New hacker on the scene P0ZN0 has released a brand new hack recently called Super Mochtroid.

On occasion we like to show off some hacks that are special, and the reason you may be interested in this one is because Samus’s proportions have been given the Super treatment:

Which also means she can now crouch.

Yes, you read right – crouching / kneeling is now a thing in Metroid 1.

P0ZN0 has done amazing things to the original game but overall, the level design remains almost completely in-tact.


Here’s a few other of the incredible quality of life changes he’s done to the game:

  • Additional frames for smoother running animation.
  • Crouching function for single tile-high shooting.
  • Somersaulting ends upon contact with the ground rather than jump origin.
  • Bombs can be placed at anytime during bomb jumps.
  • Adjusted areas to fit samus.
  • Some physics changes.
  • Most enemies don’t update as you are going through doors. (No more unfair rinkas)
  • Minibosses are now larger with a new look as well.
  • Ridley fight was overhauled.
  • Ice beam functions much like it did in super metroid.
  • Beam overhaul: beam combo with overall damage adjustments. (Missiles aren’t instakill)
  • Noss health adjusted with this change.
  • New ending sprites.

Not to mention there’s also new Suitless Samus sprites as well!

So if you were ever interested in playing Metroid 1 with a Super-sized Samus, give Super Mochtroid a shot. Thanks for making such an awesome hack, P0ZN0!

Note: The Metroid Database will not provide assistance for acquiring or patching game ROMs.



No big fanfare or commemorative giveaway this year, folks. (However, we may have something lined up for you later in the holiday season; stay tuned for that.) Just wanted to give a huge thank you to my staff members – Sagi, Lillith, Rue, and Jacob – and of course all of you, for supporting our site and making us your number 1 destination for anything Metroid on this huge place we call the internet. I definitely want to play more games and focus on streaming on Twitch. Let’s hope I can uphold that promise.


I am looking forward to Metroid Prime 4 just as much as everyone else, however I am not holding my breath. I don’t expect we’ll get any footage until summer of 2022 at the earliest. But hey, you never know. I wish the team at Retro Studios all the best and have full confidence they’ll provide us Metroid fans with the Prime game of our dreams.


Until next time, see you next mission. Let’s hope year 25 is a good one.



Welcome to another week of cut content analysis! This week we’re looking at two games that never were: Metroid Prime 1.5 and a Retro Studios remake of Metroid II! What exactly was 1.5? Why did it never get made? What concepts went on to live in other Metroid games? And was there ever any serious consideration to Retro remaking Return of Samus? All this, PLUS we touch on Axiom Verge 2’s delay, the Smash Bros. update, and what Halloween movies we’re watching! Come listen, and be sure to follow along here!

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This week on OMP, A&D discuss the incredible history of Retro Studios and their journey to making Metroid Prime. Listen to learn all about Retro’s rocky past including:

  • Sleazy rockstar game dev execs
  • Embezzlement
  • Soul-destroying crunch
  • Massive layoffs
  • Three canceled games! (Not to mention Prime almost followed suit.)

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Today, we bring you an interview with artist Thormeister who caught our attention with the chibi-styled, Metroid-themed, “Dr. Chozo” comics.

Thormeister: I got my start way back in 1994 with doing short stories in several reader-submitted annuals published by Indy comic company Antarctic Press.  After several years of doing that I started my first original series, named “Tales of Marga” which was featured in Radio Comix’s anthology book Furrlough.  This went on until around 2011 when I was selected to be published in Udon Entertainment’s Mega Man Tribute book.  This kicked off a busy time for me, which is still going on today!  Since that book I’ve worked with several Indy musicians including Mega Ran (@MegaRan) doing album covers and t-shirt designs as well working with video game magazines and book publishers such as Nintendo Force Magazine (@nintendoforce), Old School Gamer Magazine (@OsgMagazine), Switch Player Magazine (@SwitchPlayerMag)and Hardcore Gaming 101 (@HG_101).  (I hope this is brief enough!  If not please feel free to edit it where you see fit.)


Tell us about your mashup comic. The Metroid series is known for its darker & serious tone. How did you come up with the idea for a lighthearted take on the series?


