little featurette. Thanks to all the forum-goers who posted links and pictures to these amazing models and figures. See what you guys are missing by not joining our forums?

    UPDATE: Ketsueki has once again brought to our attention an image of a new model, this time of Samus in her Fusion Suit, displayed at this year's Wonder Festival. Wonder Festival is an annual festival held in Japan showcasing new resin kits and models. Thanks, Ketsueki!

    --Infinity's End

    MPT Preorder Bonuses

    We all know about Metroid Prime Trilogy's release in late August, however, if you preorder through Gamestop, you will be able to get a few bonuses. One is a t-shirt that has the Prime 3 Samus render on it and the logo on the sleeve. You will also receive an official poster with *gasp* NEW artwork on it! Also what I assume is to be included with every game is the art booklet, which I personally don't think deserves to even be called a "booklet" as it's more like a long piece of paper that's been folder over 4 times.

    Nintendo seems to be pulling out all the stops in getting people to purchase this game. I could only hope that they start treating Metroid as they do with their other franchises from now on. But who knows? Maybe this is the first step in a new line of Metroid merch that we can get excited about.

    --Infinity's End

    Welcome to Metroid-Database.com!
    07.04.2009 - Jesse D

    Thanks to some recent policy changes with our old web host, The Metroid Database has been forced out of our warm home and onto the streets, left to fend for own, exposed to the harsh wild that is the internet.

    But then, as if a divine ray of hope emanating from the heavens, a saintly figure by the name of Konfiskated Teknologies has come to grant us shelter and hospitality. And in the process, we have established our new domain name, metroid-database.com!

    Moving a website of this magnitude is a very tedious and long-drawn procedure, meaning that there may be a host of broken links. The RSS feed will be non-functional for at least a week longer. To top it off, I'll be out of town on vacation for a week, meaning that code-specific issues will need to wait. Cap and Inf will be here in the meantime. Please be patient while we continue to get settled in!

    So for now, please update your bookmarks, and please make yourself comfortable. Happy 4th of July!

    -Jesse D_

    The Message Board Has Moved!
    06.27.2009 - Jesse D

    So as you may or may not be aware by now, the MDb's time at ClassicGaming.com is soon coming to an end. But fret not, for we have found sanctuary in the capable hands of Konfiskated Teknologies, alongside many other great gaming fansites.

    The tedious process of moving our site has already begun, Phase One being the Message Board. I chose to do this first because of some serious performance issues since the wake of E3 that have made the board near impossible to use at times.

    Please update your bookmarks for the new location of the Message Board, at http://metroid-database.com/forum. Stay tuned for the rest of this website's transition over the next week or two. In the meantime, see you there!

    -Jesse D_

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Box Art

    Nintendo has released the official box art for Metroid Prime Trilogy. The game will come in a collector's edition metal tin, with a paper slip cover. It will also come with a special art booklet which most likely features Andrew Jones's amazing concept art.. Check out the hi-res images below courtesy of Joystiq.

    CapCom: Let me just add that this box art is pretty awesome. Nintendo's used some pretty bland and downright lame box art in the past, but this time it looks as if they've finally gotten it right. *thumbs up*

    Notice that "Echoes" is spelled wrong at the bottom of the front cover? Hope someone fixes that by the time it's shipped... o_O

    --Infinity's End

    Wired.com Interview

    Yesterday, another Q&A Session with Yoshio Sakamoto and Yosuke Hayashi was published by Wired.com's Chris Kohler. We do not learn much more than we already know about Other M, however it is probably one of the more well-written interviews found online. At the end of the interview we learn that Mr. Sakamoto has created a new Wario Ware DIY microgame that features Metroid! We'll probably post footage of it in our Cameos Section once we can find it.

