Metroid Other M. A very polarizing game in the community, which will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary in August. Over the last 10 years the game has received countless criticism online and has been talked about in great length by many YouTube documentarians. Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it downright incendiary and exaggerated. Anyone who knows Metroid, knows Other M and the blight it brought onto the series. Some people may think its criticism has been talked about to death, but I believe there’s always more.


Today we bring you a special video that was released a couple days ago. The author reached out to me several months ago about using some of our assets and I gladly obliged. He’s created a video that ALL Metroid fans should watch. It breaks down the deep flaws within the localization of the game’s script, which likely contributed to its overall negative reaction. When you communicate an idea, it’s imperative that you do it clearly or else you’re going to alienate your audience. After watching this video, I’ve come to realize how many times the dialogue was watered down for English speaking audiences, which made the game’s metaphors, hyperbole, and clever (yes!) scriptwriting within the Japanese version completely disappear.


This doesn’t absolve the game’s sins completely; it lets us understand that the game could have been better understood and not misinterpreted as something which made many fans believe was a display of Samus’s submissiveness – a personality trait which we’ve understood she is the absolute furthest from.


I highly recommend taking ~50min out of your day to watch this eloquent, masterfully organized video which breaks down Other M‘s many aspects that were lost in translation and why it caused the English version to not be the Metroid game that everyone had hoped it would be.




First news of the morning! Nintendo announced a brand new game in the Paper Mario franchise, Paper Mario: The Origami King. Watch the trailer below and stay all the way til the end.

You’ll notice there’s a big ol’ Metroid reference where Samus’s helmet falls on Mario’s head. A lot of rumors mulling about with this seemingly random cameo. People have stated online that this confirms that Nintendo has been creating a Metroid Fusion remake (assumedly for Switch). We don’t like to post a lot of rumors on this site very often, but all we can say is don’t believe it until it happens.

It’s-a me…Samus?

The second bit of news is we have been shared this awesome metal-style remix of Metroid Prime’s opening title theme c/o musician Adrien Gonzales. This track uses the actual samples from the game. Oh how I wish it was barely longer than a minute!

Check out more of Adrien’s work at his Bandcamp. Thanks for sharing, Adrien!


Metroid News


Uncle Samus wants YOU!

Hey everyone! This is a job req. post for helping out with our site. We are looking for a new Facebook Admin to help with posting content and interacting with fans. Here are our requirements:

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And of course: 6. Be a huge Metroid fan / fan of this site!

Send any and all requests to with the subject: Facebook Admin. Describe why you feel you deserve the position in your email.

Understand this is a *volunteer-only* position, and no paid benefits. Some internal team benefits are provided when they are available.

Thank you and happy hunting!





LEGO builder LDiEgo created this elaborate LEGO Metroid set and it gives us a glimpse at the possibilities of the new Nintendo & LEGO partnership. This Metroid set was submitted to LEGO ideas, which is a place where members of the LEGO community can create and share ideas and have LEGO community members support it. If the idea reaches 10,000 supporters it has a high probability of being produced, after expert review, as an official LEGO Ideas set. This Metroid set is currently at 873 supporters. Once it hits the 1,000 supporter milestone, it gets a 6 months extension to reach 5,000 and another 6 months after that, to reach its goal of 10k. With your help, this LEGO Metroid set has the possibility of being a real product!


From the LEGO Ideas page:


Based on the classic “Metroid” videogame franchise from Nintendo, this building toy features the bounty hunter’s most recognisable vessel, as well as some key elements from the entire series.
  • Carry the jar with the Metroid in suspended animation inside the cargo hold.
  • Move the Technic liftarm to drop Samus inside the gunship to restore health and ammo. Then withdraw the axle at the back to exit the gunship via the lower hatch.
  • Remove the windscreen to access the cockpit.
  • Flaps can be open to reveal some inner details.
  • Modify the exposed intakes to conceal them.
  • Includes two moveable stud shooters.
  • Adjust the three bottom pads to land in any surface.
  • Open the secret door to drop Samus as a Morph Ball.
  • Includes a minifigure of Samus Aran’s iconic Power Suit.


Make sure you support this awesome project on the LEGO ideas page and help make it a reality!


You can also visit LDiEgo’s Flickr account for more HD photos of this awesome Metroid set.





This Power Suit was made in just 3 days! A sample of the process below. Incredible!

Make sure to check out the video, in the tweet above, to see the suit in action.

It looks, surprisingly, light and agile! Amazing work @11Vadu