Dr. Chozo and Samus-Chan is a mash-up of two of my favorite things: Metroid and the Dr. Slump manga by Akira  Toriyama.  I just thought it would be fun to have a silly take on Samus’ younger days so I just went with it!  Dr. Norimaki’s absurd inventions and adventures seem to fit in with the Metroid universe considering Samus turns into a ball and hangs out with pirates and space jellyfish.

Can we expect more adventures with Dr. Chozo & Samus-Chan?


Dr. Chozo and Samus-Chan is currently running in Nintendo Force Magazine and will be for the foreseeable future, so be sure to catch it there.  I’m currently finishing up a Super Smash Brothers storyline there, and next up will be Samus-Chan’s first meeting with Crocomire.  As you can see, I’m not adhering to the timeline set forth but just having fun with the characters.

What was your first Nintendo system and what was the Metroid game that made you a fan of the series? What was it about the game that appealed to you?


My first Nintendo system was the NES, which I received for Christmas back in 1988.  My experience with Metroid started with the first game and it made quite an impact on me.  I had never played a game with such a focus on exploration and finding secrets so this was an eye-opener for me.  I even drew out a map on a giant piece of paper to keep myself from getting lost.  It also blew my mind when Samus was revealed to be girl – the fan art I drew back then I had created before I completed the game depicted Samus as a man so I was more than a little shocked when she popped out of the armor in a bathing suit!  Needless to say, I adjusted my art after that.

You have an extensive catalogue of videgame artwork and a long history of involment in videogame industry media, what do you think it is about videogames that differentiates them from other form of entertainment media?


For me, it’s the way games are interactive.  With comics or movies, you are a passive participant.  Video games however are a completely different beast – you can control the outcome of the story making it truly yours and unique to each individual.

The MDB would like to thank Thormeister for taking the time to answer our questions and allowing us to share his art. Make sure you check out the rest of his awesome work at:







This post may be a day late, but better late than never. Yesterday on social media we announced our Metroid 34th Anniversary Twitter Giveaway featuring a smattering of great prizes. Here’s the official details:


If you want to enter, simply head on over to our Twitter page and follow the rules. Giveaway submissions end on August 14th, 11:59pm, so get those in by the end of next Thursday if you want to enter!

Next we have an amazing video courtesy of Metroid Cosplay. The 17+ min long video features over 50 different Samus and other Metroid creatures cosplayers from around the world. The video is a very touching tribute to Metroid and all fans should not pass it by. The format of the video is a fun meme used frequently among TikTok users, where they “pass the brush” (in this case a Metroid) and transform into costume using a simple cover up the lens transition. Check it out below.

Congratulations to all the cosplayers and everyone involved in making this super awesome video. I will admit I got a little choked up seeing all the love for Metroid so strongly featured in this video. And thanks to “sprite cosplayer” Dan Cattell for his undying passion and organizing the video.

If you’re also a Metroid cosplayer or simply a cosplayer spectator and want to join in on this growing community, check out their Linktree.




Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that I just created a new page on the site: T-shirts. This page is a showcase of every Metroid or Samus-related t-shirt that you can get over at Once Upon A Tee. (The link to this page is also found under the Main submenu above.)


Once Upon A Tee’s site unfortunately doesn’t have a search bar or an easy way to find these unless you browse through each individual artist. This resolves that, making it super easy to view all the Metroid designs they have available. Enjoy~!


[Site: Tshirts Page]



Note: Poster image will not be watermarked.

Today I’d like to unveil to you a very special new product. Anyone who’s been following our social media accounts should be aware of this print: The Bosses. I have been waiting for months to finally make this available to you and now it’s within our grasp. As of this writing, the poster is being produced at the printmaker and will be made available later this month!


You can see the listing for it at our store here.


Many of you have expressed a lot of excitement for this print and I can’t wait until it’s in your hands. At a whopping 18″x24″, the poster is massive and should be something any fan of Super Metroid would be proud to have hanging on their wall. Just make sure you put this baby in a frame! 


We’ll make another post everywhere when the print is available to purchase. The first run will be 100 prints but if there is enough demand, we may have more made. Until then, see you next mission!