    --Infinity's End

    Metroid Manga Strategy Guide Translation
    06.13.2009 - CapCom

    Hi there, Metroid fans! Today we've got the beginnings of a new treat for you! I've begun a translation project for the Metroid manga strategy guide by Wanpakku Comics, and have the first chapter available for reading right now! The Japanese pages have been cleaned as well. I'd like to thank again VGMStudios for providing us with the scans of this rare manga! We'll be releasing each new installment roughly once per week for the next two months. It's a pretty fun comic, though obviously none of the material can be considered canonical - it's really just a strategy guide to help you beat the game. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Gamespot Interviews Reggie

    Two days ago, Gamespot posted up an interview with NOA head honcho, Reggie Fils-Aime. He goes into some detail about Nintendo's sales strategy, but some of it centers around Metroid and Other M (starts around the 2:20 mark). We don't learn anything new about the game, per se, but it's still nice to hear it coming straight from the horse's mouth. Reggie mentions that Metroid is a "key franchise" for Nintendo though they've never "broken through" 1.5-2 million units sold since the days of Super. To them, Metroid games are effective in worldwide sales. No doubt the MDb has helped keep that fandom alive throughout the years.

    --Infinity's End

    Metroid: Other M Section Added and Trailer Analysis
    06.04.2009 - CapCom

    Well folks, it's been a really busy week, but I finally managed to create a new feature for you: a scene-by-scene analysis of the Metroid: Other M trailer, complete with screenshots from the high-res video! The running commentary is meant to help shed light on what each of the scenes might mean, though some of it is obviously speculation. The gorgeous, high-res images truly show off D-Rockets' fantastic work portraying Samus. Check it out! You may notice a few things you missed the first dozen times you watched the trailer :)

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid: Other M IGN Interview
    06.04.2009 - CapCom

    To add to the Other M coverage, IGN has also interviewed Yoshio Sakamoto. The interview sheds new light on the game, though it obviously restates a few things from the previous 1up Interview. He continues to insist that there will be a lot of exploration in the game and that the game will not be dominated by cutscene interruptions:

    • The initial idea for the project arose in 2006 when Mr. Sakamoto first saw the Wii. This means the game has technically been in development for three years - at least in Mr. Sakamoto's head :)
    • Mr. Sakamoto was looking for a team that would balance out both teams' weaknesses.
    • Mr. Sakamoto emphasized again the importance of adventure to the game. So any fears you have that it's just going to be Ninja Gaiden with Metroids are unfounded.
    • A company called D-Rockets is doing the cinematics. They previously did cutscenes for the DOA games.
    • There are over 100 people on staff, making this is the largest Metroid project ever (however, a large chunk of that may be the D-Rockets team).
    • The game's story will focus on Samus' background and who helped make her what she is.
    • He hopes that the new characterization of Samus will allow new players to appreciate Metroid rather than just longtime fans.
    • He hopes to create a "seamless and natural" flow between action and cutscenes rather than treat them as "decorations."

    Finally, Mr. Sakamoto gives us the game's core philosphy:

    "Our goal...is to create the ultimate Metroid experience."

    Mr. Sakamoto also delved into everyone's favorite question: whatever happened to Metroid Dread?

    "[A]s a concept the Metroid Dread idea does still exist within my mind so maybe sometime in the future I will be able to bring that to you."

    NO, this does NOT mean Metroid Dread is 'in development.' It just means he has ideas for it and may eventually put them into game form.

    We're also incredibly confused as to why so many people were wondering about 'the other Metroid' in the first place. That was obviously meant to be a reference for the eventually-to-come Metroid 2, not a game made over two decades later.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid: Other M 1up Interview

    1up.com recently published an interview with Metroid director Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja director Yosuke Hayashi. The interview is short, but provides a great deal of extra insight on this extremely ambitious title.

