MDb's 16-Gun Salute!
10.16.2012 - CapCom

16 years of Metroid on the web is a long time. While most sites don't last this long unless they have a steady stream of revenue or the designers are paid to keep it active, the Metroid Database is one of those special examples where we have a devoted staff keeping things running, as well as a great fan base to keep stopping by.

That said, I've recently moved about 2000 miles from my old home and gotten a full-time job and various contract side-projects, so all of this keeps me preoccupied from working on the site. However, I'm still working on a few translation projects, and Samus & Joey is still running, even if we haven't updated in awhile (mostly delays in typesetting).

Thankfully, Ryan (aka Infinity's End) has been keeping the site up-to-date with the podcasts, bestiary, Facebook, and myriad other maintenance, for which we're all super-grateful! James Pierce has also been on top of things with Wii U coverage, putting his Deleter snooper skills to good use. And then there's Jesse D getting the forum looking all snazzy! Independent websites really do succeed when they have such a great staff like this to keep things running!

Thanks again to everyone for their hard work and especially you for your continued support of the site!

Until next time...
Captain Commando