A Quartet of Super Metroid Albums
02.16.2013 - CapCom
Super Metroid Memories

There's a couple new albums coming out that are focused entirely on Super Metroid music, along with a couple containing arranged music. The first of these, Super Metroid Memories just came out on February 14. I've finally gotten to sit down and write up a review, but you can also preview almost the whole album at Bandcamp for free. Super Metroid Memories is pretty experimental, with lyrics and narration (you heard that right - a Metroid lyrical soundtrack!). The album was arranged by Hyde209 (aka Sebastian Martensson, who won second prize in our most recent contest), and includes about a dozen other collaborators. It's basically a love letter to one of the most treasured games in the series, and the nostalgia trip is definitely worth your listen. You can pick up the album for $5 (comes with an exclusive bonus track and liner notes that has images from Hyde209's DeviantArt page) or preview it for free.

Super Metroid Orchestra

Next up is Super Metroid Symphony, scheduled to be released on March 3. The album is by The Blake Anderson Synthetic Orchestra, a remixer based in London. A few previews have been released, showcasing his fantastic symphonic library. Unlike Super Metroid Memories, this is a straight up orchestral arrange of the original tracks. It looks like the album will be sold through iTunes...which I happen to hate (it's also through the UK store :-/). Andersen does have a Bandcamp page, but it only contains his original music.

Third on the list is The Greatest Video Game Music 2, which came out back in November, and contains a slew of excellent arranges of iconic game soundtracks done by the London Symphonic Orchestra. The Super Metroid piece is arranged by Andrew Skeet and contains the Main Theme, Green Brinstar, and Maridia. Other arranges on the album include Final Fantasy VII's "One Winged Angel", "Dragon Roost Island" from The Wind Waker, and the main theme from Luigi's Mansion(!).You can grab the whole thing as MP3 for $5 off Amazon or the CD for $10. It's well worth the investment.


The fourth is not strictly a Metroid album, but an EP called Worlds by Vicious (aka Trev Wignall, who sent me this e-mail a few days ago... Sorry everybody - I've gotten super busy with my new job lately!). The EP is an electronica album that takes musical cues and atmosphere from the soundtracks to the Metroid series, but is an original work that should particularly appeal to Metroid Prime fans. The final track in the album, "Remorse Code", uses some direct samples from "Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear" from Super Metroid. The whole thing is free to preview and download.

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Captain Commando