Metroid Blast Music is Now Authorized
02.17.2013 - CapCom
Nintendo Land Metroid Blast Soundtrack

It's been a rather complex process to get this out, but we finally have available for download the Metroid Blast soundtrack from Nintendo Land. It was a bit difficult to get clean recordings of some of these tracks since there is usually a lot of background noise, and the jukebox just plays the music in the background of the main hub, coupled with the usual technical difficulties of cleaning the audio (with lots of help from Mad Mega!). Anyway, it's available now for download and as far as we know is the cleanest rip of the soundtrack anywhere.

For details on the score, the music was composed by Ryo Nagamatsu, who earlier spoke with Destructoid about his work on Nintendo Land. Here's what he had to say about Metroid Blast:

Metroid Blast is the most complex attraction in Nintendo Land, one that gives you a really full-on action experience. I gave the music an orchestral arrangement for an epic, flamboyant sound, something that made you feel you were playing inside an enormous space.
The chorus you hear in the arrangement of Super Metroid's 'Lower Norfair' music is composed entirely with my own voice, without any processing.
There's a lot of original music here, too, songs that retain that grand sort of Metroid impact. I hope it'll help players really lose themselves as they're thrown into battle inside this massive space!

Read the three-part article for a full tour of Nintendo Land's playful score!

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