    Yoshio Sakamoto & Yosuke Hayashi

    Things to note include:

    • Team Ninja - Sakamoto felt that his team needed a "partner" to do a 3D action title on the Wii. That's why Team Ninja was asked to help.
    • The timeline - M:OM officially takes place between the events of Super Metroid and Fusion.
    • The storyline - The mysterious blonde girl in the trailer is NOT a clone of Samus like many have speculated. Story will also progress similar to how the events in Fusion unfolded.
    • Exploration - Many have expressed concern about M:OM focusing towards action instead of exploration since Team Ninja is involved. Sakamoto says it will retain "true Metroid feel."
    • Armstrong Houston - Not confirmed. However the character is a part of the Galactic Federation Army under Adam Malkovich's command.
    • Challenge - Will not be as difficult as the Ninja Gaiden series, or made in a way that it "breaks" players.
    • Project M - To quote Sakamoto-san: "We have three companies collaborating on this game; a team we've dubbed Project M. With Nintendo, Team Ninja, and another company that's focusing on the cinematics working together, we've broken down the walls that define each company and joined forces to form a separate entity. It's unlike anything that's ever been done at Nintendo; It's more than just a collaborative effort -- it's one group working toward a common goal."

    More news as it develops.

    --Infinity's End

    METROID: OTHER M - Screenshots Get!
    06.02.2009 - CapCom

    Recently snagged some unwatermarked pics from Kotaku. Nintendo hasn't updated their Metroid: Other M page yet with E3 images, but these must have come through the press kit. Check them out: this is the game in its full-res glory!

    I've also added some new avatars to the forums containing screen captures from the trailer (full-size images to be integrated with the site later, but take these as a sneak peak!).

    In other news, the official Metroid Prime Trilogy page is up, but there's nothing on the site yet (just a link to the Nintendo information page).

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    METROID: OTHER M (Wii, 2010)
    06.02.2009 - CapCom

    SHE'S BACK. Metroid is back in 2.5D with TEAM NINJA!! That's right, the guys behind Ninja Gaiden have teamed up with Nintendo to do a new Metroid!! The collaboration is called Project M.

    Team Ninja has created some complete awesomesauce and we can't wait to taste more of it. The game is clearly a prequel, but whether it's a reimagining of Super Metroid or a completely new adventure we don't know just yet! And remember: Tomonobu Itagaki, the brains behind the new Ninja Gaidens has left Tecmo, so he's not working on the game, but the play looks a HELL of a lot like Ninja Gaiden style.

    How is this 2.5D different from anything else we've seen? Well, it's got camera angles switching from side view to front and back, meaning Samus can be running into the camera while being chased by a monster in the back, see a corridor off to the background and run down it, and enemies can move from the background to the playing field (and Samus can probably shoot at them as well).

    Samus is also getting a LOT more physical: there will be a lot of grappling, swinging, and finishing moves as well, which feels a little bit different from standard Metroid, but we'll have to see how it plays.

    There is some VERY interesting fusion with Metroid Prime's visor and targetting action with the 2.5D gameplay. We're not quite sure how this works, but it sure looks interesting!

    Classic enemies are returning from Space Pirates, Rios, Squeept, Kihunters, Ridley, and Super Metroid-style Mother Brain! We've also got missiles, ice beam, charge beam, and speed booster, along with Samus' new brawling moves.

    So what's the story? An alternate universe? Preventing the destruction of a vast space station? A Samus clone? Another Mother Brain (And does the title really say M.O.M.?) What does that Galactic Federation Terminal saying "Living body arms development lab" mean? And finally: is that Armstrong Houston and does he really suck?

    You can download a copy of the trailer from GameVideos (or just scroll down to stream it). IGN Wii also has some new screenshots from the game. We'll undoubtedly have more information coming later, but for now, you can read a scene-by-scene analysis on the forums.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    E3 09: Metroid: Other M Announced!

