MHQ's Podcast Prime Ep 2 & 7 New Bestiary Entries Added!

Metroid Headquarters has started off the new year with a new series of podcasts, entitled "Podcast Prime." Episode 2 features an interview with me, Infinity's End! The staff then have a discussion about Samus's arsenal afterwards. Go here to listen to it. Congrats on Ep #2, guys!

In other news, we bring you seven brand-spankin'-new Bestiary entries for your viewing pleasure. Also of note, I'm proud to announce one of the newest artists to the Bestiary team: Dave Melvin. His creature artwork is truly a joy to behold, so his contributions should always be of the highest quality! The remaining artwork was by our other extremely talented artists, Doc Roe, Insanity-Engine, Methuselah 3000, and Rundash. This brings our total up to 216 entries from 31 different artists! Please enjoy all this splendid new artwork!

Aqua Pirate Burrower Plated Parasite Scarab Zoro-X Sidehopper-X Sova

--Infinity's End