We are all beyond grateful and happy about Metroid Dread. The staff and I had numerous chats and texts while playing the game and I enjoy talking all about it and the game’s lore with the community at large. Pardon my French, but it’s a fucking amazing time to be a Metroid fan. I haven’t felt this good about Metroid since Prime 3 came out. I’ve been continuously active on Twitter more than ever, trying to keep up with the hundreds of posts about the game. From what I gathered, y’all really love it, too. It almost feels like I was grounded for 19 years and my folks finally let me out of my bedroom. In traditional fashion, I have written and published my (relatively spoiler-free) Metroid Dread review. Please give it a read. And while I doubt any of you who are reading this are on the fence about buying it, maybe some aspects of what I wrote will ring true with you.


Secondly, today marks the 25th “silver” anniversary of Metroid Database. Twenty-five years is a long time to be online as a fansite. There are so many out there that have came and went, but we’ve stayed strong all these years, despite not being a wiki. This is mostly due to supporters like you. We are giving back by offering a discount on our store this weekend (see the next post) and continue to look for new ways to create merch you will love.


And now the bad news. This is me stating I will be officially stepping away – temporarily – from working on the Metroid Database while I look inward at my personal life and career. I will not be leaving for good but it is nearly impossible to continue working on this site at my current capacity. I hope y’all understand and give me a break, because lord I need one. At a point in the near future, I will be officially announcing my departure. It will not be permanent.


Big shoutouts to my awesome staff members Sagi, Lillith, Rue, Carl, and Lyndi, as well as all staff members who have contributed over the years, and I’ll see you next mission.


Oh and of course our founder TJ, without him, this site wouldn’t exist! Go give him a follow.





Sakamoto talks about Dread with Gamespot’s


Making Metroid Dread: Concluding The Saga, Samus’ Voice, And Cinematic Storytelling



Beating Dread in a certain amount of time will allow you to unlock artwork in your gallery. The artwork goes through the entire series. Here’s how to unlock them:

  • Metroid Zero Mission: Normal mode, 8+ Hours
  • Metroid Samus Returns: Normal mode, 4 – 8 Hours
  • Super Metroid: Normal mode, < 4 Hours
  • Metroid Other M: Hard mode, 8+ Hours
  • Metroid Fusion: Hard mode, 4 – 8 Hours
  • Metroid Dread: Hard mode, < 4 Hours

If you beat it under a certain time you will get all the other ones above that time. For example, if I played the game on normal and beat it in under 8 hours, I’d unlock both the Samus Returns image and the Zero Mission image. They are game mode specific though.

Acquiring 100% of the items will unlock all of the images in the Chozo Archives gallery.


After unlocking all of the images, you will unlock a final “completion” image which shows a large selection of all the characters from the series (non-Prime) history. There are two of these, one has suited Samus and one has Zero Suit Samus.


Of course we’ll host these images on the site once we can get clean, high-res, watermark-free copies. Stay tuned.

The unlockable galleries have been uploaded to our Dread Page. View them here. Warning these are HUGE spoilers so click only if you don’t want to earn them yourself!


In other news, the Dread Special Edition artbook will eventually be scanned and made available on our site. We’ll let you know when that happens.



Nintendo has made available the 11.75″ x 18″ Holographic Poster Set on the My Nintendo website. It’s 1000 points to redeem. I had to do some research and find all their ad websites and do their clicky, find-a-thing games in order to collect some points to get to 1000, but I was able to secure one. Be aware: you have to pay $7 for shipping.


Anyway, GO GO GO!!! https://my.nintendo.com/rewards/61b13a290e71d2d5



We’re in the final hours before Dread Day, October 8! I know the entire community is overflowing with excitement, and I am as well.


Nintendo released their last Dread Report today, Volume 10. In it, they discuss a variety of topics including the necessity of exploration, the threat of E.M.M.I., Samus’s (14th, 15th?) re-design, and the music and sound design. Go check it out and hype yourself up beyond the stars.


Metroid News


IST: “Inspired Sound Track”

If lo-fi music isn’t your thing, check out this incredible 7-track remix album by Jeff Siegert. He seems to have produced and published the whole thing himself. I can’t get over the production values in these tracks. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe it. Definitely give it a listen.