    Hope you're sitting down for this one...
    Just recently at the Nintendo Press Conference in Los Angeles, CA, Nintendo unveiled a teaser trailer for Metroid: Other M. The game is being developed in collaboration with the Ninja Gaiden franchise's Team Ninja and will be released in 2010 for Wii. Judging from the video in the trailer, the game features 3rd and 1st person combat, and allows Samus to perform new acrobatic skills and techniques like never before. It plays on the backstory that Samus reflected on in Fusion, and seems to occur at a younger time in her life. The game also appears to feature loads of brilliantly animated pre-rendered cutscenes and dialogue, something Team Ninja is well-known for. Watch the video below for the offical trailer, hosted by GameVideos.

    This finally seems to be the Metroid game we've all been waiting for! Let's also make note of the acronym: M.O.M. What could that be implying?

    More news on this incredible development will be added when it becomes available.

    --Infinity's End

    Super Metroid Comics Update

    Happy June 1st everybody! In honor of International Children's Day, we are celebrating by giving you a brand new fan-translation of the Shonen Oh Super Metroid Game Comics! For the first time ever, English readers can now experience the joy and humor that many Japanese children got back in 1994 with these hilarious comics. The comics were scanned by our very own Sharonlover, and edited by both Capcom and myself. We even cleaned up the pages and translated all the Sound FX words as an added bonus! For those that can read Japanese, the original, unmodified version is also accessible. You will not be able to find a better translation of these comics anywhere else but the MDb.

    The second comics update comes to you in the form of the Nintendo Power Super Metroid comics, which have all been rescanned and reassembled for your viewing pleasure. Again, you will probably not be able to find a cleaner, clearer version of these comics anywhere else on the net. Hope you enjoy them!

    --Infinity's End

    Sad News: IGN Will No Longer be Hosting MDb
    05.31.2009 - CapCom

    IGN announced last week that they will be closing down their free hosting services for sites that are offshoots of Gamespy, Planets, and Classicgaming - this includes the MDb as well as many other favorite gaming fansites. They will be closing down the service on midnight, August 31, 2009, at which time all the sites will be deleted. All the Fileplanet storage, however, will remain functional.

    All is not lost, however. Konfiskated Teknologies is offering free hosting to us and every other IGN Hosting refugees. Kontek has been the proud hoster of The Mushroom Kingdom and David Wonn's Unique Video Game Glitches, so they've been around for awhile and it's great to see them giving us this offer. We're still waiting for news from Classicgaming for them to decide where they plan to go, but some of our close affiliates are already heading to Kontek, so you may very well see us at mdb.kontek.net in the near future...

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Gear Up for E3!
    05.31.2009 - CapCom

    E3 is coming June 1! Get ready for the Nintendo keynote on Tuesday at 9AM PST...let's hope it doesn't suck half as much as it did last year! 1Up will be liveblogging the interview and there will be a Miyamoto interview in the evening. If there's any Metroid news, it will certainly be announced in the keynote. We'll see if there's any solidness behind Destructoid's psychic E3 2009 predictions, particularly:

    "Was the recent announcement of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii planned to coincide with the shocking announcement of a brand new Metroid game? The pendulum responds: Yes."

    Then again, if I want to discover my future, I doubt I'll look for it in a talking crystal. Better luck with the Mother Brain computer from Alien!

    In other news, there's bound to be a lot of other great stuff announced this week, so keep posted to your favorite news page! 1Up has the complete schedule here.

    You know we'll be reporting on Tuesday if there's a new Metroid.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Site Updates: YouTube, DeviantArt, Features, and more!
    05.29.2009 - CapCom

    Here's a list of all that we've been working on the past few days:

    The Metroid Prime 3 gallery has been updated using images from Game Hiker. The images are screen captures, and Infinity's End cleaned up using his l33t Photoshop skills. Game Hiker has a nice collection of artwork from other Nintendo games too, so be sure to check them out!

    The Cameos section has been updated with new footage from Fatal Frame IV, and we've added Metroid references from the medical drama House to the Beyond Zebes feature. Check 'em out!

