Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run + Harmony of a Hunter Singles!
11.11.2012 - CapCom

Darren over at Shinesparkers has released the final preview for the highly anticipated Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run, the epic sequel to last year's astounding soundtrack that celebrated Metroid's 25th Anniversary. This year's release features even more tracks than last time, with 39 songs across three albums - that's more than three hours of music! The album will feature many stellar remixers, including the old master Vomitron, who does a "Vs. Dark Samus" metal arrange; Martin Leung, better known as The (Blindfolded) Video Game Pianist, recording "Norfair Ancient Ruins" in piano; Sam Dillard with a haunting "Maridia" suite; and a Tourian opera by Chris Apple of Video Games Live! There will also be new album art by Nate Horsfall.

The video is professionally done, and all the audio has been remastered in a professional studio. I was very proud to see such an amazing work done by Metroid fans, as it not only shows the type of dedication shown by fans of the series, but also to the inspiration from Darren Kerwin to put together such a massive project. Of course, Darren has been holding his cards tight to his chest - I haven't even received a preview copy of the album yet, but he promises it is coming "soon".

Harmony of a Hunter

If you can't stand the wait, make sure to check out the original Harmony of a Hunter again. We've updated the page with some brand new files: all of the tracks from the original album are now available as singles! The original album had all the tracks fading in and out into one another, but this new set, available in convenient zip files or as individual downloads, allows you to listen to the tracks as their composers originally wrote them!

Remember too that next Sunday the WiiU launches with the Metroid Blast minigame in NintendoLand, and the 10th anniversary of the Prime series is also coming up fast. We will have more Metroid Prime-related updates coming soon!

Until next time...
Captain Commando