Translated Videos, and New MOM Countdown Timer

Sup y'all??

As you may or may not have found out on GoNintendo or Destructoid, we have been working 'round the clock on translating and subtitling the Japanese Nintendo Channel Other M Developer interview videos for you, since NOA clearly does not see them as a priority for English-speaking audiences.

These videos are a great insight on the development process of Other M and it's just fantastic to hear these guys come out of the shadows and talk proudly about what they've been working on all this time. They truly seem to want to keep everyone happy. I think after watching this interview, any possible doubts I might have had about Other M have been extinguished.

Second, you might have noticed the Metroid: Other M countdown timer! This was made by Jesse D and me and should definitely keep you excited as we are almost a month and a half away from its release! Enjoy.

--Infinity's End