    The MDb also now has a DeviantArt Gallery where we are collecting the best and most interesting fanart on DeviantArt! Check out our Favorites section for images. Galleries are currently divided into images of Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Bosses, Enemies, the Metroid Universe (group images, environments, and anything else that won't fit in the above categories), and Other Games (crossovers and images from games like Kid Icarus). The gallery is being continually updated, so stop by once in awhile! If you've got art or have found someone else's on DeviantArt that you think we should share, post on our forum.

    Don't forget as well that we still have our own YouTube Channel, which also gets updated from time to time. We've got commercials, trailers, gameplay videos, and Spore creatures among other things in one central location.

    Finally, we've recently discovered a new dojin Fighting Game called Card Sagas Wars featuring a playable Samus! The game is a 2D fighter similar to Smash Bros. and has characters from videogames and manga including Soma Cruz, Link, Cloud, Crono, and Mega Man X. Awesome!

    That's it for today! We'll keep you posted with new goodies in the future.

    Lastly, I'd like to remember all the troops and veterans on Memorial Day, along with those who aren't here today. My thoughts go out to you.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    All We Know About the Metroid Prime Trilogy
    05.25.2009 - CapCom

    Though most of this is by now old news, I haven't been keeping up with even 1Up anymore, so here's a roundup of everything we know about the Metroid Prime Trilogy:

    -Releases August 24, 2009
    -All 3 games on one (dual-layer) DVD for $50
    -Wii Motion Controls from Metroid Prime 3 in all three games
    -Widescreen Mode
    -Mii integration into user profiles
    -All 3 games accessible from your profile menu
    -Fancy frontend animations
    -Metroid Prime 3's credits system - including friend credits
    -Credits interchangeable between games
    -Some unlockables more expensive
    -Fusion Suit playable in Prime 1 only
    -NES Metroid no longer unlockable
    -No word yet on music test or screen capture unlock for Prime 1 and 2
    -Prime 2's multiplayer mode is splitscreen only - no online play
    -No graphical or texture enhancements for 1 and 2 save bloom lighting
    -On the minus, FMV compression is more obvious for 1 and 2
    -No voiceover for the Prime 1 intro cutscene
    -No word yet on log book standardization


    1Up also stated the first two games play quite a bit faster, which means our expert speedrunners may be able to shave off a little bit more time from these titles (though of course they will have fixed some of the exploits).

    I'm a little bit disappointed in the implementation of the Friend Vouchers system. Considering how poorly documented the Friend Code system was in the Prime 3 manual and what we had to do to clarify things for our visitors, I'm personally hoping they have some excellent documentation this time around...

    I'm particularly interested in whether or not the log books have been updated. Some of you may remember that the European and US versions of Metroid Prime have different log entries: Pirate Logs and Chozo Lore entries were changed for the European release to make things 'more clear': mainly Metroid Prime no longer escaped from the Cradle to absorb Space Pirate weaponry. Note that none of these changes were implemented for the US Player's Choice. We're hoping somebody at Retro Studios has sense enough to standardize the logs for ALL regions. Finally, the voice-over mentioned above was present in the European version and the Japanese Wii Play version of Metroid Prime, but not in the US version.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Compilation
    05.22.2009 - Jesse D

    From the guys at Kotaku came this headline, after a visit to the offices of Nintendo of America. In a nutshell:

    "The rumors that all three Metroid Prime games would receive a compilation release in the US with the "Wii-applied" control scheme were true."
    In other words, the explanation for the suspicious lack of international release dates for Metroid Prime in the New Play Control! series is that Nintendo had planned on bundling both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes together into one package for the Wii. An unexpected move on their part, but it looks like a screaming deal for fans and newbies alike!

    Just to take it a step further, they're also bundling Metroid Prime 3: Corruption into the mix to give us a definitive compilation of the Metroid Prime trilogy. Each game will be immediately accessible from a central menu screen (Super Mario All-Stars comes to mind) and each will benefit from the improvements we saw in the Japanese Wii-make of the first Prime (HDTV options and Wiimote controls, specifically).

