Metroid Plus

The developer of Editroid, Snarfblam has released yet another hack for the seminal NES title. The hack is called "Metroid Plus," which takes the original game and adds to it a few small but extremely awesome features, the most exciting of those being SAVING! Not only does it save your game, but it also depicts the status of your current progress by showing your inventory and all the items you have discovered throughout the game. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

Pushing Start will now make a map appear. The map can be scrolled all around with the Dpad. It will show you your current location, and where bosses and elevators can be found - it's up to you to discover the item locations. It's not quite a self-updating automap, but it's pretty much the next best thing.

The last two things are a "Wavy-Ice" beam, which means that the game promotes beam-stacking. This makes it so when you collect the Ice Beam, it will not remove your Wave Beam power, and vice versa, but stack them together. There is also a new Game Over Screen which gives you the option to save your game.



save screen Map Game Over


A few last things to note:

  • Find a Metroid ROM, and use a patcher utility like LunarIPS to apply the patch. The MDb will never host or provide ROMs to the public.
  • If you want to save your game without dying, just push Start (pause) and then UP+Start on Controller 2 (ala Zelda 1).
  • Due to there not being any more passwords, if you want to access Suitless Samus, you must do it the "proper" way by beating the game in under 3 hours. NARPASSWORD is also unaccessible due to this (but that's for cheaters!).
  • Using this hack will also unfortunately remove the story screen, but who's gonna miss that anyway?

Fantastic work, Snarfblam, we can't wait to see what your next hack will bring us!

--Infinity's End