Metroid Prime Trilogy Unlikely to See Re-Release
03.06.2011 - CapCom

At the Game Developers Conference, I asked Retro Studios president Michael Kelbaugh about the Metroid Prime Trilogy. He said that Retro Studios is just the developer, not the publisher, and so they have little say over whether the game will be re-released. He also said at this point it is unlikely we'll get to see a reprint. Unfortunately, this will only result in the price of a used copy jumping up dramatically, and prices are hovering at around $70 for a used one at Amazon (and are unfortunately likely to only continue going up). Let's hope someone at Nintendo realizes the company isn't making a dime off any of those sales and decides to print off a few more, even as a non-collector's edition, because this is in the realm of highway robbery for one of the best games on the Wii that we feel everyone should have easier access to. Does Nintendo not want people to play their best games anymore or what?

Say, Nintendo, Metroid's 25th anniversary is coming up in August. Wouldn't that be a great time to re-release the Trilogy, too?

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Captain Commando