    Best of all, we appear to have a slated US release date of August 24, 2009. Still no word as to whether Europe or Australia will be receiving this compilation as well, but you'll see it to the right of this page once we know!

    -Jesse D_

    Metroid Fan Art

    What's up all? Infinity's End here with a quick update. I just wanted to point you guys in the direction of "Dapper" Dan Schoening who is known throughout the DeviantArt community. Dan is a professional animator, and has an extremely stylized and distinct style that anyone can enjoy. Subjects of his include Ghostbusters, TMNT, DC Universe, and of course, video games! Dan likes to do annual game-related montages and this time he chose Metroid as his subject:

    Dan's other game works include Zelda, Mario, and Punch-Out!!. So be sure to check out his DA Gallery and give Dan your support! (And be sure to vote for Castlevania on his next montage poll! XD)

    Also, stay tuned because a very elusive Metroid cameo will be added to our site very soon!

    --Infinity's End

    There Will Be Brawl
    03.15.2009 - CapCom

    The folks over at The Escapist have produced a new miniseries called There Will Be Brawl. A noir-ish satire of Smash Bros. and the Nintendo universe, the series is filled with great jokes and parodical renditions of the characters. The series has surprisingly high production values and is ultimately the best videogame comedy since Mega 64 and the short but sweet Legend of Neil. Episode 3 features a fantastic scene where Samus is working a strip joint during her time off from bounty hunting, reminiscent of Spike TV's Stripperella. The scene is a riot and, unlike the aforementioned cartoon, rated PG-13. Check it out!

    In addition, we've got some new artwork for the Prime 3 section as well as some interesting fanart and a couple remixed tunes from Metroid 2 and Super Metroid.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    1986 Metroid Manga

    Today we bring you a blast from the past. The original 1986 Metroid Strategy Guide/Manga has been scanned and prepped for your reading pleasure. Why should you care? Well, this book is probably the first appearance of Samus in manga form. It is very cartoony, but definitely worth looking through, even if you can't read Japanese. Some of the caricatures (especially Kraid and the metroids) are extremely funny! So please be sure to check out this massive 195-page manga, scanned and submitted graciously by fellow MDb board member VGM Studios. Thanks a lot!

    Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week. Something's bubbling in the Prime 3 section...

    --Infinity's End

    Hands-On Preview of Metroid Prime for Wii
    02.20.2009 - Jesse D

    Yesterday, Japan saw the rerelease of Metroid Prime, as part of the New Play Control! series for the Wii. (See below for more info on this.) While it's still unknown when this will be reaching international shores, one member of the Message Board was able to have a copy imported on launch day.

    Yahiko Yagami has taken the time to provide us with some rather detailed first impressions, photos and videos of the imported update. While the most obvious change is the Prime 3 style control scheme, some subtleties have already become apparent. The Wiimote-flick Spring Ball has been brought in from Prime 3, and a medals system appears to be implemented. The main menu has been changed a bit, both in structure and in its background animation. Swapping beams and visors is also similar to Prime 3's system, and is fortunately still quick and intuitive. The scan visor's appearance has been slightly altered, allowing it to play nicely with the Wiimote.

    Otherwise, there aren't any other major changes to the gameplay or graphics. Visit the thread (linked above) to get more detail on Yahiko's first impressions. I'll be interested to see whether that voice-over intro makes it to the US release!

    See below for a video of the first seven minutes of gameplay.

    Thanks for the video and info, Yahiko!

    -Jesse D_

    The MDb Interviews Samus Aran

    Hey there Metroid fans! Boy do we have a treat for you today. We were able to get an exclusive interview with the one and only Samus Aran!!! Well, not really, but it's quite possibly the best Samus cosplayer ever! This entirely fan-made costume is (dare I say it) on par with, if not better than, the one used in the infamous Metroid Prime trailer. Yuki is a seasoned cosplayer veteran, with over 50 different characters under her belt. And she's just getting started! Be sure to check out our interview with this beautiful Samus look-a-like. And don't forget to check out all her other amazing cosplays at her website, Yukicosplay.com!

