First 4 Figures has just announced their latest Metroid Prime product, a massive Samus Helmet Statue!



Below is the YouTube launch stream link that becomes active on March 2, 2021.



F4F is also giving you a chance toย  win your own Samus Helmet statue!

It’s awesome to see F4F continue to give Metroid some love.




Finally finished the full scan of the 226 page Metroid Samus Returns Official Strategy Guide by Prima. Click the thumbnail below to view it:

58MB, .pdf

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat and selecting View > Page Display > Two Page View.

And don’t forget: you can view a bunch of other Metroid official strategy guides on our Guides page.




The Lego ideas Metroid Set, that we were excited to promote last May (at 873 supporters) has reached its goal of 10,000 supporters! Not only has this project reached its goal, but it has evolved into an amazing, all-in-one, package that pays homage to the history of Metroid with an assortment of creatures and ship designs.


To start, it will now be possible to create Samus’ Gunship from Metroid Prime & Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, all in the same set!


Metroid Prime Gunship


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Gunship

Ridley has been included!

Yes! Lego Ridley can hold Samus too!


…and a few of his other iterations:

Samus’ design has been revamped (ZSS now included!):

Other Cool Extras:


So what happens now? According to the Lego ideas website, the Metroid set will now go to expert review in which, Iโ€™m assuming, they will approach Nintendo to see if they give the green light to make the project a reality. Regardless of what happens, the success of this project sends the message to Nintendo that dedicated Metroid fans are on the ready to support their favorite bounty hunter, when she’s given the proper love & attention to detail that this project has demonstrated throughout.


The best of luck to stellar designer L-DI-EGO! For a more detailed account of the project, from its conception to now, visit its official Lego ideas site here. Also, make sure you check out the awesome HD pictures, of creator L-DI-EGO’s designs and work, at his Flickr account.






Do you have Metroid ink? Would you like to show it off? Now’s your chance! Our Fan For Life feature is our way of immortalizing those Metroid fans that have gone to the extreme to show their love for the series, ultimately dedicating a piece of their skin as a shrine to The Hunter herself and becoming just that- a fan for life. This feature page goes hand-in-hand with our Tattoo Tuesday series that runs on our Instagram and Facebook, and is periodically updated as new posts are added to those social media hubs. If you’d like to be a part of this collection, feel free to either DM us on either Instagram or Facebook, or email me directly at!ย  Happy hunting, I look forward to seeing everyone’s tattoos! ^_^

(My very first tat, circa 2013. Spent 2.5 hours in the chair.)




Eight years ago in 2012, a NeoGAF forum goer by the name of Mama Robotnik created a massive thread, covering cut content from the entire Metroid Prime series – In this episode, Andy and Dak go through MP3C. Follow along with their assessment of these lost images by reading the thread.

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The Quiz is over and all the results have been graded and emailed out to the participants.

We had ~240 entries. A few were disqualified, but that matters little. Here’s a breakdown of the averages:

Prize winners have all been emailed, so please get those prize choices into us ASAP!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and we’ll definitely consider doing this again some time in the future! Happy new year everyone!


Today we reveal our ULTIMATE QUIZ! Think you’re a Metroid fan? PROVE IT!
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Good luck and happy new year!



Ep 39 brings us into hypothetical territory as Andy & Dak discuss what could have been: Samus Returns on Switch. Would it have been a more successful title? Would it have brought about a new age of Metroid fandom? Find out the juicy details on the latest episode of Omega Metroid Podcast!

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Greetings fellow Metroid aficionados, the month of November brings us much to celebrate!





With Metroid Prime (GC) launching on November 17, and Metroid Fusion (GBA) just one day later, on November 18, the year 2002 turned out to be quite an eventful one for Metroid fans. ย 2002, that’s 18 whole years ago! My, how time flies! What made the launch of these Metroid games extra special was that fans had been waiting 8 whole years for a new Metroid game; Super Metroid having been the last game in the series, released in 1994. To have two, amazing, Metroid games released a day apart was beyond glorious. Samus’ first foray into 3D was a resounding success for Nintendo & newcomer Retro Studios. Metroid Prime would go on to become one of the most highly revered games ever with its faithful transitioning of the series into 3D and Metroid Fusion quickly became a fan favorite with the iconic SA-X villain reversing Samus’ role of the hunter and making her the hunted.




One of the new suits introduced in Metroid Prime 2, the Light Suit assists Samus in enduring the hostile environments.

Thanks to the popularity and sales of the first Prime game, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GC) released just two years later on November 15, 2004.ย Not content to do the same game twice, Retro Studios took cues from The Legend of Zelda and created a Dark/Light world mechanic, they also ramped up the difficulty and introduced some of the most memorable (and difficult!) boss battles ever, for the Metroid series.













So, while we wait patiently for the next installment in the Metroid series, lets dust of those controllers and give these worlds a revisit. See you next mission!