New Metroid Metal and Big Music Update
11.13.2009 - CapCom

Big Metroid music news today! First on the agenda is Stemage's release of his latest Metroid Metal mix, the Ending to Super Metroid! This track is pretty awesome, with a nice coverage of the last few moments of Zebes exploding and some Item Room goodness. In addition, I've uploaded all the Metroid Metal music to the Metroid Database so you can log in to FilePlanet and download one big zip file containing everything! What the file DOESN'T include is the tracks from the Varia Suite album, but you can get those through Silent Uproar or Bandcamp. In case this wasn't enough, if you live in North Carolina, Metroid Metal will be performing live this Friday the 20th in Asheville. Maybe one of our intrepid fans can share images from the event!

Next on the list is some music from the Metroid Prime. I've added the Wii Loader and Menu Theme from the Trilogy in addition to the Wii loaders for the Japanese versions of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2.

Also a big note is that Metroid Reorchestrated is back in action again after going dark. The site is back up, this time under new guidance, and the team is under way with a complete remixing of the entire Metroid series soundtrack. They have a pretty fun remix of the main theme from Metroid 2.

Finally, a BIG nostalgic blast from the past, the entire Super Metroid Sound in Action CD in FLAC! That's right, this ultra-rare CD is now available in full lossless glory for the very first time thanks to VGM Studios, our top resident Metroid collector! Thanks a bunch! Listening to these tracks again reminds me SO much of the 1990s. Download either the first five remixes only or the entire album (Warning: File is over 250MB).

Until next time...
Captain Commando