    --Infinity's End

    Metroid.jp Update Sparks Rumors
    02.06.2009 - CapCom

    Wow, for once we have some actual Metroid news. Unfortunately, it seems to be simply something minor that's been blown out of proportion.

    Nintendo of Japan's Metroid homepage has been updated with a small announcement that has sparked wild rumors and speculation about a 'new Metroid game.'

    The message is translated by Destructoid as "Follow Metroid Prime's history from the perspective of the Space Pirates."

    This has lead many to jump to conclusions that this is clearly an announcement of a new Metroid game for the Wii, some sort of side story where you play as a Space Pirate - rumblings that are nothing but random speculation.

    More than likely, this announcement is merely just a marketing ploy for the upcoming Wii Play upgrades of Metroid Prime and Prime 2 using Wiimote controls. It's probably just going to be a web feature (probably just text and gameplay footage) talking about the Space Pirates and Pirate log entries rather than some new playable adventure. There is simply no reason for a brand new Metroid game to be announced in a blurb like this on a website when practically zero market for the series exists in Japan (I saw copies of Prime 3 selling for about $20 in Akihabara this winter, if that's any indication).

    As a result, don't keep your hyper beams in full charge mode in rabid anticipation of a game that has arisen merely from overeager readings of a completely un-suggestive statement.

    Needless to say, whatever it is, the MDb will be there to report about it...

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Metroid Prime Wii TV Spots
    02.05.2009 - Jesse D

    From the desolate front of Metroid-related news comes this nice little tidbit, brought to our attention by SubZero in the Message Board.

    Several months ago, the Big N confirmed that they would indeed be releasing enhanced versions of two GameCube classics; notably, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for the Wii. These will be coming as part of the New Play Control! series. Each would be essentially the same game as its original, but with Metroid Prime 3 style Wiimote controls.

    Well, now there are two official Japanese TV commercials which each offer a glimpse of what we can expect. It appears that each remade title will be released separately, as this preview only showed Metroid Prime. It demonstrates the Prime 3 style controls (including the new addition of the Wiimote-flick Jump Ball ability). While the graphics and gameplay appear to be unchanged, only time will tell what other enhancements these rereleases might bring to the table. It may end up being nothing more than a chance for Wii owners to see what they may have been missing, but I for one wouldn't mind putting my Prime 1 and 2 discs permanently on the shelf just to have the buttery-smooth Wiimote controls from Prime 3!

    In Japan it will be released on the 19th of February. As for the rest of the world, there's not yet a solid release date, but it should be safe to assume that these will be hitting store shelves worldwide some time this year.

    Metroid Prime Wii TV Spots:

    -Jesse D_

    Resolutions of an Annual Nature

    Hey there Metroid fantatics, did you all have a good holiday break? I know our fellow staffer Captain Commando is, as he is currently spending it in the Land of the Rising Sun. As we reported back in September last year, MAGfest VII featured the one and only Stemage and his wonderful Metroid Metal tracks. Well for those of us that missed it, the entire show is now available for your downloading/listening pleasure. It's pretty awesome if you like hearing live renditions of your favorite Metroid tunes. The track list features songs from a variety of Metroid games and even features the help of XOC. Don't miss it!
    Also, for those that are looking for a new place to carry your I.D., money, and credit cards, you may want to get the MP3 chain wallet from HotTopic.com which is on clearance for a very low price of $8!

    As far as "New Year's Resolutions" go, I have made one involving the MDb, but not sure how or when it will pan out due to real life stuff being what's most important right now. If and when it comes to fruition, you will most certainly know about it. Happy New Year, everyone!

    --Infinity's End